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This page covers general guidelines for using the Discussions feature, as well as for comments and Message Walls.


Not reading the rules is not a justification for breaking them.

  • Be kind with everybody on the wiki.
  • Do not lie when somebody asks for help.
  • NSFW content is not allowed.
  • No sockpuppetry: do not use alternative accounts for malicious intentions or block evasion. If you were blocked, think of what you did wrong and don't do it again.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not necropost, i.e. replying to posts that have long been inactive.
  • Flair Discussions posts correctly.


Moderators have the final say on Bans. These rules are guidelines; attempting to find loopholes won't help you to avoid punishment. As always, don't encourage users to break these rules on this wiki or on any other wikis.

  • Be kind with everybody on the wiki. We all have different personalities and you have to respect people even if sometimes you don't agree with them.
    • If you are in an especially heated argument with someone, take time to reflect and try to see their point of view, rather than escalating the situation.
    • Some posts may exist to be positive towards users, such as "Who is your favourite user?", or art depicting multiple wiki users. However, if you are not mentioned on such a post, don't intentionally turn this into drama.
    • Do not create posts specifically to disparage or defame certain users, or to start conflict.
    • Don't engage in unnecessary hostility. Always assume that users are acting in good faith and don't belittle them for being bad at the game when they make a simple mistake.
    • Do not attempt to intimidate users into revealing any personal information or otherwise doing anything they don't want to do.
  • Do not lie about the meta of The Battle Cats, especially when someone asks for help. Posts intended to either lie about the meta or start arguments (e.g. "Dasli is a bad uber", without any substantiation and not an obvious joke) will be deleted without warning.
  • Be helpful when people are asking questions. We want people to be able to understand where they are going wrong so that not only can they beat the current thing they're struggling with, but also they can apply the knowledge and problem solving to beat future stages.
    • If you are the person asking people for help, take people's advice properly and make sure to be specific. If you're struggling on a stage and don't know how to do it, it certainly helps if people know what Cats you have and what strategies you have tried!
    • Make sure to treat everyone who replies with respect and make sure to properly take into account what they are saying. We expect the same level of respect from them.
  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is not allowed. Don't spam inappropriate messages or images, don't post lewd content, don't sexualise any units or enemies or drawings, or imply any of these. If you wouldn't want a stranger to read what you're posting in real life, it's probably not a good idea to post it.
  • No sock-puppetry: do not use alternative accounts for malicious intentions or block evasion. If you were blocked, think of what you did wrong and don't do it again.
    • If you do eventually come around and realize what you did wrong, why it was wrong and know you are mature enough to not make a habit of doing it again, then you are welcome back in this community.
    • Respond proactively to the Appeal form if you wish to be unbanned. Remember that staff have their own lives and you are not entitled to be on the wiki if you've caused enough disruption to be banned. Staff have the right to deny your appeal and you must respect its result.
    • Don't come back with an alternative account to ask why you were blocked. There are many other places you can message users, such as Community Central. Staff are happy to answer questions you may have, so that you may improve and not make the same mistakes again. However, don't let messages fall into harassment; if you repeatedly spam the wiki's staff on different wikis/platforms then Fandom staff may need to get involved to deal with it.
  • Do not self-promote excessively.
    • The user will always be taken into account when judging how excessive any self-promotion is. A user with thousands of posts and a positive contribution to the community, or a history of helping users with their problems, will be judged more favourably than a user whose posts entirely consist of self-promotion.
    • If you have a reliable non-uber guide for a stage, why not add it to the page? Go to Special:NewFiles to add videos. Note that older, more notorious stages like Dark Souls (Insane) will have been refined to death already, but if you find a reasonably difficult stage without any walkthroughs then we always want new high-quality guides! Make sure you follow the Stage Structure Page guidelines, though.
  • Do not create spam and meaningless posts. Creating posts that incite effort and are meaningful to your own accomplishments, progress, or forms of art is a great way to contribute. Discussion posts about the meta of The Battle Cats are welcomed and supported as well, as long as you are trying to improve yourself and take constructive criticism!
    • On the opposite end, spam and meaningless posts, such as polls with too few, invalid, or even completely rigged options, or content that is too unclear to be understood falls into nonsense and gibberish.
    • Don't spam "textwalls", or making a post with that takes up a large amount of space for the sole purpose of being long, either by a long copypasta or spammed newlines.
      • In a very special case, a post may spam newlines if it would hide information from the preview shown when scrolling through discussions. Only use as many lines as necessary (about 25-30), and don't do this if there is no reason why any information would need to be hidden.
    • Posts asking users to spam, such as asking users to ping you in replies to artificially increase notification count, or posts encouraging spamming other wikis, are also considered as spam.
  • Do not write in non-English languages. We are a mainly English community, and so it is important to remember there are different Fandom platforms for non-English users. If you are a bilingual user and have an interest in conversations with another bilingual user, refer to their or your message wall.
  • Do not necropost. Replying to posts that have at least 5 days' inactivity is considered necroposting, and will in most cases be deleted without warning.
    • On certain very specific posts, such as the Level Maker, with hundreds of replies and continued relevant input throughout the years, necroposting is essentially inevitable and doesn't bring up a conversation that has ended, and so in those very few cases necroposting is acceptable.


Discussions-specific rules

  • Do not beg for upvotes in threads. People are entitled to upvote what they want to upvote.
    • By extension, topics such as "What do you think about me" or begging for moderator privileges only serve to pollute genuine discussion and rarely have any actual value, and so will be deleted without warning.
  • Don't deliberately fill users' notifications with pings, or liking posts, for the sole purpose of making their notifications difficult to navigate.


Flairing is a way to categorise your posts. Posts not flaired properly may be deleted without warning.

News and Announcements
  • News and Announcements is only meant and intended to be used as a flair for staff announcements: getting Dasli or Phono is not worthy of flairing your post as "News and Announcements". Non-Moderator users should never use this flair, even under serious circumstances. This is not to be confused with "New in Battle Cats".
  • The one-for-all all-around usable flair for anything related to The Battle Cats. This can include discussion about recent events, trends, commentary, anything. With this being said, if there's a better flair for your post to choose from that fits better than "General", then please think about what would fit better and choose the according flair.
Questions and Answers
  • If you have a question about Battle Cats, such as the usage of a unit, how to beat a stage, when events are coming back or if events are coming back, then this is the flair to use.
  • Questions like "How much catfood do you have?" should be flaired under General, as it's not about any sort of in-game decisions or questions about the meta.
Fan-made Contents
  • If you have drawn or created a fan-made unit, or drawn an existing unit from The Battle Cats or any other PONOS games, then use this flair. If you have not created the work of art and are instead reposting something, then mark this the same flair and cite credit to the original artist in the description of your post.
  • Posts containing egregiously low-quality art or extremely unbalanced units/stages/enemies will be deleted without warning.
  • AI art and AI content created from prompts are not legitimate artwork and shall not be flaired as Fan-made Contents; flair them as General.
Wiki Discussion
  • Use this flair to talk about anything related to the wiki. This includes pointing out mistakes you've found in pages, post milestones, or other general off-topic posts that are about the wiki or wiki community. Most posts that could be categorised under this flair could also be categorised under Off Topic so don't worry too much about the distinction between the two.
  • If you spot a mistake on a page, make sure to tag the page that the mistake is on.
New in Battle Cats
  • This flair is meant to be used to talk about new content (such as new updates, gacha data, Event/Stage and Collaboration data, etc.).
Spin-off Games
Off Topic
  • The jack-of-all-trades non-Battle Cats flair. Use this flair for anything which doesn't fit into any of the other options. Want to discuss other games, important developments in real life, or just have a chat with wiki users? This is the flair to use.
    • Constant venting posts about real life will be locked or deleted, however.
  • Do not use this flair for Battle Cats content.
  • Don't use this flair to directly discuss other games which have their own wikis.
    • For example, a post "Which Pokémon game is your favourite?" would be deleted, since such a post should be on the Pokémon Wiki.
    • Posts like "What other non-BC games do you play?" are fine as they are not specifically about a single non-Battle Cats game and can steer conversation to a wide range of games.


When writing comments on an article, most of the general rules still apply, however:

  • Rules for necroposting are relaxed a little, as comments can reasonably be expected to be significantly less active. If someone in a comment asks for help and you respond 6 months later, it may be useless to the original poster, but other people reading the comments can still benefit from seeing your reply.
    • Don't be toxic towards users who decide to make what would be considered a necropost on Discussions.
  • If you find a mistake on a page that you either don't know how to fix or can't fix, it is advised that you don't leave a comment there: there are 7,109 pages on the wiki – we can't monitor the comments of every page! Instead, message an active staff member about problems with pages. Alternatively, make a forum post, or talk about it on our Discord.
  • Self-promotion rules are also relaxed in the comment sections. Simply adding a video of your playthrough of a stage is fine, unless it is absolutely laden with ubers/legends or overly-boosted units and you aren't toxic towards users who may criticise your videos.
    • However, don't spam the comments section of every page on the wiki with your own video about the subject of the page, be reasonable about how much you are posting.


Rules in Message Walls mainly differ from those in Discussions in regards to spam and allowable content. Since users are allowed to delete messages on their own wall, it is assumed that undeleted but non-toxic messages are wanted by the wall owner.

  • Specifically, rules are relaxed for:
    • Spam. Users are free to go over whatever content they want, and have no obligation to remain on topic at all, as long as the owner of the wall is fine with it.
    • Using languages that are not English.
    • Necroposting. Mindlessly just spamming something to old messages, without actually caring about the subject, is still an offence, but if you try to contribute to the discussion then you won't be punished for it.
  • Do not be toxic towards users on their own Message Walls. This is one of the few cases where something acceptable to say on Discussions may not be acceptable on walls, since there is a big difference between criticising a user on a public thread and hunting down their message wall to say something nasty.
  • If a moderator or admin messages you on your wall and gives you a warning, don't delete the warning.