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A Month's Training (Deadly) is one of the many Enigma Stages.



Strategy 1

Lineup: Crazed Macho Cat, Crazed Tank Cat, Eraser Cat, Crazed Sexy Legs Cat, Crazed UFO Cat, Drone Cat, King Dragon Cat, Holy Valkyrie Cat, Crimson Mina, Crazed Bahamut Cat

Possible Replacements: Bombercat, Drama Cats, Ring Girl Cat, Cyberpunk, any other Long Distance or anti-Black Uber Rare or Legend Rare

Wait until the first Dark Otter is in front of the Cat Base, then start spamming meatshields and cheap attackers. As soon as you have enough money, send out Crazed Bahamut Cat or Crimson Mina, then spam everything you have. Save the Cat Cannon for when Director Kurosawah is about to strike. Once Angelic Sleipnir is defeated, you've basically won.



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