This event celebrates 20 million downloads of Battle Cats starting from September 1st, 2015 to September 17th, 2015.


  • Campaign 1: 20 MILLION DOWNLOADS Event Stages
20 Million Downloads Special Gift! - "Oodles and oodles of spectacular gifts, including Normal and Rare Tickets!"
20 Million Downloads Deadly Carnivals! - "The baddest of the bad are here again! Dare you challenge these Hard++ stages? Master these levels to get Rare" Ticket rewards!

All of the toughest baddies from the Monthly Stages have banded together to take down the Cats in these special Hard+++ stages! Claim mountains of XP by conquering these super-tough stages with style! Clear the stages again for a set chance to get more XP!

Monthly Event All-Star Special Anniversary!: Sept. 1st - 17th (until 11:00)
Monthly Event All-Star Ultra Anniversary!: Sept. 5th - 17th (until 11:00)
Monthly Event All-Star Miracle Anniversary!: Sept. 9th - 17th (until 11:00)
Monthly Event All-Star Celebration!: Sept. 13th - 17th (until 11:00)

"Featuring the limited-edition units Gold Cat, Neneko, and Cat Base Mini.

Plus, the brand-new Super Rare character Metal Cat!

Don't miss this chance to add these cool Cats to your collection!"

  • Campaign 4: Bonus gifts

Visit The Battle Cats anytime during this event to get one free Rare Ticket!

Get a variety of cool items as bonus gifts by logging in each day!

・9/1 - 9/4: 30 Cat Food each day!
・9/5 - 9/8: 1 Cat CPU each day!
・9/9 - 9/12: 1 Cat Ticket each day!
・9/13 - 9/17: 1 Speed Up each day!


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