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A Cat Screaming Love is the second stage in Clionel Dominant. When clearing this stage, the player is guaranteed to unlock the True Form of Catway, Time Traveller Cat. This is a No Continues stage.


  • 3 Relic Doges spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 6.67~10 seconds200f~300f.
  • 5 Relic Doges spawn after 60 seconds1,800f, delay 3.33~5 seconds100f~150f.
  • 5 Relic Doges spawn after 600 seconds18,000f, delay 5~10 seconds150f~300f.
  • 5 Relic Doges spawn after 601.67 seconds18,050f, delay 5~10 seconds150f~300f.
  • 5 Relic Doges spawn after 603.33 seconds18,100f, delay 5~10 seconds150f~300f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:


Recommend Units:

  • Ramen Cat: Works great as a third meatshield along with dual erasers. Can tank hits from Clionel, which makes him useful as erasers will die. Just make sure he doesn't get cursed!
  • Delivery Cat: He can act as secondary source of DPS, as his fast speed and massive damage against angels makes him an effective rusher. Protect him from the peons and support units though, as he has very low health.
  • Cat's Gift: A useful anti-Angel rusher. Can be good support if you get lucky with a freeze proc against Clionel.
  • Maglev Cat: Required if your going for the Iron wall or Slow beam cheese, as it is useful for summoning Clionel and killing peons for A. Bahamut to get into Clionel's blindspot.
  • Zamboney Cat: The wall itself has proven its usefulness once more. A necessary unit if your going to try and cheese the level along with Maglev. He can hold back the peons while your attackers smack away at the cruel angel.
  • Ultimate Mecha Bun: Even though Ultimate Mecha Bun is a rather underwhelming unit, he is quite useful as a secondary rusher alongside A. Bahamut. With his strong against relics ability, he can tank hits from the Relic Doges and kill them with ease.
  • Awakened Bahamut Cat: Whether your going for the cheese strategy, or Nurse Wuffa's strategy, A. Bahamut is an extremely helpful unit in taking Clionel out. When combined with Mecha Bun, he can do all the damage, while Mecha Bun can tank the hits. Be careful though, as one hit from Clionel and Bahamut is gone.

Strategy 1

Lineup: Eraser Cat, Manic Eraser, Ramen Cat, Can Can Cat, Zamboney Cat, Awakened Bahamut. Other slots should be reserved for Cat Combos, other fast/tanky attackers with high DPS such as Fishman Cat, Jamiera Cat or Juliet the Maiko with Move Speed Up Talents/Cat's Gift.

Cannon: Iron Wall 5+

Battle: Stall until the second Relic Doge wave and upgrade your Worker Cat to level 5. Once the second Relic Doge wave finishes, rush at the base with your Can Can Cats, dual Erasers, Ramen Cats and Zamboney Cat. If you have enough money, send in Jamiera Cat or other Area Attackers. Your Can Cans should get there first. Right before they hit the base, activate Iron Wall.

Right after base hit, send in A. Bahamut. If done correctly, A. Bahamut should hit the Gabriels. If your meatshields block the Heavenly Hippoe before A. Bahamut attacks again, he won't be knocked back and he will hit the Relic Doges. Otherwise, he gets knocked back and still hits the Relic Doges.

At this point, your meatshields should have gotten inside Clionel's blindspot, so now it's a matter of spamming everything to keep A. Bahamut alive. Your attackers may clip through Clionel and destroy the base, or kill Clionel. Both work as long as A. Bahamut stays alive. If Clionel's second attack slows, you better hope that at least one Ramen Cat made it into the blindspot. Otherwise, A. Bahamut is very likely going to die and your run will result in a loss.

Strategy 2

This strategy requires specific timing with a level 9+ Slow Beam.

Lineup: Mohawk Cat, Manic Mohawk, Eraser Cat 20+50, Manic Eraser 50, Cameraman 40+, Zamboney 40, Maglev/Bullet Train 40, Manic Lion 30, Roe Cat 40+ (or any medium speed tanker) and Awakened Bahamut.

Cannon: Slow Beam

Start off the stage by luring the first few Relic Doges close to your base. Spawn three Cameraman Cats for the first wave and save as much money as possible, spawn Eraser Cat when you think the Relic Doges are close to dying to avoid hitting the base. Rinse and repeat until you have max Worker Cat (spawn four Cameramen for the 2nd and 3rd wave). When you've cleared the Relic Doges and are ready to attack, start by spawning meatshields with Zamboney Cat, Roe Cat, and Manic Lion Cat. When the meatshields are about 60% across the battlefield, spawn Awakened Bahamut Cat and Maglev Cat very soon after.

A. Bahamut and Maglev should reach the base at the same time along with Zamboney. Slow Beam will take some time to reach the end of the battlefield, so pre-fire so that advances as little as possible. You want Maglev to be the one to kill Gabriel (if A. Bahamut hits Gabriel, he will die from the Clionel's attack) and A. Bahamut to kill the Relic Doges and Heavenly Hippoe. Eventually, A. Bahamut should start hitting the base after Clionel is knocked back once. Keep meatshielding and you will win by destroying the base. Watch this video if you are struggling.

Possible issues/replacements: Spawn Manic Lion early if your A. Bahamut is under leveled (35 or less), so that they can chip away enough health from Heavenly Hippoe to get A. Bahamut to knock him back in one attack. You can also replace Manic Lion Cat with Kalisa if you have her. Zamboney Cat can be replaced with Metal Cat, although Metal Cat may get slowed by Clionel.


Video Player Notes

Clionel Dominant - A Cat Screaming Love Cat Cannon rush - Battle Cats




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