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Whenever you have to make any edit, please read this page before. By editing, it is assumed you have read and accepted the terms of use and that you know of the eventual sanctions you may be given by not following those rules.


The Staff are the ones who will help you to achieve a task you may have, potentially give you editing advice, or general advice about the game and miscellaneous questions you may have. Don't hesitate to ask them, but just make sure that they are active before messaging them— to do this, you can click on "Contributions" in their profile to see the most recent edits they made.

Chat & Discussion Rules

Be a nice cat! Below, you will see the code of conduct that applies to everyone, no matter the situations.

For the main article, refer to Battle Cats Wiki:Community Guidelines/Discussions Guidelines.

Appealing Blocks

If you have been blocked for a bad reason or for something that had been made a larger deal than it really was, then asking one of our current Bureaucrats or Administrators to be unblocked over either Discord or their Message Walls may be a good idea, should you have the ability to; otherwise, contacting an admin through a friend or another user, or should the situation call for it and only if the situation calls for, an alternate account. However, this will not apply to you if:

  • You are below Fandom's age minimum, 13 years old.
  • You break one of Fandom's Terms of Use.
  • You consistently spam in comments or discussions.
  • You majorly disrupt the community.

For the main article with instructions that will allow you to appeal a block, see Appealing Blocks.

Guidelines of Editing

Each page has its own structure, as seen below. Read this, and learn from the current pages before editing. Having a frame of reference is very important when you are starting from nothing.

Do not:

  • Do not vandalize pages. Vandalism includes inserting false or misleading information, deleting previously established content, adding unrelated content or categories, inserting personal opinions or feelings about an enemy, etc.
    • This includes:
      • Vandalizing User page namespaces which are not yours;
      • Editing User templates without permission;
      • Damaging templates core to the function of the wiki;
      • Creating Talk pages on any form of article;
      • Removing extreme amounts of content without a justified reason in your edit summary;
      • And changing the formatting of the wiki without checking with the current Staff.
  • Do not upload translations if they don't make any sense even in English or if you don't think they're accurate (i.e., don't just use Google Translate and call it a day). Even though Japanese has different grammar rules, the English translations should still have proper capitalization, spelling, etc. If the name of a unit or stage can't be directly translated to English (usually due to puns or wordplays), leave it as just the rōmaji and explain the name's etymology in the Trivia section. Violating this rule will not get you banned, but expect your translation to be removed or replaced when possible.
  • Do not create full strategies containing Uber or Legend Rare Cats; furthermore, avoid creating luck-reliant strategies, unless unavoidable (e.g., in March to Death). Strategies are meant to help out other people, not to flex your ability to Ubercarry. Do you expect that just because you have an Uber, everyone at that point of the game will have that exact Uber?
  • Do not add walkthroughs if the video you are adding to a page is not specifically meant to be and is a guide. This is especially the case if your playthrough has Ubers, Legend Rares, or overleveled units. In a nutshell, this is not the place to advertise your related website, YouTube channel, blog, social media account, etc. If you have a question about whether your link would be welcome, then ask a Content Moderator, Administrator or Bureaucrat.
  • Avoid creating pages without staff consent, especially when there is a new release. We're aware of the new content; if we don't add it, it's for good reason: either we haven't enough information, or we're waiting to not mess with the current setup.
  • Do not create empty pages for articles that need to be made. A page is deemed empty when the grammar and the structure are bad or when most sections and templates are missing. Rather, start by copy-pasting a similar page and changing the content, with the correctly used references for the altered information. When creating a new page, do also remember to please add categories and add the proper templates to the bottom of the page.
  • Do not create new categories and pages without the seal of approval from our staff, nor add pages to categories that they do not belong to. If you do create a page, do so while following the widely held formatting expectations— this shows your potential to be a Notable User.
    • The name of the new page should be the official JP name or preferably the Unit Number of the Unit following the Cat Release Order or Enemy Release Order.
    • Do not add community-made names to cats and enemies, e.g. using Sachiel Cat as The 4th Angel's pre-English name, or naming Aku Enemies Devil Enemies before release in either language. Examples of misconduct like this is not allowed pre-EN release or pre-JP release for any reason, as the Unit Number is preferable due not spreading a false community name.
  • Do not add unnecessary/uninteresting/blatantly obvious trivia, or any information that belongs to rumors or speculation. Especially do not add personal feelings or "community content", like: "this is the best cat in their set" or "this stage is infamous for its insane difficulty". The wiki is about objective and official content. If you want to talk about your personal feelings, do it on your user page, a blog post, discussions or other websites.
  • Do not add pointless images to a gallery. By pointless, it means: it isn't part of any official media (i.e., it's fan art), it doesn't add any relevant information (description, picture...), etc. If you have any doubt, upload them in a Blog Post.
  • Do not create pages for fan-made contents. This website is about the official content of The Battle Cats, so pages specifically made for fanart or fan-made creations will be deleted. You may also be banned, temporarily or permanently. If you wish to share your fan-made contents, then please either put it in your User Blog or in general discussion, marked as Fan-made Contents.


  • Add a precise URL as a reference (Battle Cats DB being our main source) when there is none.
    • Refer to the References page for a list of other valid references.
  • Add relevant pictures and gifs to a gallery (attack animations, special death animations, official art etc...) when there is a lack of them, or upload improved (objectively better, otherwise ask first) versions of the existing ones (see Category:Low Quality Files to find files in need).
    • Follow the pattern of formatting main structure information.
    • Adding Attack animations and Spritesheets are welcomed bonuses towards Cat and Enemy pages!
    • Using the Appropriate templates for the page is a given as well.
    • High quality and high definition content like these are valuable and approved.
  • Add a Stub or StrategyNeeded Template to the top of a new page, should it be lacking enough content to be considered semi-complete. Consider adding a StrategyNeeded Template to a Cat or Enemy Page if they lack information explaining the usage and synergies of the Cat Unit, or conversely the Cat Unit counters against the Enemy Unit and standard if not complex support Backliner/Super-Backliner Class Enemies, along with a list of relevant stages this interaction is demonstrated in.
  • Check and clean the grammar and syntax of a page, even if it is not a popular one. We want all pages to be given the most attention, regardless of popularity. Removing typos and checking for grammar mistakes is a good fix for the readability of pages, helping younger viewers without accounts and non-native English speakers to understand and consume the information about the game offered on this site.
  • Always speak in the past tense or create a new section labelling the content as it is separate to other current content when referring to Removed Content. Doing otherwise could potentially be confusing.
  • Remove unnecessary strategies, unclear strategies and strategies that do not follow the guidelines, or adjust them to make them worth keeping.
    • The ideal strategy should not involve Uber/Legend Rare Cats under all conditions, and should generally not involve boosted units.
    • For all of Empire of Cats, Into the Future and the first two chapters of Cats of the Cosmos units should be level 30, level 40 for the final chapter of Cosmos if possible. Level 40 units are acceptable after beating the introduction that is Stories of Legend. Level 50 units are also acceptable entering Uncanny Legends.
  • Add proper advice and strategies to Stage pages if you want to, as many of them are currently in need. Reference the Stage Structure page for how to format your Strategy.
  • Test the strategies you add. Having a reliable and consistent strategy that is well-accessible is very important.
    • An example of this is having a strategy reliant on Warlock & Pierre or Saki to cheese a stage; do not create a whole strategy for it. Mention that those units can be used to cheese the stage, and do not go into detail beyond that or else the strategy will be removed.
    • Exclusive units like Healer can be put into Stage Pages, but only as videos or mentioned. Strategies like those often rely on combos as well, so it is important to note them as otherwise the strategy will not work.
    • Ms. Sign strategies are strictly banned. Nobody will wait one hour or more to beat a simple stage.
  • Warn someone active from the staff if somebody vandalizes any pages or if they break other major rules, all while providing evidence, if possible.
    • The staff member will then do everything in their power to stop the vandalizer. This ranges from deleting pages to Undo'ing and Rollbacking harmful edits. You are able to undo these as well, so if a staff member is not active, check the User's contributions and undo them!
  • Notify staff by leaving a message when there is missing content that is not on the wiki yet (i.e., it doesn't have an article).
  • Reformat pages that are not consistent with other pages in the wiki. In case of doubt, ask which format is the correct one to a staff member.

For the structure articles, see the Stage Structure Page, Cat Structure Page and Enemy Structure Page.

Notice about conflicting edits

If you are conflicting with another user or staff member about a revision of a page, then it is highly recommended if not an immediate given that you have a discussion with the other user on their Message Wall in order to resolve the conflicting edits. If this is not done, then a Staff member will likely be forced to lock the page until the conflict is resolved.

For the separate main article about the guidelines for editing when there are edit wars and disagreements, see Editing rules.

Notice about vandalism

If you notice or are a part of a user's continuous vandalism of a page, it is highly recommended if not a given that you immediately notify a Staff member about it so they can lock the page; this is especially the case if data about the unit, enemy, or strategies within a page are removed without a justified reason in mass amounts; and equally so if data about a unit or enemy is changed. If the vandalism continues, then there is a possibility that the user will be blocked.

If you have decided to alter a page to fit a fan-made content, then instead of editing a main wiki page, you should rather create a Blog about the fan-made content, or create a new discussion post marked properly as "Fan-Made Contents." If this is not done, then you risk being blocked, else your discussion post removed. As usual, if you have a complaint about this, then message the Staff member who removed it on their Message Wall.

Important note about creating a new page

Whenever a new update is released on Nyanko Daisensou, an abundance of new pages are needed. However, these pages can be randomly created by the community and sometimes contain hardly anything. They are often nearly empty, with only one or two sentences to introduce the new feature and, without categories, they result in duplicates created thereafter. This is why we ask you to let the staff add those new pages, please. If you want to help, there are already a lot of things to fix. If you really want to add a new page, please read those short basic instructions before.

Cat Units

Name of the cat (Japanese script, romaji, EN translation) is a [rarity] Cat unlocked by [playing the Rare Cat Capsule/when clearing ... stage/etc.]. It is currently only available in the Japanese version/ It is currently unimplemented in the English version (NB: not always necessary).

Enemy Units

  • Check the Category:Enemy Units, Category:[Trait] Enemies (Red, Angel, Alien...) to make sure your page doesn't already exist.
  • When creating your page, please start by adding the Stub template. The team will remove the "stub" state later.
  • See the Enemy Structure Page to get an idea on how to structure the page, or, at least, look at a good sample of similar pages and memorize the format.
  • Start with:

Name of the enemy (Japanese script, romaji, EN translation) is a (trait) Enemy that appears in (areas encountered). It is currently only available in the Japanese version/ It is currently unimplemented in the English version (may not be needed).


  • Check out Category:Stages, Category:Enigma Stages and Category:Collaboration Stages to make sure your page doesn't already exist.
  • When creating your page, please start by adding the Stub template. The team will remove the "stub" state later.
    • Additionally, unless the stage is so easy that its strategy is: "A very easy stage that any unit can beat. Bring any of the Normal Cats to win.", or unless you are willing to write a proper strategy immediately, add the StrategyNeeded template.
  • See the Stage Structure Page to get an idea on how to structure the page, or, at least, look at a good sample of similar pages and learn the format.
  • Start with:

Name of the stage is [the Nth stage in (name of the map)/a stage appearing during (occurrence)]. [Insert additional information if necessary, such as reward, schedule, or presence of No Continues].

  • After that, add the Stage Info template and fill it with the stage's name, sub-/event chapter, energy required, enemy base health, enemies/bosses in the stage, drop rewards, base XP rewarded, stage width, max number of enemies and its name in the Japanese script. This is all on the Battle Cats Database.
  • Make a battleground section using the same format as other stage pages.
  • Don't forget to add the Battle Cats Database reference and the stage type's template and category at the bottom.