A New Legend (真・伝説のはじまり Translated: The True Legend’s Beginning) is the 1st sub-chapter of Uncanny Legends, added in version 7.0. Upon completing its only stage, the True Form of Mecha-Bun, as well the ability to upgrade cats 10 more levels using Catseyes is unlocked, even for Legend Cats.


As this chapter contains only Relic Enemies, it should be regarded a warm-up before the true potential of the Curse effect is put to use. However, it shouldn't be discounted because of it, for Relics are very, very strong.

New Features

This sub-chapter introduces two new enemies of the new type, Relic. These enemies' gimmick, aside from having extremely high stats, is the ability to inflict cats with the Curse status effect. This effect disables a cat's anti-trait abilities for a given amount of time.

  • Relic Doge: An extremely buffed, Relic variant of Doge that is able to inflict Curse.
  • Relic Bun Bun: The Relic version of Mecha-Bun. It attacks even faster than Mecha-Bun and has a 100% chance to inflict curse.



  • This sub-chapter only contains one type of enemy.

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