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Archaeology 201: Analysis is the fourth and final stage in Empress' Excavation 2.


Max # of Deployable Cats: 15


  • 2 UltraBaaBaas spawn after 3.33 seconds100f, delay 53.33~56.67 seconds1,600f~1,700f.
  • 4 Thrillerz spawn after 13.33 seconds400f, delay 53.33~56.67 seconds1,600f~1,700f.
  • Infinite Sir Seals spawn after 16.67 seconds500f, delay 16.67~23.33 seconds500f~700f.
  • 1 Angelic Beast Rajakong spawns after 26.67 seconds800f.
  • Infinite Wild Doges spawn after 46.67 seconds1,400f, delay 46.67~50 seconds1,400f~1,500f.
  • 3 Relic Doges spawn after 86.67 seconds2,600f, delay 46.67~53.33 seconds1,400f~1,600f.
  • 1 Angelic Beast Rajakong spawns after 106.67 seconds3,200f.
  • 2 Brollows spawn after 126.67 seconds3,800f, delay 40~43.33 seconds1,200f~1,300f.
  • 5 Doge Darks spawn after 160 seconds4,800f, delay 23.33~26.67 seconds700f~800f.


This is a nasty stage, because it has a lot of aggressive enemies when you can only have a max of 15 Units at once. Also, there is a lot of Variety in this stage, so you will need to bring a lot of units. Notable ones are Courier Cat to swiftly kill Sir Seals giving you lots of Money and doing bonus damage against Wild Doge and Rajakong, possibly a Wave Resist/Wave Immune/Wave Blocker to ensure Rajakong's Waves don't murder your units, and of course, units to Subdue and take out Rajakong. It might take a couple of tries to get your lineup just right, but it's not undoable.

Keep in mind that considering there are only 2 UltraBaaBaas and they spawn after about 3 and 60 seconds, you could just use the Breakerblast Cat Cannon to easily get rid of both of them without having to bring another unit solely for the purpose of Breaking Barriers.

Strategy 1[]

Lineup: Biohazard, Bony Bone, Horror Movies, Ramen Cat 40, Manic Eraser Cat 40, Courier Cat 40, Mushroom Cat

Cannon: Breakerblast


  • You do not have to use Breakerblast if you own Kitty of Liberty, who can take up the empty slot
  • The empty slot can also be used for units that can deal with the Brollows or help to deal with Rajakong faster

At the start of the battle, lure the UltraBaaBaa to your base and send out some Manic Erasers and Ramens, as well as a couple of Courier Cats. Do not send out any combo units, as they will clog the deploy limit. When the first Angelic Beast Rajakong comes out, the Ramens and Manic Erasers should keep it from damaging your Courier Cats, who will be attacking away at it using the UltraBaaBaa as a stepping stone. After killing the first Rajakong, do not use your cannon to kill the UltraBaaBaa, as a second Rajakong will come shortly. Optionally, you can time your Breakerblast to kill the first UltraBaaBaa once the second comes out, as to let the Ramens and Manic Erasers live a bit longer. Continue deploying your non-combo units to kill the second Rajakong, and after that, the stage is practically over. Other than a couple of Brollows and some Doge variants, you should win and enjoy Ancient Egg: N003 as a reward!