This event celebrates the first anniversary of English Version Battle Cats.

Event period: From 17th September to 10th October 2015.

Event Details

Celebrating 1 Year of The Battle Cats!

Join in the festivities from 9/17 until 10/17 (~11:00am)!!

  • Campaign 1: Special English-version-Only Stages!

Visit the Event Stages/Stories of Legend during this event to challenge the special stage "Minced Meet-Up"! Clear the stages to collect the limited edition character "Catburger"!

  • Campaign 2: 1 Year Celebration Stages!

Celebrate 1 year of feline fun with the "Happy Birthday" Stages!

Clear the stages with a high score to collect cool rewards!

・"Happy Birthday No. 1": 9/17 (11:00am) to 10/17 (10:59)
・"Happy Birthday No. 2": 9/22 (11:00am) to 10/17 (10:59)
・"Happy Birthday No. 3": 9/28 (11:00am) to 10/17 (10:59)
  • Campaign 3: Tons of Limited-Edition Stages!!
Daily Special Stages: Event Period: 9/17 (11:00am) to 9/23 (10:59) - All five daily stages will be available to play every day!
XP Special Stages: Event Period: 9/23 (11:00am) to 9/29 (10:59)

XP Stage available all day every day!

XP Megablitz available each day from 6:00pm to 7:00pm!

Awakening Stages Event Period: (11:00am) to 10/6 (10:59)
Crazed Cat Special Stages Event Period: 10/6 (11:00am) to 10/12 (10:59)
Cyclone Special Stages Event Period: 10/12 (11:00am) to 10/17 (10:59)

Check the daily event information for more details about each day's events!

  • Campaign 4: 20% Off All Rare Capsules

Event Period: 9/17 (11:00~) until 10/3 (~11:00)

All regular Cat Food costs for Capsules SLASHED by 20%!

  • Campaign 5: A Bonus Cat Food Gift Each Day!!

Get a free Rare Ticket upon your first login during this campaign!

Get 20 Cat Food EACH DAY when you log in to the app!



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