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Notice to Editors

Due to rampant nearly-identical strategies featuring Ubers being written on stage articles in the past, these strategies will be removed if they are found to be there. We should create strategies based on general accessibility and optimization of Cat Units: cheap without the luck-based hassle of obtaining overly-specific units such as Uber and Legend Rares. We're not saying it is bad to make or use Uber-reliant strategies, but think of the other Battle Cats players who need help without those hard-to-get units.

Redirects should not be left behind when moving pages as they will be deleted anyway; if unable to fix broken links after moving a page then please inform a Moderator/Admin.

Clean up will happen little by little, and you can help too! However, read our Community Guidelines first before editing. Current pages that need new revisions include Stubs and Articles needing strategies.

Have a stage you are stuck on, curious about more information about the game, or are otherwise interested in knowing more about Battle Cats and its community? If so, refer to this document.

Current Version
For a list of all versions, see here.
- Nyanko Daisensou -
Version 11.6 (May 24th, 2022)
  • Added acquisition status display of drop rewards on stage selection screen
    • Tap the stage name to check the acquisition status of "one-time drop rewards"
  • Added a shortcut function to the stage selection screen to display the composition of the previous stage
    • You can switch to the formation of the previous clear by pressing and holding the formation button
  • The maximum number of slots available for a mission has been increased from 15 to 17
    • Slots can be added after clearing the Japan Chapter 1
    • Slot 11 and later require a certain number of Kitten Medals and 90 Nekokan
  • Third Forms have been added to some characters
    • Third form evolution has been added to some characters
  • Legendary Story added
    • Addition of new maps
    • Release of higher difficulty stage levels on existing maps
  • Addition of stages and missions for defeating Super Beasts
    • New stages added to existing maps
  • Others
  • Fixed Bugs
- The Battle Cats -
Version 11.6 (June 20th, 2022)
  • Drop reward display added to stage select
    • Tap stage name to display Drop Rewards availability
  • Equip last victorious formation for cleared Stages
    • Hold Equip button to change to last Victory's formation
  • 15 → 17 Equip Slots
    • Available after EoC Ch. 1
    • Unlock Slot 11+ via Meow Medals and using 90 Cat Food
  • New True Forms
  • New Legends Map, new difficulties for past maps
  • Behemoth Culling stages/missions
    • Stages added to existing maps
  • New User Rank Rewards
    • New CatCombos
    • Minor revisions
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