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Attacks against Starred Aliens are much more powerful!

The Anti-Starred Alien Treasures are a type of Treasure found in Cats of the Cosmos. This group includes the Stellar Garnet, Phoebe Beryl, Lunar Citrine, Ganymede Topaz and Callisto Amethyst. As their name suggests, they debuff Starred Aliens, which makes them some of the most important Treasures in the game as Starred Aliens are massively buffed without them, even more so than unstarred Aliens without their own Treasures.

Enemy stats shown on this wiki are with all anti-Starred Alien Treasures.


These Treasures decrease the initial +1600% stat magnification applied to all Starred Aliens' base health and base attack power as indicated in the descriptions above.

For example, a hypothetical Starred Alien has base health and attack power of 1,000, but the default stat magnification applied to Starred Alien base stats is +1600%, making the enemy's health and damage from each hit 16,000.

Each fully activated Stellar Garnet, Phoebe Beryl, Lunar Citrine, Ganymede Topaz and Callisto Amethyst Treasure set reduces the +1600% default magnification by -100% (additively) such that the Starred Alien's base attack power is always 1,000 but the default magnification effect applied to produce the enemy health and damage output is reduced as shown below.

Activated Treasure Effect Starred Alien Base Health / Attack Stat Starred Alien Stat Magnification Applied Starred Alien Effective Health / Attack
- 0% 1,000 + 1600% 16,000

- 300%

1,000 + 1300% 13,000
- 600% 1,000 + 1000% 10,000
- 900% 1,000 + 700% 7,000
- 1200% 1,000 + 400% 4,000
- 1500% 1,000 + 100% 1,000


Stellar Garnet
Stage Location Treasure
3-X-1 Earth Humanity
3-X-2 Mars Martian Ruins
3-X-3 Jupiter Gasses
3-X-4 Saturn Mystery Rings
3-X-5 Venus Gilded Stone
Phoebe Beryl
Stage Location Treasure
3-X-10 Triton Nitrogen
3-X-11 Pluto Darkness
3-X-12 Red Rectangle Geometry
3-X-13 Eskimo Nebula Parka
3-X-14 Catseye Nebula Glint
Lunar Citrine
Stage Location Treasure
3-X-19 Canopus Keel
3-X-20 Vega Zither
3-X-21 Aldebaran Bull
3-X-22 Betelgeuse Orion's Belt
3-X-23 Deneb Swan
Ganymede Topaz
Stage Location Treasure
3-X-28 Buutara Humanoids
3-X-29 Moskandag Hope
3-X-30 Corona Pop Idol
3-X-31 Soba IV Tangy Sauce
3-X-32 Plumpit Pickled Veggies
Callisto Amethyst
Stage Location Treasure
3-X-37 Aguham Spaceship
3-X-38 Somolon Confetti
3-X-39 Ababwa Mushrooms
3-X-40 Titan Ominous Face
3-X-41 Skelling The Force


  • Most anti-Starred Alien Treasures are named with a format "natural satellites, gemstone", e.g. "Phoebe Beryl" is named after Phoebe, a moon of Saturn and Beryl, a gemstone that has a golden colored variant. The sole exception is "Stellar Garnet" in which Stellar means "star". The only thing connecting it to moons is that moons can be found by stellar occultation, otherwise known as the solar eclipse.
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