An Ancient Curse is the first level in Uncanny Legends and the only level in A New Legend. Relic Doge and Relic Bun-Bun are introduced in this stage.

Upon completion, Mecha-Bun can be upgraded to its True Form using Catfruit and XP. In addition, Legends can be hypermaxed to level 40 using Catseyes, while all other cats (except Normals and Metal Cat) can be hypermaxed to level 50 the same way.


  • Relic Doges are spawned every so often to screw up the player's stalling.
  • Relic Bun-Bun appears as a boss when the enemy base's HP reaches 99%.
  • Relic Doges spawn randomly after Relic Bun-Bun spawns.


You can use a strategy similar to what was used for the previous stage, but keep in mind that the boss is not a Floating Enemy this time around, so using anti-Relic cats is highly recommended.

Strategy 1 (Ft. Awakened Mina)

Lineup:Eraser Cat, Manic Eraser Cat, Zamboney Cat, Metal Cat, Thaumaturge Cat, Awakened Mina, Li'l Nyandam, Maglev, Ururun Cat, Manic King Dragon.

Use a similar stalling strategy to the Cyberpunk stacking strategy above. Stall the Relic Doges by weakening the current Doge, then taking it out with Maglev once the next Doge comes. Thaumaturge can help with the stalling. Make sure to lure the Doges close enough so that Awakened Mina doesn't hit the Doges. Once you have stacked a reasonable amount of Minas (around 3 to 4; also make sure they're desynced so they reliably perma-weaken the Bun-Bun). After you've attacked the base just start spamming everything. Maglev can chip, Ururun can have some good knockbacks, MKD can damage. Li'l Nyandam can slow. Thaumaturge, Mina, and your meatshields should do a good job stalling the Bun Bun. No need for items unless you're lazy. The Cat CPU can help with spawning everything. Rich Cat won't help you much as you'll eventually get max money after the stalling anyway. Speed Up is fine if you don't want to wait, might want to use CPU with Speed Up due to the fact that you might be late on meatshield spamming. Good luck!

Strategy 2 (No uber and no TFs using elder catfruits)

The battle cats - An Ancient Curse

The battle cats - An Ancient Curse

No Uber/ No Legend TF Video

This strategy requires you to replicate the following video STEP BY STEP, so make sure not to overlook any details.

Strategy 3 (Rodeo carry)

Manic Mohawk, Manic Eraser, Eraser, Thaumaturge, Manic Macho Legs, Maglev, Rodeo, King Dragon, Manic King Dragon and Cyberpunk

If you have Rodeo cat (Gunslinger's True Form), this becomes super easy with his relic target trait. It only costs 50 NP so if you have 50 NP and have it in his true form, get it! It'll make the level a whole lot easier plus, you only need to send 1 Cyberpunk out, not 2 or 3, just 1. Instead, we stack Rodeos! Just stall the 1st relic doge until the other 3 relic doges come out. Slowly kill them with Manic Macho Legs and Maglev if it gets too much. Once they're all dead, send out everything and and watch as Relic Bun-Bun get slowed forever because of your stack of Rodeos and with the help of Cyberpunk! Eventually Relic Bun Bun will die and you win the level!



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