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Babies First (Merciless) is the first stage in NEO First Errand. This is a No Continues stage.


Rarity: Only Normal and Uber Rare



The restriction dramatically upscales the stage's difficulty. Most Normal Cats fall easily to even Alpacky, let alone Doremi, practically forcing players to rely on whatever helpful Ubers they may own. If that wasn't enough, the stage design can single-handedly invalidate many of them, and specifically obtaining the few viable ones is in itself a luck-based mission. True Superfeline is recommended for any Uberless strategy.

Recommended Ubers[]

  • Greater Balrog Cat - Greater Balrog works just as well as he did in Baby Fake and can be used to melt almost any enemy with his extreme melee DPS. His low cost and recharge time enable him to be replaced quickly when lost, and stacking a few can potentially negate his vulnerabity to peons. Additionally, being Weaken-immune does improve his matchup against Mr. Angel.
  • Issun Boshi - In both forms, Issun Boshi is a specialist rusher whose Massive Damage ability meets quite a few targets here and deal bursts of damage to Doremi while wiping out the Traitless and Angel peons with terrifying ease. It wouldn't carry the stage, but definitely makes said peons less of an issue.
  • Immortal Keiji - Immortal Keiji at Level 43 with full Strengthen Talent investment and 2 Attack UP (Sm) Combos will be able to deal enough damage to consistently juggle Doremi once strengthened, preferably behind the base as to avoid being weakened by Mr. Angel. If you wanted to use Keiji without Attack Combos, then Keiji needs to be at Level 50 with full Strengthen Talents and 2 levels in Attack Buff Talents. His resistance to Black enemies also allows him to be useful when dealing with Kurosawah.