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Attack of the Omens (オーメンズ強襲, Ōmenzu Kyōshū, Omens Assault) is an event added in Version 12.2. Like all Gauntlets, progress made in Attack of the Omens will reset when the event ends, allowing the player to collect the rewards again once the event returns. The boss of this Gauntlet is Omens, a longer-ranged variant of Cerberus Kids with Surge Attacks and Multi-hit abilities. The Continuation Stages introduce a second new enemy: Devil Wife, an Aku variant of Celeboodle that leaves behind a Surge Attack when killed.



Attack of the Omens contains a total of 20 No Continues levels, called Three Omens. After beating a Three Omens, the player must wait for 30 minutes before they may proceed to the next one. Rewards for the first completion of a Three Omens can include XP, Tickets, Catamins and Materials. The enemy layout changes after the 10th level, with the strength magnifications and enemy base's HP increasing per level.

Stage Battlegrounds[]

See Attack of the Omens/Three Omens Lv.1~20.

Play Requirements[]

List of Stages[]

Attack of the Omens[]

Attack of the Omens (オーメンズ強襲, Ōmenzu Kyōshū, Omens Assault)

Mapname061 a en Mapname061 a ja Difficulty
Translation Energy
Stages 1~20 Mapsn061 00 a en Santai Lv Three Figures Lv.1~20 60~200 EnergyIcon

Continuation Stages[]

After clearing any stage in this Gauntlet, players have a chance to enter one of the following Continuation Stages:

First Appearance[]

English Version[]

  • May 22nd, 2023

Japanese Version[]

  • ?



  • Attack of the Omens is the only non-collab Gauntlet to introduce multiple new enemies.