Attack on Titanium is the 5th Cyclone Stage. It appears every Sunday.

Upon completion, players have a 30% chance to unlock Hoop Cat.


The first enemy to appear is a Metal Hippoe, which appears after 101.5 seconds. After 134 seconds, a Super Metal Hippoe will appear.

Once 184 seconds have passed, Metal One Horn appears. A Sir Metal Seal appears after 216 seconds.

The boss, Metal Cyclone, will appear when the enemy base's HP is down to 90%.

During the boss fight, these enemies will appear in the following pattern: Metal Hippoe -> Super Metal Hippoe -> Metal One Horn -> Sir Metal Seal -> Super Metal Hippoe After that, every ~70 seconds, 1 Super Metal Hippoe will be spawned.

The cyclone stages previous to this are key to beating this stage: they give you anti-metal cats that are vital to success here.


Strategy 1

The use of Critical Hitters is almost mandatory in this stage.

Use Samba Cat, Macho Cat and Crazed Macho Cat as meatshields. If you have Uber Rares that can perform Critical Hits such as Tesalan Pasalan, use them along with Cats that can knock back Metal enemies.

Tesalan Pasalan and Berserker Cat are probably the best cats for this stage. Tesalan Pasalan has very long range, and enough power to OHKO Metal Cyclone, and his True Form Lufalan Pasalan has an even greater chance to do a Critical Hit. Berserker Cat has area attack and a high Critical chance. Use Tecoluga to OHKO the Cyclone, and use Berserker to kill the other Metal enemies.

Hayabusa's first form has Area Attack, quickly gets to the front line, a 30% chance to perform a Critical Hit, and has long distance. Mighty Lord Gao is very useful as well, killing Metal Cyclone in one hit if it does a Critical Hit.

Strategy 2

The goal is to exploit the "max number of enemies"

Line up one or two meatshields (Crazed Tank/Tank), high damage or high DPS (fast attack rate optional) Cats (Bahamut, Takeda Shingen, Crazed UFO, Paris, Raiden, Balrog), and Metal knockback cats (Bronze/Michelangelo). Shinji Cat (Evangelion Col) is extremely useful if you have it.

After ~1 min 39 seconds, the first Hippoe will spawn. Start "spamming" Michelangelo Cats between 1 min 30-35 seconds into the battle, and summon maybe one or two tanks to keep them alive.

After ~2 min 10 seconds into the game, Super Metal Hippoe will spawn. Start spamming all your damage cats about 2 min into the game (Tank Cats too). Hopefully by this time, both Hippoes will have been knocked back to behind the base. Now they'll be "invincible" and the enemy base will be free for you to attack without having to worry about the Metal Cyclone.

Note that Riceball Cat will help here as it will stop the Super Metal Hippoe from pushing back the meatshields.

Note that Super Metal Hippoe outranges Bronze/Michelangelo cat, so you have to keep them protected with units with high health such as Jamiera and Crazed M. Titan. LD units that can snipe the base can also come in handy( I used Nobilan Pasalan, but likely megaphrodite/catman can also work).

Strategy 3

Lineup: Mohawk Cat, Crazed Macho, Crazed Tank, Pair Rope, Puppet-Master, Miss Moneko/Miss Neneko, Space Cat, Michelangelo, Crazed Whale and Island.

Beware that Crazed Whale and Island are slightly expensive which makes them less talented.

Start off by waiting and maxing the Worker Cat You should have a level max worker and around 8,000¢ when the first Metal Hippoe comes out. Feed him with 1 to 2 Rope Jump. Metal Hippoe should be killed before Super Metal Hippoe (SMH) comes. Let SMH proceed to your base. Start stalling SMH using only meatshields and Space Cat. Then Metal One Horn will come in. Spawn in Puppetmaster and Rope Jump. Once everything is killed, Sir Metal Seal (SMS) will appear about the time. The player needs to kill it before hitting the base.

Start off by waiting because SMS must die before Metal Cyclone is spawned. SMS and the Cyclone make the stage almost Once you have killed SMS, only Super Metal Hippoe will come afterwards which is easier. Because at that point of time, the player will have plenty of Space Cats stacked up. They can kill SMH with 3 crits, but it takes them so many Critical Hits to kill Sir Metal Seal.

After SMS is slain, the player can spam everything. Throughout the entire level, one should be wary about the Whale/Island Cats. They are fairly pricey, so they can potentially drain the wallet of a beginning player.

Strategy 4 (Cheese)

Use Warlock and Pierre and Vaulter Cat. (Fast DPS Long Distance Cat)


Start off by sending Vaulter Cat and upgrade your Worker Cat until you can have enough money for Warlock and Pierre (Lv. 28+). Then spawn Warlock and Pierre when Vaulter Cat does damage at the base to 380000. Because Warlock and Pierre have an ability called Base Destroyer, they will one shot the base. But unfortunately, the base goes to 1 hp and the Metal Cyclone spawns, that's where Vaulter Cat goes in. Use your Cat Cannon as the Metal Cyclone spawns, because Vaulter Cat has the ability called Long Distance (500 Attack Range), it can hit long enough to hit the tower and beat the stage. (cheese).

Link for a walkthrough:

Strategy 5 a.k.a. luxury strategy.

Use any Cats that can can slow/stop Metal Enemies such as Clockwork CatWrathful Poseidon, Hayabusa and Mitama the Oracle, fill up the rest with Long Distance attackers and/or Critical Hitters. The player will destroy the Enemy base behind a frozen Metal Cyclone.

Strategy 6 When you lack anti-metals

Cat lineup: Mohawk cat (31), Gato Amigo (30), Crazed Tank (30), Moneko (20), Neneko (16), Crazed Cat (1), Catasaurus (31), Clockwork Cat (1)

Yeah that's right, some cats used are level 1. The level is not as hard as it seems, here is some advice.

  1. Don't hesitate to use low-level cats if you need extra meatshields, as the Metal Cyclone kills anything instantly anyway.
  2. Don't try your luck with fast-attacking cats like Lumbercat or Giraffe, as the Cyclone has too much health.
  3. If you have the four meatshields that I used or better ones, Tank Cat can be a waste of money because it's slow, more expensive and still dies instantly.
  4. If you don't have stuff that knocks back or freezes Metals, "slow" can be of great help, even if the cat isn't upgraded.
  5. You need the Cat CPU and a good amount of luck.

Try it even if you're not sure you can do it! You might get surprised!

Strategy 7 (ft. Tesalan Pasalan and Balalan Pasalan)

Lineup: Crazed macho/Manic mohawk, Crazed wall/Manic Eraser, Catasaurus, Space cat, Michelangelo cat, any cat of your choice (preferably hoop cat / clockwork cat,) Hurricat, Awakened Bahamut, Lufulan Pasalan/Tesalan pasalan and Piccolan Pasalan/Balalan Pasalan. No Items are needed, but you need have your worker cat rate and wallet to level 20+10 because the timings will be way better and it'll be easer to win.

Start off the batlle and get your worker cat to level 5.Once your worker cat is at level 5, save up untill 9000¢, then spawn Tesalan and then Balalan. This part is crutial because when tesalan hits, and doesn't do a critical hit, the Cyclone will be close to Tesalan, Balalan will freeze it, and the Michelangelo cats will push it back, giving tesalan more chances.

When balalan is starting to attack, start to spam Crazed macho, crazed wall, Catasaurus, space cat and Michelangelo cat. Quickly get a hurricat, and then keep spamming Crazed macho, crazed wall, Catasaurus, space cat and Michelangelo cat. Repeat this cycle untill the cyclone dies. Also, when the base is struck, shortly after if a metal hippoe appears, you've done the timings right. Once the Cyclone is dead and your cats are touching the base, release Awakened Bahamut.

This strategy relies on RNG, so don't be sad if it didn't work.

Link for my walkthrough:

I was just lucky for Lufulan to crit fast. It may take longer for other people to do it.

STRATEGY 8 (ft. Tesalan Pasalan or Lufalan Pasalan)

You need a level 15 Tesalan Pasalan or higher.

Just spawn it when you can. No enemies are going to kill him. When he hit the base, only the cyclone spawn and Tesalan Pasalan can kill him with a critical hit! You just have to be lucky.

Strategy 8 ( Cheese ft. Aphrodite and Princess Kaguya)

Lineup: Wall cat/Crazed Wall cat, Michelangelo cat, Clockwork Cat(optional but recommended), Princess Kaguya(normal form), any crit cat(preferably space cat or Jurassic cat), Aphrodite.

Wait until you have at least 10k money. Once you have at least 10k money, spawn few meatshield and michelangelo and kaguya then spawn and spam everything especially michelangelo and kaguya. Once you have 5 or more Michelangelo you can stop spawning meatshields and focus on spamming Michelangelo and Kaguya. Michelangelo, Kaguya, and Aphrodite is critical to winning using this strat. Kaguya will permanently slow the cyclone which buys time for michelangelo to proc his knockback. Kaguya is a better version of Clockwork cat. Kaguya has better range and attack speed. The range is very important because It will become very easy for the cyclone to reach kaguya if she has low range that is why clockwork cat is only optional. Michelangelo will pin the cyclone close to the enemy base. Aphrodite will snipe the enemy base. The only role of critical hitters in this strat is to make sure that the Hippoes will not kill the Michelangelos and Kaguyas.

Strategy 9

goal is to exploit "max number of enemies"

Lineup: Crazed tank cat, Jiangshi cat, Michelangelo cat, awakened bahamut

After 1 min. 55 s. spawn one or two crazed wall cats and start spamming michelangelos. After 2 min. a metal hippoe spawns. Along with the third michelangelo start spamming both meatshields. When the super metal hippoe appears send out bahamut.

Strategy 10 (ft. wrathful poisedon)


row 1: 3 meatshields, jurassic cat (or another cheap crit-hitter), michelangelo cat

row 2: 4 strong crit-hitters (e.g. island cat, backhoe cat, crazed whale cat) and Poisedon.

Stall all of the enemies at the start as you save up your wallet. then get out poisedon, awaken the boss and spam everything. If poisedon reloads while you are still hitting the cyclone, you can get another one out and perma-freeze it. After this the rest of the stage should be easy.


Walkthrough Video Player
進撃の鉄屑 (Metal Cyclone Stage) and introduce Hoop Cat - played by Uriboten

進撃の鉄屑 (Metal Cyclone Stage) and introduce Hoop Cat - played by Uriboten

The CORRECT way to beat Metal Cyclone (Cheese)

The CORRECT way to beat Metal Cyclone (Cheese)

The Battle Cats Player (Hoop Cat not necessary, although it is used.)
Attack on titanuim walkthrough

Attack on titanuim walkthrough



English Version

  • This stage appeared for the first time on March 24th, 2015.
  • This stage will appear every Sunday thereafter.

Japanese Version

  • This stage appears every Sunday.
  • December 28th, 2014 to January 1st, 2015 (first time)



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