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This event celebrates the third anniverasry of Nyanko Daisensou.

Event period: November 22th, 2015 to December 7th, 2015 (10:59)


If players use the "11 consecutive Gacha roll" during this event, at least 1 Uber Rare Cat will be unlocked.

*Only Uber Rare Cats in the Uber Rare set being held will eject from the Rare Gacha.
*If the "Guaranteed Uber Rare Cat" balloon does not appear, players need to update Battle Cats app to the latest version.

Super Rare Cats only available to unlock for a limited time, do not miss this chance to get those limited cats:

  • Campaign 3: Normal Cat Capsule special campaign

Silver Tickets can be used to get Battle Items in the Normal Gacha during this event.

  • Campaign 4: 3rd anniversary Stage

A timed stage "3rd Anniversary Birthday Presents" (3周年記念 バースデープレゼント!3 Shūnenkinen bāsudē purezento!) will appear during this event. Try to get the highest score to receive luxury rewards such as Silver and Rare Tickets.

  • Campaign 5: Monthly Event Stages appear daily

Month Event Stages will appear daily, not to miss the chance to unlock limited characters in each month.

A group of Hard+++ Stages that include many Enemies from Monthly Events.

In addition, a new stage has been introduced:
  • Excellent Anniversary (Hard+++)
Period: December 4th to December 7th (10:59)

"Silver Ticket ★ Chance" Stage and Treasure Festival events will be held alternately

  • Odd days: "Silver Ticket ★ Chance" Stage
  • Even days: Treasure Festival Event

Schedule: 7:00 - 8:00; 12:00 - 13:00; 20:00 - 21:00

  • Campaign 8: Login Gift

The players will receive 30 Cat Food as a login bonus each day during this event.


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