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An Ancient Curse is the first stage in Uncanny Legends and the only stage in A New Legend. Relic Doge and Relic Bun-Bun are introduced in this stage. This is a No Continues stage.

Upon completion, Mecha-Bun can be upgraded to its True Form using Catfruit and XP. In addition, Legends can be hypermaxed to level 40 using Catseyes, while all other cats (except Normals and Metal Cat) can be hypermaxed to level 50 the same way.


  • Infinite Relic Doges spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 60~80 seconds1,800f~2,400f.
  • 1 Relic Doge spawns after 26.67 seconds800f.
  • 1 Relic Doge spawns after 30 seconds900f.
  • 1 Relic Doge spawns after 33.33 seconds800f.
  • When the base reaches 99% HP:
    • Infinite Relic Doges spawn after 0 seconds0f, delay 50~60 seconds1,500f~1,800f.
    • 15 Relic Doges spawn after 0 seconds0f, delay 20 seconds600f.
    • 1 Relic Bun-Bun spawns as the boss after 0 seconds0f.


Keep in mind that the boss is not a Floating Enemy this time around, so using anti-Relic Cats is highly recommended.

Recommended Ubers include Chronos, Mitama, Piccolan, Assassinlan and other similar units - useful crowd controllers overall, each of them having their pros and cons here. While Mitama's slow has very high uptime, the amount that she outranges Relic Bun's omnistrike by is low, and, once cursed, she's good as dead.

Chronos has freeze which is more helpful to keep meatshields alive and has higher standing range, so she isn't as risky to bring on, as well as lower cost; however, her uptime is lower. Then there's Piccolan: while he doesn't have LD to pierce, his standing range is great, keeping him far away from Relic Bun. Freeze and weaken are both useful to keep Relic Bun in place as well. However, you must stack Piccolans on the first Relic Doges else Piccolan's low uptime will render it useless; note that it takes 300 seconds to spawn a new Piccolan, so bring a speed-up. For non-uber counterparts, there is Medusa Cat, Talented Rodeo Cat, Thaumaturge Cat, and Modern Cat in the rare cat category; and Bad-Luck Ebisu and Cyberpunk Cat for the Super Rares, of whom they outrange Relic Bun-Bun and can debuff him.

Anything that can deal damage without draining your wallet or has a reliable anti-Relic debuff will also work; knockback isn't recommended as it can make slowers and weakeners miss Relic Bun Bun, and melee units just feed in here.

Strategy 1 (Ft. Awakened Mina)

Lineup: Eraser Cat, Manic Eraser Cat, Zamboney Cat, Metal Cat, Thaumaturge Cat, Awakened Mina, Li'l Nyandam, Maglev, Ururun Cat, Manic King Dragon.

Use a similar stalling strategy to the Yohane Cyberpunk stacking strategy. Stall the Relic Doges by weakening the current Doge, then taking it out with Maglev once the next Doge comes. Thaumaturge can help with the stalling. Make sure to lure the Doges close enough so that Awakened Mina doesn't hit the Doges. Once you have stacked a reasonable amount of Minas (around 3 to 4; also make sure they're desynced so they reliably perma-weaken the Bun-Bun).

After you've attacked the base just start spamming everything. Maglev can chip, Ururun can have some good knockbacks, MKD can damage. Li'l Nyandam can slow. Thaumaturge, Mina, and your meatshields should do a good job stalling the Bun Bun. No need for items unless you're lazy. The Cat CPU can help with spawning everything. Rich Cat won't help you much as you'll eventually get max money after the stalling anyway. Speed Up is fine if you don't want to wait, might want to use CPU with Speed Up due to the fact that you might be late on meatshield spamming. Good luck!

Strategy 2 (Ft. talented Rodeo Cat)

Lineup: Manic Mohawk, Manic Eraser, Eraser, Thaumaturge, Manic Macho Legs, Maglev, Rodeo, King Dragon, Manic King Dragon and Cyberpunk

For the most part, the level will play out the same as indicated in the strategy above; however, now you have a reliable debuffer.

If you have Rodeo cat, this becomes super easy with his relic target trait. It only costs 50 NP so if you have 50 NP and have it in his true form, get it! It'll make the level a whole lot easier plus, you only need to send 1 Cyberpunk out, not two or three, just one. Instead, we stack Rodeos! Just stall the 1st relic doge until the other 3 relic doges come out.

Slowly kill them with Manic Macho Legs and Maglev if it gets too much. Once they're all dead, send out everything and and watch as Relic Bun-Bun get slowed forever because of your stack of Rodeos and with the help of Cyberpunk! Eventually Relic Bun Bun will die and you win the level!

Strategy 3 (Ft. Modern Cat)

This strategy may also be used in 2 stars

Lineup: Hyper Mr, Necro Dancer Cat, Skelecat, Kite Cat, Octopus Cat, Modern Cat (Lv40), Thaumaturge Cat (Lv30), Manic King Dragon Cat (Lv30), Red Riding Mina (Lv30, can be replaced with Medusa Cat if you don't have her True Formed).

Items: None (Rich Cat if you have trouble with startup)

This is a pretty straightforward strategy, consisting on using Modern Cat as your major meatshield while using Manic King Dragons to kill the Relic Doges and weaken/slow to protect your stack from Bun Bun. Having even one Cyberpunk out is very helpful as it can prevent relic bun from pushing to your Thaumas. Start out deploying Modern Cats, and send in a few Thaumas and MKDs so the Relic Doge group doesn't end up eating your base. Make sure to save Money to get out Mina/Rodeo before hitting the base. Keep Cyberpunk ready for when Relic Bun begins to push, and make sure to keep a proper MKD flow. Once he is weakened, victory is ensured as long as your Thauma stack keeps him weakened.

Everything should play out the same as above strategies if you are levelled enough.

Strategy 4 (2-star)

Difficulty has severely ramped up in 2-star, with the Doges now being extremely difficult to stall. Because of this, the usual Cyberstacking strategy will be incredibly difficult to do without ultramaxed M. Eraser and Slime Cat.

The basic strategy here is similar to Strategy 3. However, Uril and Ururun should be added as additional support and MKD should be replaced with Slapsticks. Modern will not do as your only meatshield, so add in Dual Erasers and optionally Metal Cat as additional support.

Your main goal is to send out Uril when possible, since he can stall the Relic Doges by himself relatively easily. After that, send out Mina and Ururun. After you do that, stack Rodeos, Thaumas, and Slapsticks. You should hit the base going in with a large stack. After that, it's a long endurance battle to beat down Relic Bun Bun's 4.5M hp.


  • Replace Uril as soon as he dies; this strategy relies on him.
  • Prioritize sending out Slapsticks unless your Thauma/Rodeo stacks die, in which case, prioritize them instead. Slapsticks will serve as your main attackers.
  • Make sure Relic Bun Bun does not push. Keep your stacks in check, and focus on your meatshielding.


Video Player Notes

The battle cats - An Ancient Curse

Yohane Cyberstack

Strategy 1 – Awakened Mina Stacking A New Legend, An Ancient Curse Battle Cats-0

Chuck 1 Star (Ft. Awakened Mina)

Strategy 2 – Rodeo Cat w Relic Talents A New Legend, An Ancient Curse Battle Cats

Chuck 1 Star (Rodeo w/Relic Talents)

Strategy 3 - 2 Stars Modern Rodeo w Relic Talents A New Legend, An Ancient Curse Battle Cats

Chuck 2 Stars (Modern + Rodeo w/Relic Talents)



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