Battle Cats Wiki

Archaeology 301: Planning is the first stage in Empress' Excavation 3.


Max # of Deployable Cats: 15


  • Infinite Those Guys spawn, delay 2~4 seconds60f~120f.
  • 50 B.B.Bunnies spawn after 6.67 seconds200f, delay 6.67~13.33 seconds200f~400f.
  • 8 Wild Doges spawn after 16.67 seconds500f, delay 26.67~33.33 seconds800f~1,000f.
  • 8 Sir Rels spawn after 33.33 seconds1,000f, delay 26.67~33.33 seconds800f~1,000f.
  • 1 Cumulus Gallus spawns as the boss after 36.67 seconds1,100f.
  • Infinite Doge Darks spawn after 53.33 seconds1,600f, delay 20~26.67 seconds600f~800f.
  • 1 Mr. Puffington spawns once 30 Cat Units have been defeated.
  • 1 Mr. Puffington spawns once 90 Cat Units have been defeated.
  • 1 Mr. Puffington spawns once 210 Cat Units have been defeated.


Use caution here, as a new enemy-spawning mechanic is now being used: certain enemies spawn when a certain number of cat units have been defeated, as seen in the Battleground list above.

Stone/Boulder Cat is a must here, as its suicide attack doesn't count.

Strategy 1 (Rush)[]

Cumulus Gallus spawns on a timer, which is enough time to rush the base and finish it off with Courier Cat due to long-distance attacks. Since the enemy base dies quickly, you don't have to worry about Mr. Puffingtons spawning from cat units dying.

Immediately send Bullet Train Cat for cash and then send Can Can, Courier, and Fishman Cat. Spawn three Manic Mohawk Cats and three Manic Eraser Cats as meatshields for the Wild Doge (don't send too many to avoid the unit limit). Keep sending out Fishman, Courier, and Bullet Train cats when they come off cooldown. Once the Wild Doge dies, you should have enough cash to send out Awakened Bahamut Cat. From there, you can spam Manic Lion Cat alongside your other rushers. Ideally, the boss shockwave occurs and Courier Cats destroy the base afterwards.

If the enemy base is at around 100k health after the shockwave or if Sir Rel is still alive, continuously send your meatshields and rushers. You'll have time to use a cannon (breakerblast at any level is recommended but normal cannon works) to push the boss. Chip damage from Courier Cats or rushers clipping through the boss during its knockback animation will eventually destroy the base. If Mr. Puffington spawns, restart and try again.