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Adamantine Refuge is the final stage in Island of Hidden Treasure.



Simple enough: bring lots of Critters and many meatshields instead of Modern Cat. Tesalan Pasalan can take out each Sir Metal Seal with one Crit, but this requires great luck and may take a few tries. If you have Paladin Cat or Verbena the Bride, this stage becomes much easier, as you only need to send out Paladin and meatshields. On the one hand, the lack of peons means very little money; on the other, it guarantees that your Critters and crowd-controllers will always focus on a Sir Metal Seal and not get distracted by something weaker.

Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Reindeer's Gift, Bento Special, Noodle Cats, Hoopmaster Cat, Modern Cat, Manic Eraser Cat

Notes: The rest of the lineup should be filled with reliable Critters and crowd-controllers, such as Catasaurus, Waitress Cat and Puppetmaster & Charley.

Battle: The hardest part of the stage is the beginning, as a Sir Metal Seal comes out very early on. What you want to do is just spam debuffers, meatshield with Noodle Cats and pray for Hoopmaster to freeze them even just once, so that you can start stacking Critters and other CC units. The goal is to stack enough Hoopmasters to permafreeze the Seals. Once you've stacked enough of everything, you are pretty much guaranteed to win, even if the Metal Seals stack.