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Anti-Zombie abilities have increased effect!

The Antimatter Fruit is a Fruit Treasure found in Cats of the Cosmos. It improves the effect of most anti-Zombie abilities.


At 100% on all Antimatter Fruit Treasures, the following abilities are enhanced when used against Zombie Enemies:

  • The Strong Against effect goes from 1.5x damage to 1.8x damage, and 0.5x damage received to 0.4x damage received.
  • The Massive Damage effect goes from 3x damage to 4x damage.
  • The Insane Damage effect goes from 5x damage received to 6x damage.
  • The Resistant effect goes from 1/4 damage received to 1/5 damage received.
  • The Insanely Tough effect goes from 1/6 damage received to 1/7 damage received.
  • The Freeze, Slow, Weaken, Curse and Dodge Attack effects are increased in duration by 20%.
  • Finally, the Knockback effect's distance is increased by 30%.

Like the abilities they affect, they do not stack on multi-traited enemies. There still appears to be some uncertainty about what exactly each Treasure set's effect is alone.


Stage Location Treasure
3-X-15 Egg Nebula Yolk
3-X-16 Calabash Nebula Gourd
3-X-17 Altair Hawk
3-X-18 Sirius Big Dog


  • In spite of being listed seventh in the Treasure menu, the Antimatter Fruit is actually the fourth obtainable Cats of the Cosmos Treasure.
  • The Antimatter Fruit originally only improved the Weaken effect's duration by 10% and the Knockback effect's distance by 20%. This was changed at an unknown date.
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