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Adherence to Virtue is the sixth and final stage in Garden of Wilted Thoughts. The first Sage, Sage of Mind Soractes is introduced here and can be unlocked as a Cat Unit at a 3% chance when beating the stage (guaranteed if a Treasure Radar is used). This is a No Continues stage.



With the meager amount of cash provided here, the duel against Soractes will be a strenuous one. Thanks to his Sage type, all status effects will be greatly resisted, unless inflicted by Sage Slayers. Most rushers/meatshields will not work well due to the boss's constant attacks, meaning tankers such as Octopus Cat or Divine Kai would have been an ideal choice, if not for the fact that Doge Darks are the only cash source in the battle, meaning a Rich Cat is almost necessary to even stand a chance against this nightmare of a stage.

Spam Octopus Cats as much as you can, preferably with enhancements such as Combos, Talents, or a Talent Orb (optimally a Resistant vs. Floating S Orb). A big enough stack of Octopus Cats will stall the boss and may weaken him, even just for a split second. Additionally, a bigger stack means less chance of getting wiped out by Doge Darks. With the frontline set up, use Bullet Train Cat/Talented Heavy Assault C.A.T. (preferably w/ Massive Damage vs. Black S Orb) to repel the Doge Darks, not only protecting the Octopus Cat, but also importantly, giving you MONEY. Once you can afford some other units, repeat the process, and do NOT give the boss a chance to start hitting the Cat Base.

While Cyberpunk Cat's Slow is resisted by the boss, he can still help to slow down the Doge Darks and chip down Soractes over time (although this might drain your money if you aren't careful). It is recommended to use him in tandem with Sniper the Deadeye, who can both slow Soractes and slightly push him back.

It should be noted that this stage is extremely difficult without Ubers, requiring heavily boosted units, so it is a good idea to bring a couple Ubers to make the fight at least a bit easier.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Ultimate Windy: Ultimate Windy is a very potent Uber against Floating enemies and it goes to show here, as she can destroy Soractes without even batting an eye.
  • Wargod Hanzo: Wargod Hanzo deals Massive Damage and Freezes both Black and Floating enemies, making him very useful here. Make sure to protect him well however, as Soractes pushes very hard and Hanzo only barely outranges him. (Squirtgun Saki also serves a similar purpose, with longer range and shorter respawn time in exchange for costing a ton and no freeze.)
  • Joyful Nurse Cat: Joyful Nurse Cat has the Sage Slayer ability as an Ultra Talent, which combined with her Floating target, allows her to become very effective against Soractes.
  • King of Destiny Phonoa: King of Destiny Phonoa has extremely high standing range and a piercing attack that is able to instantly kill dark doges with any part of their attack. They are also able to safely deal consistent damage to Soractes himself.
  • Divine Kai: Kai is Resistant to Floating enemies, and as long as she can be properly protected through the Doge Dark attacks, she can stall Soractes very efficiently. By the time she finally dies on the battlefield, another Kai should be recharged/almost recharged.
  • Chronos the Infinite: Chronos the Infinite Freezes both Black and Floating enemies, has good range, Immune to Freeze and can deal enough damage with her Multi-Hit to kill Doge Darks. True Form is recommended.


  • As the final stage of Garden of Wilted Thoughts, Adherence to Virtue is the 48th and last Zero Legends stage to take place in a jumbled up and mirrored Japan, the 1st being Crimes Against the Cosmos. This parallels how the Main Chapters have 48 stages each, ending with a unique boss and reward.
    • These 48 stages may specifically represent the Japanese version of Empire of Cats, which takes place across the 47 prefectures of Japan and Iriomote Island rather than various countries and the Moon.
    • Despite being the last of these stages, Adherence to Virtue has several parallels to Empire of Cats stage 1, Korea/Nagasaki:
      • Korea/Nagasaki uses the day overworld background, while Adherence to Virtue uses the night overworld background (with A Whole New World's background mixed in).
      • Korea/Nagasaki spawns a single Doge at the start of the battle, then spawns Doges infinitely, while Adherence to Virtue does the same with Doge Darks.
      • Not counting Ms. Sign, the only enemy in Korea/Nagasaki is Doge, while Adherence to Virtue only has Doge Dark and Sage of Mind Soractes, whose Japanese description implies that his encounter with the Cat Army was unplanned. Soractes is also seen emerging from a wormhole rather than a typical enemy base, although the same could be said for the Doge Darks.
      • Adherence to Virtue's battle theme contains the leitmotif of "Nihon Shinryaku!" (日本侵略, "Invading Japan!"), which first plays in Korea/Nagasaki. A comparison can be found here.
  • Adherence to Virtue has a unique "Defeated..." message: "Soractes is a Sage enemy that is resistant to debuffs! Any unit with the Sage Slayer ability can negate his resistance to debuffs!"