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Azure Refuge is the nineteenth stage in Island of Hidden Treasure.



It is highly recommended to have all of the anti-Starred Alien Treasures before even attempting this stage. Even missing a single Treasure can increase the already high difficulty to crazy levels. For your lineup, you generally want three meatshields, consisting of dual Erasers and Catellite. You also want to bring a good Barrier Breaker, an obvious choice being The Kitty of Liberty. Attacker-wise, you will want Can Can Cat or Fishman Cat (only if you want to do extra damage to Bun Bun Symbiote), and Seafarer Cat. For your remaining slots, fill them in with good anti-Alien Ubers or a Long Distance unit like Cyberpunk Cat, Golfer Cat or Awakened Mina to keep the Corporal Weylands in check. Nukers are also extremely effective here if you can get enough money to afford them, so keep that in mind.

During the battle, you want to make sure you conserve your money as much as possible while also trying to keep the Corporal Weylands from destroying your stack. There is an element of luck from Bun Bun Symbiote's Wave Attacks, but those can be nullified if you bring Octopus Cat or another Wave Shield unit like Supercat. Focus on defeating the Corporal Weylands while crowd-controlling the Imperator Saels and Bun Bun Symbiote and victory will be yours.