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Attacks against unstarred Aliens are much more powerful!

The Anti-unstarred Alien Treasures are a type of Treasure found in Into the Future. This group includes the Aqua Crystal and the Plasma Crystal. As their name suggests, they debuff unstarred Aliens, which makes them some of the most important Treasures in the game as Aliens are massively buffed without them. However, they do not affect Starred Aliens, which instead have their own Treasure sets found in Cats of the Cosmos.


These Treasures decrease the initial 700% stat magnification applied to all unstarred Aliens' base health and base attack power.

For example, a hypothetical unstarred Alien has base health and attack power of 1,000, but the default stat magnification applied to unstarred Aliens' base stats is 700%, making the enemy's health and damage per hit 7,000.

Each fully activated Aqua Crystal and Plasma Crystal Treasure set then reduces this 700% default magnification by 100% (subtractive) such that this example unstarred Alien's base attack power is always 1,000 but the default magnification effect applied to produce the enemy health and damage output is reduced as shown below.

Activated Treasure Effect Unstarred Alien Base Health / Attack Stat Unstarred Alien Stat Magnification Applied Unstarred Alien Effective Health / Attack
- 0% 1,000 700% 7,000
- 100% 1,000 600% 6,000
- 200% 1,000 500% 5,000
- 300% 1,000 400% 4,000
- 400% 1,000 300% 3,000
- 500% 1,000 200% 2,000
- 600% 1,000 100% 1,000


Aqua Crystal
Stage Location Treasure
2-X-1 Japan Home Electronics
2-X-5 Russia Piroshki
2-X-8 Denmark Hamlet
2-X-11 Spain Flamenco Dance
2-X-14 Greece Marble Pillar
2-X-17 India Maharajah Throne
2-X-20 Cambodia Apsara Crown
2-X-23 Australia Drop Bear
Plasma Crystal
Stage Location Treasure
2-X-25 Madagascar Nature Preserve
2-X-28 Egypt Mummy Wrappings
2-X-31 South Africa Swazi Candle
2-X-34 Machu Picchu Inti Watana
2-X-37 Mexico Sombrero
2-X-40 Alaska Dogsled
2-X-43 New York Hotdog Cart
2-X-46 Brazil Futbol


  • All the anti-unstarred Alien Treasures from Chapters 2 and 3 had their effects disabled on April Fools' Day 2017.
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