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1 + 2 = Tor is the third stage in Demon of Deciliter Bay.



This stage is a pure Floating stage with a few Relics thrown into the mix. Obviously, anti-floating cats like Cameraman Cat and Fishman Cat help a ton and a talented Octopus Cat is highly recommended as a tank. You may also want to bring an anti-relic such as Ape Lord Luza to deal with the Othoms and Golem Sunfish.

If one is lucky enough to own Windy's Ultra Form and her Curse Immune talent, this stage becomes an absolute cakewalk.

Strategy 1 (4 Crown Restrictions)[]

Lineup: Biohazard, Bony Bone, Little Warriors, Li'l Eraser Cat (Defense Buff MAX) 50+29, Cameraman Cat (Survivor MAX, Critical, Attack Buff MAX) 50+23, Boulder Cat, Sanzo Cat (Weaken MAX, Survivor MAX) 50, Awakened Doron 50, Esoteric Uril 50, Ape Lord Luza 50

Cannon: Thunderbolt, Slow Beam (Foundation)

Items: Rich Cat, Sniper Cat


  • Sanzo Cat has a D rank Talent Orb, reducing damage from Floating enemies by 4%.
  • Thunderbolt cannon can be replaced with Slow Beam (UNTESTED).
  • The Slow Beam Foundation is at level 9, decreasing damage from Floating enemies by 6.75%.

This level is absolutely AGONY in 4 Crown restrictions (without heavy level-boosting). Caution is advised.

Send out Li'l Eraser Cat immediately, then another one at around 1500¢, then turn off Sniper Cat (powerup) at 2000¢. Lure the Li'l Bun Bun to your side of the base, then take them out with Cameraman Cat, Necro-Dancer Cat, and Sanzo Cat (with meatshields of course). When killing off Li'l Bun Bun, try to limit the amount of Cameraman Cats you send out, perhaps 5-8. Once Mooth and Li'l Bun Bun are dead, stop spamming anything and start saving money. Just before the enemy base hits 1,384,000 HP, send out Ape Lord Luza.

The enemies should spawn, and you want to lure Teacher Bun Bun and Othom to your base. Once the stack of Sanzo, Necro-Dancer, and Li'l Eraser Cats are dead, start spamming Cameraman Cat and Li'l Eraser Cat. Once Teacher Bun Bun lands an attack on the initial Cameraman Cats, send out Esoteric Uril, and start spamming Sanzo Cats as well (Do NOT send out Necro-Dancer in this phase).

The game from here is going to be some intense money-management, and some good sightreading. You will need to manage your money, prioritizing Li'l Eraser Cat and Sanzo Cat, with occasional Cameraman Cats, while still keeping a good stock of money in your wallet. As for the sightreading, you will need to predict, and then send out a Boulder Cat whenever you think the enemies might start gaining even the smallest bit of ground. The enemies tend to gain ground when...

  • There are generally a lot of enemies in the frontline,
  • Mini White Cyclone isn't getting slowed.
  • Othom/Golem Sunfish attacks or kills your stack.

Once the second Othom is out, you will want to try and get Awakened Doron in such that they hit both Othom and Golem Sunfish, and if possible, just after Ape Lord Luza hits Othom. You will likely need to rely on Surge RNG to hit Golem Sunfish, but you may get lucky with the enemies and be able to get Awakened Doron REAL close. Regardless, if Awakened Doron does not hit Golem Sunfish, then the game could still be won, by a hair. Continue to keep spamming your units, and eventually, you should wear down all the enemies. If both Esoteric Uril and Ape Lord Luza are down, you may want to start prioritizing keeping the enemies off of you (do NOT send Boulder Cat, as you want to actually have enough money to send out your Legend cats).

If you can get a second Esoteric Uril/Ape Lord Luza onto the field, victory is likely yours, as now there are very few enemies, and now you have a full HP Legend unit to reign terror on the enemies. Once all three Othoms or all three Teacher Bun Buns are dead, there will be a quick period to try and get Golem Sunfish off your base before they snipe it down. Once Golem Sunfish can no longer hit your base, you are almost certainly going to win (do not get cocky, another Teacher Bun Bun can still come in and push you back hard).