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Azure Apex is the twelfth stage in Island of Hidden Treasure.



Strategy 1 []

Lineup: Manic Mohawk Cat 20+, Eraser Cat 20+30, Manic Eraser Cat 30, Catellite 35+, Loincloth Cat 30, Corrupted Psychocat 30, Seafarer Cat 30+, Awakened Bahamut Cat 30, Ururun Cat 30

Cannon: Breakerblast


  • If you have full Cats of the Cosmos treasures, this stage will be easy.
  • The last slot can be used for an extra unit, preferably an anti-Alien Uber.
  • Loincloth can be replaced with any barrier breaker (Kitty of Liberty, lil Macho legs).

Start the battle by luring the first Shibalien Elite and General GeGory to your base, then deploy your meatshields, a barrier breaker, and Seafarer Cat. Your goal here is to defeat them as fast as you can so you can reach the Le'Solar before Spacefish Jones can wreak too much havoc on your army. Make sure you have barrier breakers on the battlefield so you can smash Le'Solar's barrier as soon as you can. Once that has been accomplished, focus on deploying heavy hitters like Seafarer Cat so you can earn enough money to deploy Awakened Bahamut Cat. His attack should be high enough to destroy Spacefish Jones' barrier, killing it instantly. The rest of the battle is yours to win!