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Archaeology 401: Analysis is the fourth and final stage in Empress' Excavation 4.


Max # of Deployable Cats: 15



Recommended Units[]

  • Pizza Cat: An essential unit against Ragin' Gory. He deals massive damage to him, and a level 50 one can kill him in a breeze.
  • Gas Mask Cat: Amazing meatshield to protect your Pizza Cat/anti-black hitter.
  • Mushroom & Ramen Cats: They can easily keep rajakong at a standstill and make stuff much easier.
  • Ultimate Bondage Cat: This only serves with maxed Freeze AND Dodge Talents, though his HP Talent is also recommended due to Deonil's high DPS. When there are no Ragin' Gories orMooths in the field, he can infiltrate Deonil and freeze him. You can then use Courier Cat to deal a lot of damage.

Strategy 1[]

Try to use the Mooths' money to your advantage and spawn your Ragin' Gory & Rajakong Counters (Like Pizza or Mushroom Cat) while using Courier Cat to deal with the Wild Doges. Don't panic when Nyandam appears, Rajakong will likely have 1/2 of his HP by this time, keep pushing Rajakong forward and let your cats die by Nyandam. If you can't do so, just deal with Rajakong in the middle of the battlefield to make sure he doesn't attack your base when Deonil creates the boss shockwave.

Once Deonil spawns, try to kill Rajakong ASAP and spawn your Deonil counters to deal with him. Use the Ragin' Gories as a source of money, but don't let them kill your essential Anti-Deonil units. Once Deonil dies, try to kill Nyandam with Courier Cats, and lure the Wild Doges and Ragin' Gories to your base and deal with them with Pizza & Courier. Enjoy your new Ancient Egg unit: Hitman Cat!