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Battle Cats Rangers (にゃんこレンジャー, Nyanko Renjā) was a spin-off title of The Battle Cats that started its pre-registration from April 13th, 2017. Battle Cats Rangers was released on April 27th, 2017. It was shut down on March 29th, 2019.


Battle Cats Rangers was a simple tapping game; tap the screen to attack enemies that endlessly stream towards your cats. You wouldn't take any damage, and there was no time limit, although while fighting bosses you would only have 30 seconds to defeat them. If you were unable to defeat a boss, then you would have to wait until you leveled up. You could earn new playable characters, as well as teammate cats, both of which could be upgraded. Cat Combos could be unlocked and used by selecting certain cats, which gave certain bonuses to your team. There were treasures to collect, which were earned through Prestiging, which also give bonuses. There was a daily bonus of a set amount of Cat Food, and there were many opportunities to watch ads in order to earn Cat Food or coins.


Playable Character

The "Hero" was the playable character of the game. They moved automatically and stopped whenever​ an enemy was approached. The player needed to tap the screen in order to attack enemies. The Hero had multiple stats that could be increased, including damage per tap, critical hit chance, critical hit damage, and movement speed.

There were five Heroes; Cat, Tank Cat, Axe Cat, Cow Cat, and Bird Cat. Each Hero had 3 forms of evolution, the first of which was unlocked through progressing the stages, and the second two requiring Cat Food to unlock.

The Hero could also unlock and upgrade five different skills, which could be used to temporarily increase your damage per second, or amount of gold earned. Once used they would need to recharge for a set amount of time before being used again.

Teammate Cats

Battle Cats Rangers had cats from The Battle Cats varying from Normal to Super Rare Cats. They followed behind the Hero, dealing DPS to enemies. Each cat dealt a set DPS, which was increased through leveling using coins earned while playing. Certain skills were unlocked by reaching a certain level, and cats could be evolved to further increase their stats.

Cat Combos

Cat Combos were earned by selecting certain cats in your team. These Combos, just like in the original Battle Cats, would give your team bonuses and stat increases. You could use multiple at once, gaining bonuses from each one. Once a Cat Combo was unlocked you would earn one Cat Food for doing so.


Enemies from the original Battle Cats also made an appearance in Battle Cats Rangers. You could see normal enemies such as the Doge, or even some of the more rare bosses such as Cruel Angel Clionel. Enemies would endlessly stream towards you, dealing no damage, and giving coins each time they were defeated. Some enemies in higher rounds could stun your Cats, making them useless for a period of time. Each stage you advanced increased the enemies' health until you could no longer advance, or had everything unlocked.

Level Structure

Each Stage was separated into ten Waves, and each Wave has nine enemies that must be defeated and a boss. Boss fights had a time limit, and you would have to defeat them before it ran out. If you failed to do so, you would move back one wave and fight enemies until you could defeat the boss. At the end of each stage you would battle a final boss before moving on, and have the option to watch an ad to increase the amount of money earned from that boss.

Prestige / Treasure

You could Prestige once you reached a certain Stage in order to earn keys to open chests. Each time you opened a chest you would be granted 1 of 22 random treasures, which would give you a specific stat increase. These treasures came from the Treasures used in The Battle Cats.


  • Cat Coins were the main currency in this game. They could be earned by defeating enemies, watching ads, and randomly from the floating treasure fairy. Cat Coins were needed to upgrade your Hero and teammates, as well as your skills.
  • Cat Food was the secondary currency in the game. It could be earned at daily intervals when logging in, by watching ads, completing daily missions, learning Cat Combos, and by purchasing them. Cat Food was used to evolve Heroes, and to buy certain items or upgrades.


The game had reached 100,000 pre-registrants on April 16th, 2017. Below are the rewards: Rewards that were sent to BC Rangers players:

  • 10,000 Pre-registrants: +30 Cat Food
  • 20,000 Pre-registrants: +70 Cat Food
  • 50,000 Pre-registrants: +100 Cat Food
  • 100,000 Pre-registrants: +200 Cat Food
  • 200,000 Pre-registrants: +500 Cat food

Rewards that were sent to Battle Cats players:

  • 10,000 Pre-registrants: Cat Ticket +3
  • 20,000 Pre-registrants: Cat Ticket +3; Cat Food +30
  • 50,000 Pre-registrants: Cat Ticket +3; Cat Food +30; Rare Cat Ticket +1
  • 100,000 Pre-registrants: Cat Ticket +3; Cat Food +30; Rare Cat Ticket +2


  • All of the names were translated from Nyanko Daisensou, instead of using the names from The Battle Cats. Dom Cat, for instance, was known by her Japanese name Queen Cat.
  • In update 1.0.5, there were many mistranslations that could be found such as Treasure names and Cat information.

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