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Adrift in Fear (Insane) is the only stage in The Malevolent Fish, which is unlocked after clearing Mount Aku/Mount Fuji in The Aku Realms. It appears on the 21st of every month. This is a No Continues stage.



This stage appears at first glance to be a much more obnoxious version of Fish Hell, but it isn't nearly as scary as it may seem. This is due to the Malevolent Island Cats' exploitable Aku trait, opening a window of opportunity for anti-Aku units. Several options that are available, such as Cat Cactus, Maize Cat, and Talented Bellydancer, will help immensely on this stage.

Due to the damage of the Malevolent Island's death Surge, their wide spawning range, and the fact that multiple of them will spawn throughout the fight, the use of Surge Immune units are heavily advised in order for them to not get incinerated. If such options are not available, disposable midrangers that can do lots of damage such as Housewife Cat and Cyborg Cat can suffice as long as the player manages their cash correctly. The Surge Retaliation from the Malevolent Islands can be ignored for the most part, as the player will most likely be using Surge Immune units regardless, or they can just not bring Surge Attack units altogether.

Do not forget to bring critters for those pesky Metal Doges and the Super Metal Hippoe! The usual Catornado and Catasaurus will work just fine, but may end up being inconsistent with the Malevolent Islands' death Surges potentially wiping them out. Aku Researcher is surprisingly effective as a critter here due to their range, provided that the player uses Critical Chance Up combos to make up for the low chance of such procs.

Be sure to complete the stage within 8 minutes, or else the Sir Metal Seals will spawn, which can quickly lead to your downfall from DPS overload.


  • Adrift in Fear's Japanese name, Hyōryū Kyōshitsu (漂流恐失, "Lost and Drifting"), sounds identical to the Japanese name of the manga Drifting Classroom (漂流教室) The joke is that the stage's name spells kyōshitsu as 恐失, which uses the kanji for "fear" (恐) and "mistake" or "loss" (失), whereas the manga uses 教室, the Japanese word for classroom.
  • Adrift in Fear is a Merciless stage in BCJP, but is only Insane in BCEN.
  • Prior to Version 13.0, the enemy base had 1,600,000 HP instead of 2,500,000.