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Battle Cats вики
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Кошачий расцвет! — ежегодное событие, проведённое во время Пасхи, это событие включает пасхального набора, уровней и врагов. Первый период: 1 апреля 2017 года - 13 апреля 2017 года.


Springtime is here! The sun is out, and the Cats are too!
Time to enjoy a ton of limited edition Springtime content!
On from April 22nd (11:00am) to May 6th, 2024 (10:59pm)!

  • Limited Edition Easter Capsules!

Vibrant and exciting spring special capsules are here for a limited time featuring new Uber Rare unit Rabbit Satoru!

Area Attacks that deliver Massive damage to Zombies!

Slows Traitless and immune to Wave attacks! (Ranged Area Atk.)

Chance to Slow/Knockback Metal enemies with Area Attacks! Plus, Immune to Wave damage!

Strong vs Angels, 100% knockback. (Area Atk)

  • Bunny & Canard (Uber Rare)

Only attacks Red/Black, with massive damage. (Area Atk)

Attacks might be critical.

These special rare Cats are only available now from this limited-edition capsule set!

※ The characters listed above appear at a fixed rate from draws made on this set during this event, alongside regularly available Rare and Super Rare heroes.
※ Please be aware that you are not guaranteed to receive an Uber Rare hero from your draw on this set.
※ Please update to the most recent version of The Battle Cats if this event does not appear.

  • Special Springtime Stages!

The snow has melted, the sun is out, and the Cats are feeling extra festive! Spring stages are available for a limited time!
Visit Event Stages/Stories of Legend and select the special map Spring Sprang Sprung to take on this challenge!

Stage clear rewards have been restored for this edition of the Springtime event! Earn rewards even from stages you have previously completed! And check out new higher difficulty levels of these limited stages for an even bigger challenge!
Conquer these special stages filled with event-only enemies like Easter Duche and you'll be rewarded with a chance to pick up Eggy Cat! Clear later stages and you'll have an even better chance to pick up this limited edition reward. (Or use a Treasure Radar for a 100% guarantee to get the Cat!)

※ Activate your new unit at the Rare Cats section of the Upgrade menu after receiving it.
※ This unit cannot be received again if already unlocked during a previous event.
※ If you cannot access these stages, make sure that your Battle Cats app is upgraded to the most recent version.

  • Special Stage: Eggy Cat Awakens

Challenge this tough stage to earn a chance to unlock Eggy Cat's True Form!

※Eggy Cat can be obtained from the stage Spring Sprang Sprung.
※Eggy Cat will need to be at level 20 to unlock its True Form.
※Eggy Cat can still be evolved to its True Form even if the character has not yet been obtained.

  • "Suffering Spring!" Gauntlet map rewards reset!

Terrifying enemies gather for an Easter carnival?!?! Twenty tough stages, with bigger and better rewards as you advance!

Plus, Behemoth Stone rewards from clearing these stages have been reset! Stand your ground against the springtime stampede and claim your rewards!
※ After clearing a stage from this map, there will be a brief cooldown period before the next gauntlet stage can be accessed.
※ You may choose to spend a Catamin A to skip the cooldown and challenge the next Gauntlet stage immediately.

  • Login every day during the Event for bonus login rewards!

Get another stamp on your first login each day to unlock bigger and better rewards, including a Rare Ticket and useful in-game items!

※ Up to 14 stamps can be collected throughout the event.
※You must upgrade to the most recent versions of The Battle Cats app to access event content and collect rewards.

Награды за штампы[]

Список уровней[]

Весна, прыжки, хмель[]

Файл:Mapname129 s en.png Файл:Mapname129 s ja.png Сложность
Перевод Энергия
Этап 1 Файл:Mapsn129 00 s en.png Fukkatsusai Easter 30 EnergyIcon
Этап 2 Файл:Mapsn129 01 s en.png Īsutā Banī Easter B.B.Bunny 45 EnergyIcon
Этап 3 Файл:Mapsn129 02 s en.png Kotō no Eggu Hanto Egg Hunt on Isolated Island 60 EnergyIcon
Этап 4 Файл:Mapsn129 03 s en.png Senjūmin Indigenous People 70 EnergyIcon
Этап 5 Файл:Mapsn129 04 s en.png Chō Kodai Bunmei Super Ancient Civilisation 80 EnergyIcon
Этап 6 Файл:Mapsn129 05 s en.png Kohau Rongorongo Kohau Rongorongo 90 EnergyIcon

Пробуждение Кота-яйца![]

Файл:Mapname337 s en.png Файл:Mapname337 s ja.png Сложность
Translation Energy
Этап 1 Файл:Mapsn337 00 s en.png Neko Eggu Shinka e no Michi Gekimuzu Road to Cat Egg Evolution Extremely Hard 150 EnergyIcon
Этап 2 Файл:Mapsn337 01 s en.png Neko Eggu Shinka e no Michi Chōgekimuzu Road to Cat Egg Evolution Super Extreme Hard 150 EnergyIcon

Весенние страдания![]

Файл:Mapname014 a en.png Файл:Mapname014 a ja.png Сложность
Перевод Энергия
Этапы 1~20 Файл:Mapsn014 00 a en.png Eggu Lv.1~20 Egg Lv.1~20 30~150 EnergyIcon