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A collaboration event between Nyanko Daisensou and the wafer snacks brand known as Bikkuriman (ビックリマン) was held from April 22nd, 2019 to May 5th, 2019 for BCJP and October 12th, 2020 to October 26th, 2020 for all other versions. The collaboration includes daily stamps, an exclusive Gacha and exclusive stages going on even during the collab period.


Collaboration Gacha

Separate Articles: Bikkuriman Collaboration Event/Gacha Drop, Bikkuriman Collaboration Event/Event Gacha

Characters from Bikkuriman are available to unlock in the Battle Cats via the Rare and Lucky Cat Capsule/Gacha during the event period. These Gachas consists of:

  • 【Legend Rare】 Black Zeus - Long-range area attack specialist! Insane damage to Traitless enemies!
  • 【Uber Rare】 Super Zeus - Powerful attacks with wide strike range. Area attacks Weaken enemies with a Trait.
  • 【Uber Rare】 Holy Phoenix - Low deploy cost and wide Area attack range. Chance to Freeze Black/Floating/Alien enemies.
  • 【Uber Rare】 Super Devil - Long-range area attack specialist! Powerful strikes can Slow Angels!
  • 【Uber Rare】 Satanmaria - Crush enemies with mighty, relentless strikes! Massive Area damage to Red, with Wave Immunity!
  • 【Uber Rare】 Heracrist - Tough defense and overwhelming attack power! Strong versus Floating enemies.
  • 【Uber Rare】 Shaman Khan - Long-Range Area attacks have a chance to Slow and Knockback Traited enemies.
  • 【Super Rare】 Fiendish Nero- Tough defense and rapid attacks! Massive Omnistrike damage vs Zombies stops them from reviving!
  • 【Super Rare】 Holy Knight Alibaba - Long-Range Area attacks deliver massive damage to Black enemies.
  • 【Special】 Rosary Angel - Defense specialist with wide strike range. Chance to Weaken Red enemies.
  • 【Special】 Wakamiko Cat - A well-balanced hero. Strong against Black enemies, with Area Attacks.
  • 【Special】 Cat Devil - A well-balanced hero. Strong against Angel enemies, with Area Attacks.
  • 【Special】 Nekonosuke - A well-balanced hero. Strong against Alien enemies, with Area Attacks.
  • 【Special】 Heavenly Jack - A powerful attacker that collects extra money from each enemy defeated!
*These characters only drop in their Collab Gacha, which can be accessed on top-left of the Gacha/Cat Capsule menu. Various other cats not from this collab (regular Rare and Super Rare drops) may also be pulled.

Besides the Collaboration Gacha, other collaboration cats include:

  • 【Rare】 Prince Yamato - Chance to obtain when playing the Spirit War Limited Stage, with greater chance as the player progresses to harder levels. Using a Treasure Radar provides a guaranteed drop.

Collaboration Fixed Stages

Collaboration Stages are available to play in the Legend Stages menu from the title screen. These stages are colored in purple, which include characters from Bikkuriman as enemies. The first two stages to become available are Spirit War and Bikkuriman Choco, the former of which has the Rare Cat "Prince Yamato" as a Treasure. As the player progresses to more difficult levels, there is a better chance to unlock this unit. Using a Treasure Radar when clearing any level will drop this character in one-shot. Bikkuriman Choco is a Timed Score Reward stage that has various items as Treasures. As the player progresses to the more difficult levels, the higher rarity and amounts of Treasures that can be obtained.

The second two stages to become available are Devilish Illusion and Yamato Awakens!, the former of which has the True Form of Rosary Angel as a Treasure. As the player progresses to the more difficult level, there is a better chance to unlock this unit. Using a Treasure Radar when clearing any level will drop this character in one-shot. Yamato Awakens! has the True Form of Prince Yamato as a Treasure. As the player progresses to the more difficult level, there is a better chance to unlock this unit. Using a Treasure Radar when clearing any level will drop this character in one-shot.

The final two stages to become available are The Devils Strike! and The Angels Strike!, both of which have various items as Treasures. As the player progresses to the more difficult levels, the higher rarity and amounts of Treasures that can be obtained.

Clear all the levels in an Bikkuriman map to receive 30 Cat Food and 1 Leadership.

Collaboration Missions

Missions based around the collab stages are available throughout the whole collab.

* The player can't achieve the rewards if they clear the missions before their start date.
* The player needs to tap the button next to each completed mission to claim the rewards.

List of Levels

Spirit War

Spirit War (聖魔大戦勃発!, Kiyoshi Ma Taisen Boppatsu!, Holy Demon War Outbreak!)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Heaven in Decline 滅びゆく天聖界 (Horobiyuku ten Hijiriaki) The Dying Heavenly World 50 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 2 A Journey of Hope 希望への旅路 (Kibō e no Tabiji) Journey to Hope 75 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 3 World at War 激闘!次界争奪戦 (Gekitō! Tsugikai Sōdatsusen) Fierce Fight! Second World Battle 100 EnergyIcon.png

Bikkuriman Choco

Bikkuriman Choco (ビックリマンチョコ, Bikkuriman Choko, Bikkuriman Chocolate)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Hidden Stickers チョコ裏に潜むシール (Choko Ura ni Hisomu Shīru) The Seal Behind The Chocolate 100 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 2 Devils & Angels 悪魔VS天使 (Akuma VS Tenshi) Devil VS Angel 120 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 3 Sticky Situation はられたらはりかえせ! (Hararetara Harikaese!) If You Get Hit Hit Back! 150 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 4 A Box of Dreams 夢を箱買い (Yume o Hako Kai) Buy A Dream Box 200 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 5 Shining Surprise 驚き!キラシール (Odoroki! Kira Shīru) Surprise! Kira Seal 250 EnergyIcon.png

Devilish Illusion

Devilish Illusion (対決!魔幻モデル, Taiketsu! Maboroshi Moderu, Showdown! Magical Model)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 A Tower Piercing the Sky (Hard) 天を貫く大要塞 上級 (Ten o Tsuranuku Dai Yōsai Jōkyū) Great Fortress Piercing The Heavens Advanced 150 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 2 A Tower Piercing the Sky (Insane) 天を貫く大要塞 超激ムズ (Ten o Tsuranuku Dai Yōsai Chō Geki Muzu) Great Fortress Piercing The Heavens Super Advanced 150 EnergyIcon.png

Yamato Awakens!

Yamato Awakens! (覚醒!ヤマト爆神, Kakusei! Yamato Bakujin, Awaken! Yamato Bakujin)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1 Inherited Ambition (Veteran) 受け継がれる意志 超上級 (Uketsugareru Ishi Chō Jōkyū) Will To Be Inherited Super Advanced 150 EnergyIcon.png
Stage 2 Inherited Ambition (Deadly) 受け継がれる意志 極ムズ (Uketsugareru Ishi Goku Muzu) Will To Be Inherited Extreme 150 EnergyIcon.png

The Devils Strike!

The Devils Strike! (悪魔軍 強襲!, Akumagun Kyōshū !, Devil Army Assault!)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1~20 Nether Reaches Lv.1~20 天魔界 Lv.1~20 (Ten Makai Lv.1~20) Demonic Realm Lv.1~20 30~150 EnergyIcon.png

The Angels Strike!

The Angels Strike! (天使軍 強襲!, Tenshigun Kyōshū !, Angel Army Assault!)

English Version Japanese Version Translation Energy Cost
Stage 1~20 Heaven's Gate Lv.1~20 天聖界 Lv.1~20 (Ten Seikai Lv.1-20) Heavenly Realm Lv.1~20 70~150 EnergyIcon.png

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English Version

  • October 12th, 2020 to October 26th, 2020

Japanese Version

  • April 22nd, 2019 to May 5th, 2019
  • July 13th, 2020 to July 27th, 2020


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