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Battle Cats Quest (にゃんこクエスト, Nyanko Kuesto, lit. Nyanko Quest) is a spin-off to The Battle Cats developed and released by PONOS Corporation.


An exciting new app from the makers of The Battle Cats!
Knock your animal rivals off the edge and become the legendary King of Cats!

【Simple Controls - Just Roll Your Cat!】
Roll your hero just right to bump your enemies off the island!

【Take on a variety of animal enemies!】
A crazy collection of cute rivals come at you with unexpected attacks!

【Get Stylish with Unlockable Skins!】
Collect character skins! So many to choose from!

And there's more!
Clear missions to unlock rewards in The Battle Cats too!
Simple controls and exciting gameplay; a legendary adventure destined to go down in Cat history!



  • Tap to Start!: The main function of the game, just tap the screen to start a battle!
  • Missions: Tasks that the player can complete to earn in-game and The Battle Cats rewards.
Mission Requirements Reward
Normal Mission 1 Clear Stage 5 Attack Lv+1
Collab Mission 1 Clear Stage 10 Cat Food x50
Normal Mission 2 Have 2 skins Attack Lv+2
Normal Mission 3 Clear Stage 15 Defense Lv+1
Collab Mission 2 Clear Stage 20 Rich Cat x3
Normal Mission 4 Have 3 skins Defense Lv+2
Normal Mission 5 Clear Stage 25 Attack Lv+3
Collab Mission 3 Clear Stage 30 Cat Food x100
Normal Mission 4 Have 5 skins Attack Lv+6
Normal Mission 5 Clear Stage 35 Defense Lv+3
Collab Mission 4 Clear Stage 40 Treasure Radar x3
Normal Mission 6 Have 10 skins Defense Lv+6
Normal Mission 7 Clear Stage 45 Coins +20%
Collab Mission 5 Clear Stage 50 Rare Ticket x3
Normal Mission 8 Unlock all skins Coins +30%
※Rewards can be obtained only once
  • Skins: Allows the player to pick between the 23 skins obtained during gameplay.
  • Settings: Allows the player to adjust the music, sound, vibration and language.
  • Cat Coins: Currency used to upgrade Attack, Defense and Coin Value.


There are many different kinds of stages you'll encounter on your Quest. They can be square, circle, or hexagon shaped, and can be small, medium or large sized. The different kinds of levels are:

  • Forest: Grass level, pretty basic. There can be rocks or trees on these levels acting as obstacles.
  • Desert: These levels have friction on them, which can make it harder to push enemies off. Can have rocks and palm trees as obstacles.
  • Snow: These levels are slippery, which can make it hard to control your cat. Can have rocks and leafless trees as obstacles.
  • Coin: Special level. The only thing that appears on it are coins, and there's a rim around the level so you can't fall off.
  • Castle: Only appears on level 50, and is strictly circular. There's walls around the stage with openings to fall off, and a throne that can be knocked around. King Cat is the boss, and Johnnyleon Cat, Kangaroo Cat, Panda Cat and a Green Shell Cat appear as support. Awards the King Cat costume when beaten for the first time.

Special events can happen on these levels, which are listed below.

  • Rock Circle: A circle of several rocks surrounds the center of the stage.
  • Cat Battle: Princess Sweetpaw, Prince Jelashy or Uncle Cat appears on these stages, and after some dialogue, they'll fight you. Other enemies can appear as support. The first two levels always have you fighting Uncle Cat.
  • Shop: Witch Cat appears on these levels, usually being the last stage on a branching path with multiple levels. Whether you use coins to upgrade or not, she'll fight you.
  • Gauntlet: These stages have the water around the island turn red, and there are 5 waves of enemies instead of 3 or less. All enemies are double their size. Shop levels usually appear after this one.


  • Uncle Cat: King Cat's "secret" identity. He guides the player through the first two stages.
  • Elephant Cat: The biggest base enemy, but they're very easy to defeat.
  • Monkey Cat
  • Pig Cat: Squishy, unlike other enemies.
  • Ram Cat: Stays on the opposite side of the stage from the player. When there are several of them, they will all group together.
  • Bee Cat: Usually appears in swarms of up to eight.
  • Panda Cat: Stays near the center of the stage.
  • Brown Mouse/Koala Cat
  • White Mouse/Koala Cat
  • Bunny Cat: Spawns with several smaller Bunny Cats by its side, which will follow it anywhere... even off the stage.
  • Snow Bunny Cat
  • Fox Cat
  • Kitsune Cat
  • Seal Cat
  • Walrus Cat
  • Crab Cat: Stays on the opposite side of the stage from the player.
  • Hyena Cat: Is very aggressive and will attack quicker compared to other enemies. Only appears on desert stages.
  • Kangaroo Cat: Sometimes bounces in place.
  • "Hedgehog" Cat: Stays in place for a moment before unleashing a powerful spin-dash attack, which can be cancelled by repeatedly bumping into it.
  • Pufferfish Cat: Inflates when pushed, pops after getting too big.
  • Cell Cat: Splits into two smaller Cell Cats when pushed, which then split into two even smaller Cell Cats.
  • Green Shell Cat: As small as a Bee Cat, but is very aggressive and hard to knock off.
  • Johnnyleon Cat: Turns invisible every now and then. Its shadow can still be seen.
  • Witch Cat: Offers to let the player upgrade their health, attack and coin value before fighting them.
  • Princess Sweetpaw: Wants to marry the player's Cat... and it's till death do them part.
  • Prince Jelashy: Hash an annoying acshent.
  • King Cat: The final boss.


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  • Battle Cats Quest is a reskin of another game made by PONOS: Ball Action.
  • The default, Brown Tabby, Silver Tabby, Red Tabby and Calico Cat skins perfectly match the five starting cats from The Burgle Cats.
  • Heads Off, another of PONOS' other games, makes a cameo appearance as a playable skin.
  • The Bounty Hunter skin is a reference to the Varia Suit from the Metroid series.
  • The Pink Cat skin may be a reference to Kirby.
  • One of the enemy cats resembles Sonic the Hedgehog, and its method of attack resembles the Spin Dash.
  • Another of the enemies, Cell Cat, resembles Solosis from Pokémon.
  • Witch Cat uses a different color scheme than in Nyanko Defence Force, where she had a black hat and brown hair.
  • The design of Kitsune Cat is the same design of the foxes floating around Trickster Himeyuri.
  • Uncle Cat has a line where he says that he played games by PONOS while you where progressing through levels, breaking the fourth wall.
  • While this game has a skin known as Samurai Cat, this skin bears no real visual resemblance to the Samurai Cat in the main game. Likewise, Masked Cat has nothing to do with the serial code Cat.
  • Excluding Kumanchu Royale, this is the only game in which Tank Cat does not appear. It's also the second game to not have any variation of Doge, the first being Nyanko New Japan.

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