Battle Cats Wiki

Battle Cats Officers' Club (sometimes referred to as the Officers' Club or the Battle Cats Officer's Club) is a feature added in the Version 8.0 Update that shows your account's statistics such as play time, User Rank, your medals, and the amount of enemies and units that have been discovered. Your Battle Cats Officers' Club card can be viewed at any time by pressing the Menu button in the Cat Base Menu, then selecting Battle Cats Officers' Club. Version 8.2 granted players the ability to change the profile picture on the card to any one of the characters you have obtained by simply pressing on the cat icon. You can choose any cat with any form that you have.

Gold Pass[]

By viewing the premium Officers' Club membership, PONOS will offer you a 30-day free trial.

The premium membership is $9.99 per month, but the first time is free. The bonuses given by the Gold Pass include 1 Rare Cat Ticket and up to 600 Cat Food from Gold Card Login Stamps. (30 cat food each day you login for 20 days) Your Officers' Club card will also be displayed as a Gold Pass, and renewing the Gold Pass grants unlimited Speed Ups for 30 days. Additionally, from Version 11.8 onwards, Gold Pass improves the speed up item to speed the game up by a factor of 3 rather than its usual 2.