Ajillo Highlands is the fourth stage in Here Be Dragons. This level is a remake of Gazpacho Highland.


The peons, Shibalien, Snache, and Imperator Sael, spawn at the beginning of the stage. The Shibaliens and Snaches respawn in 3 - 20 second intervals while Imperator Saels spawn in 20 - 40 second intervals. 20 seconds later, Those Guys begin to spawn in the same intervals as Shibaliens. The first Elizabeth the LVIth spawns 40 seconds in. The second Elizabeth the LVIth spawns 80 seconds in. The third and final Elizabeth spawns approx. 116 seconds in.


Strategy 1:

Cat Machine Mk3 trashes this level. Pair it with heavy- hitting units (i.e. A. Bahamut, Manic Flying, Manic Island) and you will win this level easily.

For non-uber strat, use Octopus, Seafarer and Can Can Cat. Octopus stops the waves, Seafarer freeze the aliens while Can Can cat tanks the massive damaging Imperator Seal and also deals high DPS during moments of freeze. Do your best to deal big damage while the freeze lasts before the seal kills Octopus cat so unleash A.Bahamut while the enemies are frozen.

Strategy 2:

First row: Chill Cat (40), Kite Cat, Gentleman Bros, (Worker Cat M,) Detective Vigler and Sumo Cat (Research Power M)

Second Row: Eraser Cat (20+60), Octopus Cat (40), Can-Can Cat (40), Castaway Cat (32), Thaumaturge Cat (44)

Powerups: If you have a Rich Cat, you can throw in Awakened Bahamut or Li'l Macho Legs Cat for damage or knockback procs to stop the Elizabeth the LVIths. This makes the level a lot easier, but it is not necessary.

Gameplay: Lure the initial peons to the base and stack Can-Can Cats, Castaway Cats, and Thaumaturge Cats, while using Eraser Cat as a meatshield. If you have some money, you can spawn a couple of Chill Cats, but since they are outranged by the Imperator Seals, it's not the best idea. When the first Elizabeth the LVIth spawns, start spawning Octopus Cats and spawn Thaumaturge Cats, Castaway Cats, and Can-Can Cats continuously depending on how many you have in the field. If you weaken Elizabeth with Thaumaturge Cat, you've pretty much won since your Octopus Cats will not die before another reaches the front line, and you can spam semi-intelligently to win the level.

In terms of consistency, this strategy worked 4/5 times, since it kind of depends on how well the first Octopus Cat holds out and whether your Can-Can's hit peons or the Elizabeths throughout the battle.


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