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Not to be confused with Shields.

A Barrier (バリア Baria) is a defensive ability possessed by certain Starred Alien Enemies.

UltraBaaBaa displaying her Barrier


Enemies with this ability are protected by a red, rhombus-shaped crystal that fully blocks all attacks that are weaker than its limit, protecting the unit with the Barrier from any damage or effect coming with the attack. The player needs to land one strike with high enough power to break it, which is the upper limit it can protect the enemy. An animation of the Barrier materializing and flashing is shown when an attack of insufficient strength hits the Barrier and another one of the Barrier cracking and falling apart when it breaks. When a Barrier is destroyed, the attack that broke it is still considered blocked and has no effect on the unit. The Barrier includes damage-related effects/abilities during damage calculation, such as Massive Damage, Savage Blow, etc.

Barrier Breaker Cats have a set chance to instantly destroy Barriers regardless of their attack power; when they proc, their attacks will hit the unit trough the barrier and destroy it at the same time. The Breakerblast Cannon is guaranteed to break the Barriers of all enemies hit.

Unlike the Shields of Aku Enemies, Barrier HP is a set value that does not scale with strength magnification.