Current Goals: Wiki Content

For Levels/Stages: 

  1. Main Chapters Levels: each stage has information about it (Enemies, Bosses, Treasures,...) (Difficulty, (Suggested) Strategies,...)
  2. Legend Story Levels: each stage has it Difficulty and Suggested Strategies about it.

For Cat Units Units:

  • Each Character has appearance pictures
  • Each Character has Pros and Cons
  • Possible inclusion on strategies and usage
  • Under strategies include what Cat Combos the Unit and it's Evolved Forms are in?
  • Include links to those partnering Units? And naturally those Cat Combo Bonuses.
  • A Sortable Indexed Table focusing on Cat Unit attributes, such as: Attack Range, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Cooldown, and other various useful metrics? Probably best put on the main Cat Unit Page:

For Enemy Units characters:

  • Each Character has constant appearance pictures
  • Each Character has more than one defeating strategies
  • Each Character has a statistics chart


  • Have information about products of Battle Cats, Keychain Gashapon,... 


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