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Archaeology 401: Methods is the second stage in Empress' Excavation 4.


Max # of Deployable Cats: 15


  • 1 Formicidaean Ariant spawns after 6.67 seconds200f.
  • 4 Doge Darks spawn after 10 seconds300f, delay 10~13.33 seconds300f~400f.
  • 3 Doge Darks spawn after 16.67 seconds500f, delay 20~23.33 seconds600f~700f.
  • 1 Red EnerG spawns after 30 seconds900f.
  • 1 Gory Black spawns after 33.33 seconds1,000f.
  • 1 Infernal Pegasus Deonil spawns as the boss after 46.67 seconds1,400f.
  • 4 Wild Doges spawn after 60 seconds1,800f, delay 60~63.33 seconds1,800f~1,900f.
  • 8 Zrocos spawn after 96.67 seconds2,900f, delay 23.33~26.67 seconds700f~800f.
  • Infinite Zrocos spawn after 100 seconds3,000f, delay 30~33.33 seconds900f~1,000f.
  • 3 Formicidaean Ariants spawn after 106.67 seconds3,200f, delay 50~53.33 seconds1,500f~1,600f.
  • 6 Gory Blacks spawn after 116.67 seconds3,500f, delay 33.33~36.67 seconds1,000f~1,100f.
  • 7 Doge Darks spawn after 120 seconds3,600f, delay 16.67~20 seconds500f~600f.
  • 2 Zir Zeals spawn after 133.33 seconds4,000f, delay 66.67~70 seconds2,000f~2,100f.


This stage starts off slow, but ramps up quickly. At the beginning, you’ll not want rush the stage, due to its high health on the base, unless you can take it down fast. If not, you’ll want to kill the Doge Darks with double bounty and lure Red EnerG towards your base. While luring, Gory Black will spawn and you’ll want to kill him fast. You should have killed 6 doges at this point and should have an abundance of money. As Red gets close, start using anti-red attackers such as Roe and Courier to take him down quickly. Some surge-immune units would be helpful as well. Make sure that he’s not too close, as Deonil will spawn soon and create a shockwave. If Red is not dead yet, take him down as quickly as possible and kill the Wild Doges when they appear. Lure Deonil to about 2/3 across the stage and go crazy, attacking it with all you got. A Mushroom stack will help due to wave immunity, but Courier can help immensely as well. The Doges will be annoying and as will the Zombies, but if you get some good Housewife Cats to stack or Cadaver BearCats to kill them as they come up, they shouldn’t be that much of a problem. When the Zir Zeal arrives try to not let it burrow and fight it head on with Deonil. Do this for both. Once you get Deonil, the stage is won and you can move on to the third stage.