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Best of the Best (超選抜祭ガチャ) is a Rare Cat Capsule event introduced in version 6.6.


Main Drops


  • Cat Machine
    • Praised for damage and resistance against Red/Alien, amazing HP, and being a tanky shockwave blocker.
  • Sanada Yukimura
    • Praised for amazing movement speed and damage, letting this unit do incredible damage aginst the enemy base or slow bosses.
  • Togeluga
    • Praised for amazing high-damage area attacks from a long range. This unit can also survive and lethal strike and it gets stronger as it weakens.
  • Thundia
    • Praised for high area damage that triples when against Red enemes and decent range and movement speed.
  • Megidora
    • Praised for high area DPS, fast movement speed, and the ability to knockback and slow Floating enemies.
  • Kasa Jizo
    • Praised for short recharge time and amazing damage against Black and Angel, making it a very good spammable anti Black/Angel.
  • Catman
    • Praised for long range area attack, high damage and heath, and great damage against Alien/Floating, or Angel/Alien.
  • Radiant Aphrodite
    • Praised for a very high range, massive damage vs Aliens, and the ability to whittle down the HP of a boss with its damage and range.
  • Mighty Bomburr
    • Praised for the ability to wipe out a horde of zombies and being able to sap the heath of zombies like Big Sal.
  • Lil Valkyrie
    • An exclusive Uber unlocked during a special variation of Best of the Best. Praised for having a very good DPS and for being resistant to all debuffs and waves.

Special Edition Drops

Limited Edition Units

Super Rare Drops

Rare Drops


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