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[Note for the staff: it's really a stub, I test various ideas, gonna fix it after a new general topic about what we could put here. Then, I think only Heli or Bureaucrats should edit this page --> so we could lock it. FilthyBones]

Staff needed

  • A native japanese or english speaker to translate BCJP stuff.
  • A strategy writer for some hard Stories of Legend stages.
  • Someone with some ubers/super rares/special cats to help providing pictures (contact FilthyBones for further informations).
  • Someone with good CSS/wikia skills.
  • Someone with good Photoshop/design skills.

If you want to give a hand (wheter or not you're in the list), please contact the staff or create a post on the forum or your profile. Thanks for your help!

Basic Rules


  • Read and learn to the Cat structure page / Enemy structure page / Stage structure page before editing or creating a new page.
  • Put exclusive and useful contents: game files images, trivias...
  • Fill blank parts.
  • Remove typos, do grammar checking...
  • Discuss on the forum about your new ideas!

Do not

  • Delete contents from a useful page (aka, not a blank page): Punishment = ban 1 year
  • Make pointless content or trolling.
  • Create unneeded page, or without fill it a minimum.
  • (...)

Active staff

[Here, put the table of the staff page, but only with people who agreed to help in certain specific domains]

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