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The subject of this article is something that is no longer available.
This article is about the original release. For the current version, see The Battle Cats.

Battle Cats was a tower-defense game developed by PONOS for Android and iOS platforms. It was the first English version of Nyanko Daisensou, which was the iOS and Android re-release of the original mobile phone version. It was deleted from both the US Google Play Stores and the App Store, but was re-released 2 years later as the more up-to-date The Battle Cats.


"In (current year), the USA launched a secret project. To wake up Japanese people from being too peaceful, their new weapon was sent into Japan. Code name "Battle Cats".
Japanese people are too kind and nice to use cruelty weapons to the Battle Cats…
Only because of their cuteness..
Yes, Japanese leading-edge weapons are useless against Battle Cats.
By the way, I Saw the developer of the Battle Cats was interviewed on TV...
The interviewer asked, "Why is the new weapon a Cat?"
He answered: "I love pussy cats".
I know, it's insane..
My terrible hand writing made me stop writing this letter.
I have forgotten how bad my writing was,
My biggest mistake was that I wasn't sure who to write to.
When I look back on time, I used to have a dream becoming a major leaguer
Becoming a millionaire by running a SNS business is the dream I have now
Can't buy me love?
In either case,
I want to tell you one thing
"Battle Cats" are not really bad.
...That's all I want to say at the moment."


Cat Units

Cat Units only included the first nine Normal Cats, the purchasable Special Cats, Valkyrie Cat, Bahamut Cat and Moneko. Most of the descriptions and names are changed in The Battle Cats. The only special ability in the game was "Strong against Red Enemies".

Name (Normal) Name (Evolved) Category Description (Normal) Description (Evolved)
Cat Macho Cat Normal Basic and low cost. Well-trained muscle is his selling point.
Tank Cat Wall Cat Normal Tough. But the attack power is chicken feed. Solid defense ability. Attack power is still poor.
Axe Cat Brave Cat Normal Combat mania. Especially strong against red enemies. Hero-wannabe. Especially strong against red enemies.
Gross Cat Beautiful Legs Cat (Sexy Legs Cat) Normal Able to do very a powerful long range attack. Has a top-class attack power. Too beautiful legs are their pride. Top-class attack power.
Cow Cat Giraffe Cat Normal He is quick witted and can do multiple attacks. Run like the wind. His head-banging is only Rock'n Roll!
Bird Cat UFO Cat Normal Low stamina. Strong attack power. Overriding gravity. Able to attack enemies in a lump.
Fish Cat Whale Cat Normal One of the best attacker. Being unremarkable is his only one fault. Especially strong against red enemies. Became a carnivorous whale. Especially strong against red enemies.
Lizard Cat Dragon Cat Normal Able to attack enemies in long range. One of the best long range attacker. Came from the fantasy world. One of the best shooter.
Giant Warrior Cat (Titan Cat) Mythical Giant Cat (Mythical Titan Cat) Normal High class unit. Extreme attack power and stamina. Lord of destruction. Extreme attack power and stamina. Top-class unit.
God Cat (The Cat God) N/A Special When you are in trouble you can activate God's miracle! N/A
Ninja Cat Frog Ninja Cat (Ninja Frog Cat) Special Professional Ninja. Especially strong against red enemies. So now he can a summon big frog. Stronger than Axe-Cat and especially strong against red enemies.
Sumo Cat Madame the Sumo (Madame Sumo) Special Tough and better attack power than Tank-Cat. Use him as your shield. Attacks multiple enemies at once. Now he is on her new stage. Outperforms Tank-Cat. Attacks multiple enemies at once.
Samurai Cat Knight Cat Special He is simply honest to go his Bushido. Good attack power and good defending power. An all-round cat. Now he knows what chivalry is. Good attack and defending power. An all-round cat.
Zombie Cat Devil Cat Special A student from a film school. Taking special makeup effects course. He learned a makeup technique to become devil. It's more difficult than zombie one.
Pack of Cats (Cats in a Box) Gang Cat (Cat Gang) Special Homeless cats. Their dash attack is very strong. The homeless cats became gangsters. Their dash attack is very strong.
Afro Cat (Boogie Cat) Carnival Cat (Samba Cat) Special His dancing makes everyone happy. Low cost. Let's Cat time! A dancing cat who makes everyone happy. The cost is low so you can operate mass production.
Bondage Cat Super Bondage Cat (Bondage CatNEO) Special He willingly becomes a shield at the risk of hurting his body. Confident of stamina. He is seeking for more pain now. Especially strong against red enemies.
SM Cat (Dom Cat) Executioner Special She works in an office during day time. M-Cat is her customer in this side business. A quick attacker and strong against red enemies. She hates lakes. A mid-range attacker. Especially strong against red enemies.
Kung Fu Cat Drunken Kung Fu Cat (Drunken Master Cat) Special A specialist in middle-range attacks. Master of Drunken-Kung Fu.
Actress Cat Mother Cat Special She maintains a high level of professionalism. Use this cat with Beautiful Legs Cat! A valuable cat that can attack in wide and long range! Her heart is filled with motherly love. Use her with Beautiful Legs Cat! A valuable cat that can attack in wide and long range!
Bicycle Cat (Tricycle Cat) Wild Cat (Biker Cat) Special The fastest cat. Regular participant of Tour de France. Ride around a motor bike now. Born to be wild!
Skirt Cat Tight Cat (Tights Cat) Special This lovely skirt is his favorite. Attacks in long range. Advanced version of Gross-Cat. He thinks the underwear is new protective equipment. Attacks in long range. Advanced version of Gross-Cat.
Panties Cat Happa Cat (Leaf Cat) Special The cold weather is nothng against his cold proof underwear. Attacks in long range. Advanced version of Gross-Cat. Especially sensitive for protecting his weak point. Attacks in long range. Advanced version of Gross-Cat.
Mr. Super Mr. Special Mr. from Mr. popular games is here now! He surges towards enemies and fire his machine gun wildly! Mr. from Mr. popular games is here now! He surges towards enemies and fire his bazooka wildly!
Valkyrie Cat Great Valkyrie Cat (True Valkyrie Cat) Special A fighting venus. Heaven sent the spear for her. This is her real form. She is suffering from sexual harassment from God Cat.
Bahamut Cat Beyond Bahamut Cat (Crazed Bahamut Cat) Special A legendary ancient weapon that destroyed the world once. Now it's clear that this is the legendary ancient weapon that destroyed the world once. It still has great destructive power.
MONEKO (Moneko) Super MONEKO (Miss MONEKO) Special A shy girl. Very unhappy. (old)
Hoping to become an idol/idle, she sings everyday to live up to the expectations of her fans.
She loved God Cat. She still loves God Cat. (old)
A single flower that blooms in the world. Aiming to become a super star at full speed!

Enemy Units

There were 23 Enemy Units in Battle Cats. Most of the names and descriptions are changed in later "versions" of The Battle Cats. Since the game had only 2 enemy types: Traitless and Red, enemies like Mooth and Assassin Bear are listed as Traitless. Enemies you encountered were recorded into Dictionary (renamed to Encyclopedia after meeting enough enemies).

Name Category Description
Doggy (Doge) Traitless Lovely Shiba-Dog and Battle Cat's rival. Hopefully going to university this year.
Snake (Snache) Traitless He uses water colors for body painting. So, he hates water. This has got nothing to do with the in game content.
Stick Guys (Those Guys) Traitless They first made each other's acquaintance on facebook. By the way, they are quite rich.
Hippo (Hippoe) Traitless This dangerous Bi-sexual hippo has confidence in stamina and power. She has multi-attack skill.
Penguin (Jackie Peng) Traitless He loves watching Kan-Fu movies and wanna be a Hollywood Star. His Kang-Fu is self taught.
Gorilla (Gory) Traitless He was kicked out from the zoo because of his scary face. Now he is a NEET, alcoholic and gambleholic.
Baa Baa Traitless Being ordinary is his complex. So he take comedy skill lessons in a university.
Croco Traitless He was saved by Dundee. Took many licenses by correspondence education.
Elephant (Le'boin) Traitless His idol girl is chubby with big tits.
Loves collecting porn magazines.
Kangaroo (Kang Roo) Traitless He wanted to be a boxer. But his dream failed...because he is a kangaroo. What a tragedy kangaroo.
Squirrel (Squire Rel) Traitless She speaks an original English. Unfortunately, she taught us English.
Moth (Mooth) Traitless He dreamed he will become a beautiful butterfly in the future. Now he knows the truth and became an angry youngster.
Teacher Bear Traitless A kinder garden teacher.
He loves children but his sharp fist is a terror for children.
Elizabitch (Pigge) Red Loves going to the tanning salon and that's why her skin is red. Born in an organic policy farm.
Sir Baby Seal (Sir Seal) Red Just moved from the country side to the city area. To appeal himself, he dyed his body hair red.
Smart Rabbit (B.B.Bunny) Red Quit a major company and is managing four companies now. Aspires to obtain a mayor position.
Rhinoceros (One Horn) Red Working at a firehouse. Due to his moving speed, he never made it to the site of the fire.
Big Face (The Face) Traitless A too hard diet made his body vanish. Nobody knows why he is floating.
Shy Boy Red He is very shy.
Although he is very good at singing,
He has never sung in front of people.
Assasin Bear (Assassin Bear) Traitless He was born to be an assasin. The economic depression resulted less jobs for him. They say 1million for 1kill.
Signboard Girl (Ms. Sign) Traitless Family structure is father, mother, brother and a patron. she is a slut.
Dark Emperor Nyandum (Dark Emperor Nyandam) Red He cannot drink alcohol and that annoys him. So he is pretending he is drinking alcohol. The glass is actually filled with coffee jelly.
Bun Bun Teacher (Teacher Bun Bun) Traitless Teacher of the Teacher-Bear. His physical punishment is love. Don't think. Feel!

Levels and Stages

The only stages were the three Empire of Cats Chapters and the Challenge Battle.

The Main Chapters took place in Japan, with each of the stages named after a prefecture in Japan. All of the names, enemy bases and Treasures were the same as those found in BCJP.


  • Despite it being "taken down", the game was instead updated in Japan to become the current Japanese version.
  • The game had a feature which allowed players to tap multiple unit boxes at once and let chosen units come out simultaneously. This was not retained in later "versions".
  • Ms. Sign being a slut could be a nod to her Japanese name, Kanban Musume, which literally translates to "Signboard Girl" but can also refer to an attractive girl who stands outside a store to attract customers.


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