Benzene Field is the sixth stage in sub-chapter 26 of Stories of Legend, Sea Polluter.


The stage starts out with 9 The Faces and 1 Rain D. The level has an enemy limit of 10, and 10 Bores lie in wait in the enemy base, so whenever you kill one enemy, there is enough space for another Bore to appear. If you accidentally kill The Faces, a lot more Bores will appear. Squire Rels will start to spawn when all 10 Bores have been sent out.

The key to defeating this stage is to NOT kill The Faces, and hold back your strength to kill each Bore one by one. The more Bores you kill before you accidentally kill The Faces, the fewer Bores will come out from accidentally killing them. (Holy Valkyrie is amazing at freezing a stack of Bores here.)


  • Many meatshields, Island Cat and Crazed Whale/Manic Island with Strong Effect Up Combos are recommended in this stage.
  • Characters that can do massive damage to Red enemies, unless at near the level cap might work on 1-star difficulty, but still not effective.
  • Characters that knockback enemies are particularly useful here, for destroying the enemy base before more Bores spawn.
  • Ice Crystal Cat can trivialize this stage. She can stay well away from the Faces' range while perma-freezing any Bores that comes close essentially negating the danger of killing too many Faces.

Strategy 1

  • First, start the level by using as few units as possible to kill the Rain D., to avoid damaging the Faces too much after Rain D. is dead (single-target troops like King Dragon or Crazed Dragon work well here).
  • Once the first Bore has spawned, lure it close to the base, and using a small amount of units, kill it as quick as possible (might take a few tries to find a good number of units to use). Once the Bore is dead, let your troops run up to the Faces and die, bring the Bore close to your base again, and repeat.
  • Eventually, the Faces will catch up to your base and your cat units will kill them. When the large stack of Bores begin to rush your base, unleash as many anti-Red and heavy Cat Units as possible, such as Witch Cat and Holy Valkyrie. Don't be discouraged if you don't win on the first try, as it takes a lot of practice and testing to find the right amount of troops to use.
  • Sexy Bath Cat does a great job here - it does a lot of damage to the Bores while doing less damage against the Faces.

Strategy 2

  • The stage becomes much easier with Rich Cat and Cat CPU. Utilize those to use this strategy.
  • Lineup: Crazed Wall, Eraser, Crazed Brave, Dark, King Dragon, Holy Valkyrie, Ururun, Island, Crazed Whale, and any anti-Red gacha cat.
  • The Rich Cat reduces stall time. Use King Dragon to damage Rain D. until you have max money. When Rain D. dies, wait for the Bore to get close to you base, then turn on Cat CPU.
  • Holy Valkyrie and Ururun will be summoned, and your other units will be constantly summoned. When the Bore dies, another will be spawned. Just wait for the Bores to all be dead.
  • During the battle, one or two Faces may die, but it isn't too much of a problem. It's really time to panic when more than half the Bores are stacked.

Strategy 3

  • Lineup: 5 meatshields, Raiden, and four other hard hitters. (Or Uber Rare anti-Reds.)
  • This strategy is for fun.
  • Rush the Rain D. with Raiden, and kill off the first Bore. You should have a lot of cash, and send out another hard hitter. Eventually, the Faces will perish, and you will be left with five hard hitters on the field, and a maximum of 10 stacked Bores. If Raiden works perfectly, you would have ten stacked Bores synced, and you should win the level.

Strategy 4

Bring Rich Cat

  • Slowly kill the Rain D. without killing any Faces by using King Dragon and meatshields. When Rain D. is dead, spam all your anti-Reds and Ice Crystal Cat. This strategy relies heavily on the status effect provided by Ice Crystal or White Rabbit, greatly diminishing the effect of the Bores.

Strategy 5 (cheese)

  • This strategy is a cheese strategy involving an Uber Rare. Simply stall the Rain D and the Faces with dual Walls, and use Kubilan Pasalan to eventually knock them back behind the base. Then you can unleash heavy DPS units like A. Bahamut to take down the base. It helps to have another knock back combo.

Strategy 6

  • Should you not want to be bothered by the slow and careful gameplay of this stage, you could always try to bring iCat into the fray. Using a Freeze Effect Up Cat Combo, iCat can near-permafreeze a huge Bore stack and allow for more fast-paced gameplay, as iCat can take several Bores at once if properly placed. Even without Cat Combos, decent meatshielding with a single iCat can make dealing with even 10 Bores at once look very easy. This way, you can build up a huge stack without worrying about a huge stack of Bores coming your way.

Strategy 7 (feat. Amaterasu)

Lineup: Moby Dick (Combo), Legs for Days (Combo), Sanzo, iCat, Crazed Dragon, Amaterasu, Ururun

Kill the Rain D. with your fishes and legs. Freeze the Bore with your iCat, and take care of him with your fishes/dragon. Slow the Faces with Sanzo. Spawn in Amaterasu with the money from Bore. Repeat. Spawn in Ururun with the money from Bore. Win.

Strategy 8 (usable on 4-star)

Lineup: Can Can Cat, Dark Lazer, Gentleman Bros., Ururun Cat, Vendor Cat and Kitten, Cyborg Cat, Maximum the Fighter, Doctor Cat, Dread Pirate Catley, Jiangshi Cat

Can Can is used only for combos. Dark Lazer can be used to assist in the round, but is used mainly for the combo.

All cats are around lvl 40 except for Ururun and Vendor. I do not know if it is possible with lower levels.

Constantly spawn Jiangshi Cat and Vendor Cat and Kitten at the start. This is in order to stall the Rain D. while upgrading your Cat Wallet. When the Faces are are now near your units, stop spawning Vendor Cat and Kitten as they are completely useless at this point. Instead, spawn a few Cyborgs at a time in order to kill Rain D. Once Rain D. is killed, stop spawning Cyborg and start spawning Doctor Cat and Dread Pirate Catley. If RNG loves you, your cats will push the enemies far enough to destroy the base.

However, the world is not always so kind. Most likely, the Faces will start dying one by one while the fight is happening in the middle of the stage. In this case, start spamming everything else except for Vendor, Cyborg, Dark Lazer, and Can Can.

If the Faces are all dead, stop spawning Doctor and instead spawn Cyborgs at a rate that won't hurt your wallet. Hopefully, your units will be able to keep the Bores at bay while they slowly kill them at the same time. If things aren't looking too good, you can occassionally spawn Dark Lazer as well.

I do not know if using Li'l Jamiera Cat will be better than Vendor, but quite frankly, I am too afraid to do this level again.

It might be possible to replace Maximum the Fighter with Elemental Duelist, however while formulating this strategy, I prioritized health over damage.

Strategy 9 (4-star 2.0)

Line-up: Can Can Cat, Dark Lazer (30), Gentleman Bros. (30), Ururun Cat (30), Cyborg (40+9), Elemental Duelist Cat (36+3), Maximum the Fighter (34+13), Doctor Cat, Dread Pirate Catley (38+10), Jiangshi Cat (34+12 but will still get one shotted so as long as it's in True form it's enough)

This is just a variation of the above 4-star strategy.

Instead of stalling the Rain D. with Lone Cat and Kitten and Jiangshis, use Cyborg and Jiangshis instead. At the said level, Cyborg should be able to knockback Rain D. every three hits. I make sure to have at most 3 (usually 2) Cyborgs on the field during this phase to stall long enough for money. I also make sure to upgrade my Wallet to level 5. Just keep using Cyborg and Jiangshis until the Raind D. has died.

Once dead, stop spamming Cyborgs (but not Jiangshi) and start spaming Maximums and Elemental Duelists (prioritize Maximum). Once your Maximum reaches the enemy, stop spawning Jiangshi and just focus on the two anti-red units specified. They should be able to kill the first Bore.

Once the Bore is killed comes the rather stupid part of this strategy — spam all units except for Dark Lazer and Gentleman Bros. The Faces will be killed one by one, but not too soon from each other. This is a good thing. The money received from killing them will let you keep spamming. Start spawning Gentleman Bros. and Dark Lazer when 3 Bores are already on the field. Although Ururun, Catley, and the Gentleman Bros. may not be able to completely stop the bores from advancing, with Dark Lazer and Elemental Duelist in the mix, the Bores should die soon enough to not let the Bores hit the base.

Note: As can be seen, Doctor was useless in this strategy. I recommend using another anti-red unit such as Prisoner Cat.

Note 2: At the stated levels, the Bores still got dangerously close to the base. I do not recommend doing this stage with lower leveled cats, not unless you replace Doctor, which you should.


Walkthrough Video Player Notes

The Battle Cats - Benzene Field

Nurse Wuffa Uber-less, with Sniper item


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