Bionic Seaweed is the second stage in Quarantine Isles.


This level is just pure RNG. It spawns 3 200% Metal Seals and a bunch of Super Metal Hippoes which can effortlessly vanquish any meatshield stack.

This is one of the levels where Banner Cat can really shine as her weaken will help you keep them in control and her higher proc rates and short recharge time can make them weaken the enemies forever. Bring anti-metal cats and critical hitters as well, as you will need them. (However,Tesalan Pasalan isn't useful here due to the high amount of peons in the way).

( Tip: Catornado might not be the best choice for a critical hitter in this level. Because he has area attack, he has a tendency to take out the metal doges too early and have the Super Metal Hippoes stack with the Metal Seals. )


Strategy 1

Bring 4-5 meatshields. Fill the remaining slots with proccers and critters. Bring cat CPU. Stall the metal one horn and the metal doges for money. When you hit the base, lure the Sir Metal Seal to your base, then turn on cat CPU. If this is done correctly, you will never run out of money, and win the stage.

If the strategy doesn’t work, upgrade your cats and try again.

Strategy 2 (Ft. Seaside Neneko) 

Bring 5 meatshields, including Pair Rope Jump Cats, and also Waitress Cat (at least level 30), Seaside Neneko (at least level 25 is recommended), and two other critters of your choice with reasonably high crit chance (I used Power Backhoe Cat and Crazed Whale but any will probably do). The last slot can be filled with Banner Cat or any other cat of your choice. Set your cannon to Waterblast; mine was about level 5. Kill the Metal One Horn but don't send out your 100% critters yet unless you're in immediate mortal danger; stall the Doges until you have plenty of cash and you've upgraded Worker Cat a couple times. When the Super Metal Hippoes and Sir Metal Seals come out, start meatshielding like crazy to protect Waitress and Neneko. They both should be able to get at least one critical hit in each without dying. If your cats are leveled high enough, you should prevail.

Strategy 3 (No Critters)

This strategy is not recommenced, but it IS possible.


Manic Eraser (30), Eraser (68), Puppetmaster & Charley, Mochi Cat, Hoopmaster Cat, Quizmaster, Kaguya, Slugcat, Weedwacker, Kagamine Rin & Len.

Start with puppetmaster to stop the progress of the one horn, send the meatshields and hoopmaster to stop the progress of the metals some more. Slug is for when the procs won’t happen. Send all the spammable units to reach the base and weedwacker to attack. After hitting the base, Send everything out and pray to RNGesus. When possible, send Kagamine.



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