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A Whole New World is the only stage in Zero Field. This No Continues stage introduces Metafilibuster, who can be unlocked as Filibuster Cat X's True Form after clearing the stage.



If you're confident with your strategy or have already beaten the stage and are willing to use a gold CPU, you may want to bring a Treasure Radar for the one-time 10,000,000 XP drop.

This stage is incredibly difficult without True Forms of Uncanny Legends Legend Cats like Elder Beast Naala, Urs & Fenrir and Ape Lord Luza. One should True Form Ancient Egg: N000 before attempting the stage without suitable Uber Rare Cats, as they make Magamojoe much easier to handle. Needless to say, Courier Cat and Mushroom Cat are almost a must if you do not want to cheese the stage or use Ubers. Below is a general strategy to clear the stage.

  1. Push Metafilibuster all the way to the enemy base before Magamojoe appears. This can be done by using both Courier Cat and Mushroom Cat. This step is relatively straightforward if you can push Cumulus Gallus (using Macho Crystal Cat or otherwise) and keep Angelic Beast Rajakong in check with Mushroom Cat and good meatshielding as well as a Long Distance Cats of your choice. Bring the Iron Wall Cannon to hold the peons when Angelic Beast Rajakong's boss shockwave occurs. Note: Don't kill Cumulus too fast. Instead, try to deplete some of Rajakong's HP, since Magamojoe will appear once Cumulus is killed.
  2. When Magamojoe appears, stall for a short moment and let Metafilibuster kill all your units, make sure that you bring a unit that can survive a hit, like Metal Macho, Macho Crystal Cat, or Jiangshi Cat so as to re-trigger Metafilibuster's attack animation and keep him at the enemy base for another 45 seconds. Bring Ancient Magamojoe (and Angelic Beast Rajakong or Cumulus Gallus if either are not dead at this moment) close to the base and keep Ancient Magamojoe at approximately 400 range from your base. This allows for your expensive units to not get hit by Metafilibuster's next hit.
  3. You will have anywhere from about 50 to about 100 seconds to reach and hit Metafilibuster depending on the position of Ancient Magamojoe when Metafilibuster is first hit, how you knock Ancient Magamojoe back and if you can trigger his attack again without getting the base hit. You will therefore need a minimum of 22000 DPS on Ancient Magamojoe through whatever means necessary. Alternatively, you can do some maths with your available DPS and clip a fast unit through (with default Cat Cannon/Sniper) to give yourself more time.

Recommended Units[]

  • Heavy Assault C.A.T: When Talented with Massive Damage, Attack Buff and Defense Buff, this unit can quickly remove the Ragin' Gories.
  • Courier Cat: Courier's Behemoth Slayer is useful against most enemies here, and can quickly remove Casaurian Ahirujo from play, but might require a fair bit of support to work against other Behemoths.
  • Mushroom Cat: Mushroom has Behemoth Slayer and Massive Damage to Angels, which allows it to quickly cripple and defeat Angelic Beast Rajakong with its superior range and Wave Immunity.
  • Awakened Naala: Naala is able to outrange most of the pushers here save for Cumulus Gallus and Ancient Magamojoe with its Behemoth Slayer while being Strong Against Relics and Curse Immunity makes Magamojoe much more manageable. Its immunity to Waves and Surges are notable against both Magamojoe and Rajakong. Its LD hits up to 700 range, too, and can potentially reach Metafilibuster from all these threats.
  • Stone Cat: To trigger Metafilibuster's attack without having him even advance.
  • Ape Lord Luza: Ape Lord Luza's Massive Damage and Resistance to Relics, Behemoth Slayer as well as Curse and Surge Immunity makes it particularly suited to neutralizing Magamojoe.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Talented Mer-Queen Ruri: Counters Ancient Magamojoe and Casaurian Ahirujo.
  • Fabled Adventure Girl Kanna: Can work in a similar fashion to Naala, though only has Behemoth Slayer and massive damage against Black enemies to counter the Ragin' Gories. Her third hit goes up to 1000 range, allowing her to easily hit Metafilibuster and interrupt him.
  • Immortal Yukimura: Yukimura's very high speed makes him easier to clip through Magamojoe and hit Metafilibuster if you need some additional time, should you try it. He also comes into use when dealing with the Ragin' Gories.


  • A Whole New World may be a reference to the song of the same name from the 1992 Disney movie Aladdin.
  • A Whole New World is the only Zero Legends stage without black-and-red particles that slowly rise up from the bottom of the screen. Instead, it has groups of hexagons that phase in and out of the foreground throughout the battle.