Backyard BBQ is the sixth and last stage in Summer Diary


The stage opens with Firework Guys, which we all know is harmless, doesn't do any damage. Some B.B.Bunnys will spawn, and after the base takes a few hits Drummer Doge, a Carny Otta, Ginger Snaches, Sir Seals will spawn. Every now and then, Gabriels, Heavenly Hippoes and Angelic Gorys will be sent out. Drummer Doge will freeze your cats every few seconds. More Carny Ottas will be spawned, so beware.


As Carny Ottas are slightly buffed here, they might become a little harder to deal with. Have good meatshielding with your long-ranged attackers. Bahamut would be useful here to deal hefty damage to the Carny Ottas. Bring along some Anti-Angel cats (Artist Cat) if your cats aren't strong enough.


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