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Также смотрите: Коты на летних каникулах (испытание)

Коты на летних каникулах (англ. Summer Break Cats) — летнее событие в The Battle Cats.


Summer Break Cats event on now!
An unforgettable summer approaches! The Cats are on a much-needed summer break during the Summer Break Cats event, on now!
On from August 8th (11:00am) until September 19th, 2024 (10:59am)!

Use Cat Scratchers for a chance at free Cat Food every week!
Get your hands on some Cat Scratcher cards and use them to get yourself some free Cat Food! Scratch off the cards that you get from the old lady at the corner store for a chance at free Cat Food! Get them during the times below!

  1. August 8th (11:00) until August 14th (23:59)
  2. August 15th (11:00) until August 21st (23:59)
  3. August 22th (11:00) until August 28th (23:59)
  4. August 29th (11:00) until September 4th (23:59)
  5. September 5th (11:00) until September 11th (23:59)

During the above times, you will be able to access the Cat Scratcher at the Cat Base. Choose one of the three spots to be scratched off with a tap! You will be able to scratch off one at a time, and when all five are scratched off, you have the chance to receive up to 750 Cat Food!
Test your luck and see just how much Cat Food you can get your paws on!

Summer Break Cats limited stages available now!
Wile away the summer days by enjoying limited-time stages!
During the event, special stages will be available from the Legend Story (Event Stage) section on the title screen. By tapping Start!!, you will be able to take part in them!
※If the stages do not appear, please make sure that you have updated to the latest version of the Battle Cats before trying again.

Find the map to the secret hideaway during the Summer Break Cats event!
Trek through the countryside and seek out the map to the secret hideaway!
Clearing stages will give you a chance to earn maps to secret hideaways! Completing stages later in the game will increase your chance to get one! Once you have the maps decoded, you can challenge them in Enigma Stages. Once the stages have been cleared, you can earn Legend Nets, which can otherwise only be obtained through the limited-time Summer Break Cats Capsule Draw!

※If you have already cleared Summer Break Cats stages a certain number of times, you will have to wait until you can challenge them again.
※You can use Catamin A to immediately challenge a stage again.
※Any maps that have not been decoded can be decoded at the Cat Base using the Decode option.
※It will take some time before decoding is completed
※Tapping a decoded map will cause an Enigma Stage to appear.
※Enigma Stages can only be challenged for a limited amount of time.
※If all 4 Enigma Stage slots are filled, then no more maps will drop.

Find out if your bugs are the strongest in the world in Bug Sumo!
Participate in special Bug Sumo Stages where only specific units can take part. Those include Event Capsule-exclusive Kabuto Cat and Kuwagata Cat, and well as Armored Firefly Cat, which evolves from Ancient Egg: N202!
Raise your bugs right by levelling them up to get them fit for Bug Sumo! You can earn Behemoth Stones for clearing each stage. Starting with the preliminaries, each week, the tournament will advance through th quarterfinals, semifinals, and lastly, the finals!
Each round will be held at the times stated below:
Preliminaries: August 15th (11:00 am) through September 19th (10:59 am)
Quarterfinals: August 22nd (11:00 am) through September 19th (10:59 am)
Semifinals: August 29th (11:00 am) through September 19th (10:59 am)
Finals: September 5th (11:00 am) through September 19th (10:59 am)

Power up your bugs and aim to crown them kings of the insect world!

※Stages will appear as previous stages are cleared.

Limited Stages: "Summer Diary" make their return!
When the festival arrives, you've got no choice but to dance! Who knows, you might just meet your fated true love...
On from August 22nd (11:00am) until September 5th, 2022 (10:59am)!

Visit Stories of Legend/Event Stages to take on Summer Diary!
Clearing any stage in this map will give you a small chance to pick up the Rare character Awa Odori Cat for your Cat Army!
Later stages will give you a better chance of collecting this special unit!
Additionally, Timed Scores will be reset! Previously completed stages can be recompleted for rewards!

※You can also use a Treasure Radar for a 100% chance of getting Awa Odori Cat!
※Visit the Rare Cats section of the Upgrade screen to activate Awa Odori Cat after you collect it!
※The rewards that can be earned are viewable by tapping the rewards button at the bottom left of the stage select screen.

Limited Stages: "Summer Lesson"
I've got to pass... it's my one last chance to get into my dream school! Sensei! Only you can help me make the grade!
On from August 29th (11:00am) until September 12th, 2022 (10:59am)!

Seasonal stage Summer Lesson is here to offer awesome rewards!
Any stage in this map will grant you Lucky Tickets on clear, good for awesome rewards in the Lucky Capsules only available during the Summer Festival!
Later stages will offer even more Lucky Tickets upon victory!

  • Lucky Capsules!

Get limited Cats, battle items, and XP rewards from this special capsule set!
Visit the Cat Base, then tap the Cat Capsules button and select the Lucky Capsules tab from the top of the screen.
Collect Lucky Tickets as drop rewards from the Summer Lesson map!

※ The Lucky Capsules option will appear after you own at least one Lucky Ticket.
※ Lucky Tickets owned will be held over for the next event even after the current Lucky Capsules event ends.
※ If the Lucky Capsules do not appear, please update your Battle Cats app to the most recent version.

Limited-Time Summer Break Cats event Capsules available now!
Get limited Cats, battle items, and XP rewards from this special capsule set! Visit the Cat Base, then tap the Cat Capsules button and select the Summer Break Cats tab from the top of the screen.
Get Legend Nets, and special characters like Ancient Egg: N202, Kabuto Cat, and Kuwagata Cat as well as items that can help in battle!
The Ancient Egg’s True Form is Armored Firefly Cat, and you can acquire it by using Behemoth Stones!

※Only limited items that can be acquired as prizes from stages can be earned from these limited Capsules.
※When the event is over, the Capsule option wil no longer be available, and items earned from it will no longer be able to be used.
※Extra limited items cannot be converted into items or XP.
※If the Capsule option does not appear at the Cat Base, then please update to the latest version of the game.

"Summer Homework" and "Extra Credit" Limited Mission Series!
Visit the Catnip Challenges to take on event-only Special Missions!
Clear stages and complete other tasks to earn awesome bonus rewards during this Summer Break Cats campaign! Finish all your summer studies or risk the wrath of your teachers (and missing out on cool items)! You can claim rewards such as Rare Tickets by clearing the Special Missions!

※Rewards for completed Missions can only be claimed before September 19th, 2022 at 10:59am, so don't forget to claim your prize before then!

Limited Login Stamps!
Collect Login Stamp rewards upon your first visit to the Cat Base each day between August 8th (11:00am) and September 19th (11:00am)!
Every time you log in, get one more stamp and another reward! The more stamps you earn, the bigger and better the prizes, including Cat Tickets, Rare Tickets, and Legend Nets. Don't miss a single one!

※ Up to 30 Stamps can be collected during this event!
※Please update to the latest version of the Battle Cats to begin receiving your stamps.

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Список уровней[]

Летний дневник[]

Summer Diary (ときめき夏祭り, Tokimeki Natsu Matsuri, Thrilling Summer Festival)

Файл:Mapname115 s en.png Файл:Mapname115 s ja.png Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Файл:Mapsn115 00 s en.png Homero! Kanojo no Yukata Praise! Her Yukata 30 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Файл:Mapsn115 01 s en.png Fudō no Shateki Keihin Immovable Shooting Prize 45 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Файл:Mapsn115 02 s en.png Chō Kōshitsu Ringo Ame Super Hard Candy Apple 60 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Файл:Mapsn115 03 s en.png Yabu Ka to no Shitō Death Fight with Mosquitoes 70 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 Файл:Mapsn115 04 s en.png Orikakaru Hinoko Sparks Falling 85 EnergyIcon
Stage 6 Файл:Mapsn115 05 s en.png Kimi ga Ita Natsumatsuri The Summer Festival You Were In 100 EnergyIcon

Летний урок[]

Summer Lesson (サマーレッスン, Samā Ressun, Summer Lesson)

Файл:Mapname149 s en.png Файл:Mapname149 s ja.png Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Файл:Mapsn149 00 s en.png Gakudō no Susume An Encouragement of Schoolchildren 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Файл:Mapsn149 01 s en.png I am a cat. 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 c² = a² + b² 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 4 Файл:Mapsn149 03 s en.png Konden Einen Shizaihō Rice Field Private Law 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 5 N₂+3H₂→2NH₃ Файл:Mapsn149 04 s ja.png 100 EnergyIcon

Жучье сумо: Предварительный этап[]

Bug Sumo Preliminaries (トントンムシ相撲 予選, Tontonmushi Sumō Yosen, Tontonmushi Sumo Preliminaries)

Файл:Mapname315 s en.png Файл:Mapname315 s ja.png Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Файл:Mapsn315 00 s en.png Chōsen!Jonokuchi Challenge! Introduction 100 EnergyIcon

Жучье сумо: Четвертьфинал[]

Жучье сумо: Четвертьфинал (トントンムシ相撲 準々決勝, Tontonmushi Sumō Junjun Kesshō, Tontonmushi Sumo Quarterfinals)

Файл:Mapname316 s en.png Файл:Mapname316 s ja.png Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Файл:Mapsn316 00 s en.png Chōsen!Jū Ryō Challenge! Juryo 100 EnergyIcon

Жучье сумо: Полуфинал[]

Bug Sumo Semifinals (トントンムシ相撲 準決勝, Tontonmushi Sumō Junkesshō, Tontonmushi Sumo Semifinals)

Файл:Mapname317 s en.png Файл:Mapname317 s ja.png Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Файл:Mapsn317 00 s en.png Chōsen!Ōzeki Challenge! Ozeki 100 EnergyIcon

Жучье сумо: Финал[]

Bug Sumo Finals (トントンムシ相撲 決勝, Tontonmushi Sumō Kesshō, Tontonmushi Sumo Final)

Файл:Mapname318 s en.png Файл:Mapname318 s ja.png Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Файл:Mapsn318 00 s en.png Chōsen!Yokozuna Challenge! Yokozuna 100 EnergyIcon

End-of-Summer Homework[]

End-of-Summer Homework (夏の終わり、宿題, Natsu no Owari, Shukudai, The End of Summer, Homework)

Файл:Mapname344 s en.png Файл:Mapname344 s ja.png Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Файл:Mapsn344 00 s en.png 8/29 Kansatsu Nikki to Doriru to Purinto 8/29 Observation Notebook and Drill and Worksheet 100 EnergyIcon
Stage 2 Файл:Mapsn344 01 s en.png 8/30 Dokusho Kansōbun to Jiyūkenkyū to Enikki 8/30 Book Report and Science Project and Picture Diary 150 EnergyIcon
Stage 3 Файл:Mapsn344 02 s en.png 8/31 Tōsō 8/31 Escape 200 EnergyIcon

Коты на летних каникулах[]

Summer Break Cats (ねこのなつやすみ, Neko no Natsu Yasumi, Cat Summer Vacation)

Файл:Mapname019 a en.png Файл:Mapname019 a ja.png Перевод Стоимость энергии
Этап 1 Файл:Mapsn019 00 a en.png Natsuyasumi no Hajimari The Beginning of Summer Vacation 10 EnergyIcon
Этап 2 Файл:Mapsn019 01 a en.png Higurashi no Gasshō Higurashi Chorus 20 EnergyIcon
Этап 3 Файл:Mapsn019 02 a en.png Yoru ni Afureru Hikari Light Overflowing at Night 30 EnergyIcon
Этап 4 Файл:Mapsn019 03 a en.png Ki Jō no Himitsu Kichi Secret Tree Base 40 EnergyIcon
Этап 5 Файл:Mapsn019 04 a en.png Yūhan o Tsugeru Koe Voice Yelling Supper 50 EnergyIcon
Этап 6 Файл:Mapsn019 05 a en.png Bōchūzai no Nioi no Yukata Yukata With the Smell of Insect Repellent 60 EnergyIcon
Этап 7 Файл:Mapsn019 06 a en.png Kyō dake wa Yofukashi Late Monday Show 70 EnergyIcon
Этап 8 Файл:Mapsn019 07 a en.png Mushitorimō o Nigitte Hold the Insect Net 80 EnergyIcon
Этап 9 Файл:Mapsn019 08 a en.png Kaitei ni Hikaru Otakara A Treasure That Shines On the Seabed 90 EnergyIcon
Этап 10 Файл:Mapsn019 09 a en.png Katorisenkō no Kemuri Mosquitos Coil 100 EnergyIcon
Этап 11 Файл:Mapsn019 10 a en.png Kōtei de Bonodori Bon Festival Dance In the Schoolyard 110 EnergyIcon
Этап 12 Файл:Mapsn019 11 a en.png Fushigina O Nēsan Mysterious Older Sister 120 EnergyIcon
Этап 13 Файл:Mapsn019 12 a en.png Hiyake Shita Takeshi Kun Tanned Takeshi 130 EnergyIcon
Этап 14 Файл:Mapsn019 13 a en.png Tōku ni Kikoeru Matsuri Hayashi Festival Music In the Distance 140 EnergyIcon
Этап 15 Файл:Mapsn019 14 a en.png Kan Tameshi de Kieta Tomodachi A Friend Who Disappeared In a Test Of Courage 150 EnergyIcon
Этап 16 Файл:Mapsn019 15 a en.png Okitara Hirudatta It Was Noon When I Woke Up 160 EnergyIcon
Этап 17 Файл:Mapsn019 16 a en.png Hakken! Himitsu no Irie Discovered! Secret Cove 170 EnergyIcon
Этап 18 Файл:Mapsn019 17 a en.png Kasukana Aki no Kehai A Faint Sign of Autumn 180 EnergyIcon
Этап 19 Файл:Mapsn019 18 a en.png Kono Natsu Saigo no Hanabi The Last Fireworks this Summer 190 EnergyIcon
Этап 20 Файл:Mapsn019 19 a en.png Owaranai Shukudai Homework That Never Ends 200 EnergyIcon