A Distant Road (はるかな道, lit. Harukana Michi), is the last stage for Silver Week event.


At the start of battle 1 Metal Hippoe will appear.  When the enemy base is hit and goes down to 99%, it'll spawn 1 Golden R.Ost and 3 each of Metal Hippoe and Steel Snake. Then a few seconds Mercury Sloth will appear with some more Metal Hippoe and Steel Snake. The 2nd Golden R.Ost will appear 40 seconds after the first one, and a little after that Super Metal Hippoe will make its entrance.


This stage can be beaten easily with Catornado or units with 100% critical hits.

The main problem encountered while playing the stage is the stack of metal enemies. You'll need fast area attackers to dispatch those Metal Hippoes, Snache to land hits on Golden R. Ost, Mercury Sloth and Super Metal Hippoe.

Once you beat the stage, 3 event gacha tickets will be awarded. Subsequent finish, will probably net 1-3 event gacha tickets.


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