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Aimless Dialogue is the fourth stage in Garden of Wilted Thoughts. Red Cyclone makes its first Zero Legends appearance here.


  • 1 Axoloty spawns as the boss after 13.33 seconds400f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:
  • When the base reaches 80% HP:
  • When the base reaches 60% HP:


Due to the stage design here, each of the enemies can be fought alone, and all of them are relatively easy to handle. The important thing is to damage the base little by little, not allowing an enemy to spawn until the previous one is gone.

Axoloty is only ever a threat when supporting other units, so anything capable of breaking that barrier can handle that phase easily.

Zamelle can be handled with a high enough level on Shigong Cat, though other anti-zombies can work. Zamelle can cause problems if given the chance to revive while Deathkory is out, so Zombie Killer is important here.

Deathkory can be easily handled by wave-immune Cats and timing any Shield Piercer between wave attacks. Wave blockers also work wonders here.

This stage ends with Red Cyclone, whose low range and pair of traits keep it from being a threat. Sanzo Cat and iCat should be more than enough while generalist attackers defeat it.

Strategy 1 (Healer Cheese + LD Stack)[]

Lineup: Legs for Days, Gross!!!, Pumpkinpants, Healer Cat CC, Courier Cat 50, Manic Eraser Cat 50, Cyberpunk Cat (max talents) 50

Items: Sniper


  • Sniper The Cat was used, and is probably optional.
  • Cyberpunk can be replaced with any other long distance unit you wish to stack.
  • The final two slots can be units to use against either Zamelle or Deathkory, recommended units include Wave Immune Cats, Shield Piercers, Z-Killers, etc.

Spawn a unit to break Axoloty's barrier, then wait for it to get to the base. Spawn Healer then, and start stacking your long distance unit. Once you feel you've stacked enough, start spamming Manic Eraser, Courier, and the unit you want to use for Zamelle. Deathkory can be taken care of by your unit choice, and Red Cyclone should be more than defeated by your group of Cyberpunks and Couriers.