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10 Meters Deep (Deadly) is one of the many Enigma Stages.



Lineup: Manic Mohawk Cat (30), Manic Eraser Cat (30), Eraser Cat (20+10), Cameraman (30), Seafarer (30), Pizza Cat (30), Can Can Cat (30), Manic Macho Legs (30), Manic King Dragon (30) and Crimson Mina (30).

Ubers can help in this stage, especially those who have above 450 range and aren't specialist/good against only one trait.

Battle Items: Cat CPU (optional).

Battle: At the start, spawn some Eraser Cats and Manic Eraser Cats with one Can Can Cat. Although it is not needed, the Money Up talent on Can Can Cat can make this process a lot quicker. Do not let Can Can Cat hit the base if you don't have MAX/close to MAX money, as it will trigger the rest of the enemies, making them considerably harder without plenty of cash. The best way to prevent this is to not spam the Eraser Cats, as they will take the hits instead of Can Can Cat. When you do have enough cash, let the Can Can Cat you're using hit the base. After that, either turn on Cat CPU, or spam everything you have as much as you can.


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