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A Colossal New Year! (ことよろにゃ強襲!(ΦωΦ), Koto Yoro nya Kyōshū! (ΦωΦ), Kotoyoronya Assault! (ΦωΦ)) is a New Year's stage added in the Version 13.1 Update. This Gauntlet features Dragon Doge and Sunrise Doge.



A Colossal New Year! contains a total of 10 No Continues levels. After beating three stages, the player must wait for 90 minutes before they may proceed to the next one (30 minutes for one available). Rewards for the first completion of a stage includes Tickets. The rewards reset with every appearance of the event.

Stage Battlegrounds[]

See A Colossal New Year!/Year of the Dragon Lv.1~10.

Play Requirements[]

  • A Colossal New Year! is unlocked after clearing Empire of Cats Chapter 1.

List of Stages[]

Mapname036 a en Mapname036 a ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stages 1~10 Mapsn063 00 a en Tatsunen Lv Year of the Dragon Lv.1~10 30~120 EnergyIcon

First Schedule[]

English Version[]

  • February 1st, 2024 to February 19th, 2024

Japanese Version[]

  • January 1st, 2024 to January 15th, 2024