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Notice about HGT Errors

HGT errors may occur if your phone/tablet clock has been manually changed, if you travelled to a different time zone, or if your network connection was particularly unstable during daily update. Ensure that your device time settings are set to Auto, that you are in an area with a strong network connection, and please don't make any further changes to your time settings. You should start receiving your energy and login bonuses again soon.

  • Please wait up to 48 hours for restoration to occur.
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DO NOT attempt to solve the issue by deleting or reinstalling the app without starting a Save Data Transfer from the Settings menu first - PONOS will not be able to help you recover any of your progress/purchases!

Notice to Editors

Due to rampant strategies featuring Ubers, those specific strategies may be reviewed, transferred to a sub-page and be non-highlighted.

We should create strategies based on optimization of Cat Units: Cheap with little hassle on getting specific units like the Uber or Legend Rares. We're not saying it is bad, but think of other Battle Cats players who need help without those hard-to-get units.

Redirects should not be left behind as they will be deleted anyway, if unable to not leave a redirect please add the Delete template after moving a page.

Clean up will happen little by little, and you can help too! However, read our Community Guidelines first before editing. Current pages that need new revisions include Stubs and Articles needing strategies.

Have a stage you are stuck on, curious about more information about the game, or are otherwise interested in knowing more about Battle Cats and its community? If so, refer to this post.

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Current Version
For a list of all versions, see here.
- Nyanko Daisensou -
Version 10.10 (October 5th, 2021)
  • Added 3rd forms to some characters
    • Added the third form of evolution to some characters.
  • Added Talents to characters
    • Talents have been added to some characters.
    • All characters whose Talents have been released now have a Talent Orb slot
  • Added Legend Stages
    • Added more difficult stage levels to existing maps
  • Other
  • Fixed some bugs
- The Battle Cats -
Version 10.9 (September 27th, 2021)
  • Added New Story Mode; "The Aku Realms"
    • Clear Empire of Cats Ch. 3, then other set stages to access this new challenge!
  • True Forms/Talents
    • 3rd forms/Talents added for certain Cats
    • Talent Orb Slots added to all Cats with Talents unlocked
  • New Uncanny Legends Map
    • Higher difficulties added to existing maps
  • New User Rank Rewards
    • New CatCombos
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