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Current Version
For a list of all versions, see here.
- Nyanko Daisensou -
Version 13.5 (June 24th, 2024)
  • Added a function that allows you to move from the treasure list to the stage.
Double-tap a treasure in the treasure list to move to the stage where you can get that treasure.
※You can check this from the menu of the Cat Base in the Japan, Future and Space versions.
  • Added evolutions to units
True/Ultra Form evolutions were added to some units
  • Added Talents to units
Talents, Ultra Talents were added to some units
  • Addition of Legend Stages
New map added
  • Miscellaneous
Added User Rank rewards
Added Cat Combo
Raised the level of Cat Shrine to 70
  • Bug fixes
- The Battle Cats -
Version 13.5 (July 18th, 2024)
  • Added feature to travel instantly to a stage where a treasure is available by double-tapping that treasure icon at the Treasure menu.
※Treasure menus can be accessed from the Empire, Future, and Cosmos Cat Base menus.
  • New True/Ultra Forms added
  • New Talents/Ultra Talents
  • New Legend Stages Map
  • New User Rank Rewards
  • New CatCombos
  • Cat Shrine max level raised to 70
  • Misc. Bug Fixes
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why Ponos still making more enemies and traits? Bro, i don't want more fucking cats, true forms and even why ultra forms exist????!!!!!

I can't resist to these questions anymore. I…

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PHOWOb PHOWOb 10 days ago

im gonna start learning chess now


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