Yyyyyyyyyyy520 Yyyyyyyyyyy520 1 day ago

Information on the wiki specimens/Methods of eliminations

  • 1 Specimen 000 (Machoman23)
  • 2 Specimen 001 (SnowyCeleste aka Celeste)
  • 3 Specimen 002 (Heliskyoh aka Heli)
  • 4 Specimen 003 (DimetrodongoldAlt aka Kid Tappa)
  • 5 Specimen 004 (Fredy-san aka Fredy)
  • 6 Specimen 005 (Deetusy3letus aka CCCP)
  • 7 Specimen 006 (Red anvil)
  • 8 Fum!

Status: Terminated

Type: Inactive

Information: Appears to be the creator of the wiki, not much is know about him.

Method of elimination: Self-termination.

Status: Active

Type: Passive

Information: Appears to be a green outline eating a leaf, has complete awareness about everything and knows everything you do. Information from specimen 005: Has a lot of knowledge on how to fix things in the wiki but reluctant in giving info for the game "The Battle Cats".

Method of elimination: None.

Status: Inactive/R…

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Saucer squash Saucer squash 1 day ago

something to think about

what if humans used to live on mars but we fricked the enviroment so bad we had to send 2 humans to earth: adam and eve and then humanity built again from there

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Zdogplayz Zdogplayz 1 day ago

Sphincter doin' it's job.

I took a crap today. :D

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Urrune Urrune 2 days ago

Floor 51: Absolute Hell (totally didnt do this because ttvkid did lol xdd)


Doge Dark: 500%

Zoge: 500%

Manic Eraser: 200%

Manic Mohawk: 200%

Cadabear: 200%

Professor A: 300%

Stage length: 4000 range

Base health: 1,000,001

4 seconds after starting, a Doge dark will spawn followed by a Zoge a second after. Both spawn 2 seconds apart at 9 second intervals until boss wave. Upon boss wave, 1 cadavear bear will spawn along with professor A, Manic mohawk and Manic eraser. Professor A’s will spawn at 1 minute and 52 second intervals. Dark doges now spawn 11 seconds apart.

Reward: 3 Rare tickets

this is prob super unbalanced k thnx byeee

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Dudesoperfect2 Dudesoperfect2 5 days ago

Random question

Is nurse a good waifu?

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Urrune Urrune 7 days ago

Fanmade Stage: The Flying Dying (Zuukan’s Debut)


Zuukan (100%, BOSS)

Relic doge (100%)

Brollow (200%)

Zang Roo (250%)

Zroco (150%)

Zir Zeal (200%)

Stage Length: 3500

Base health: 800,000

A few seconds after the stage starts, a brollow will spawn,(yes i love starting off with brollows) another one follows shortly after. 4 seconds after that, zombie peons will start spawning. Zroco will spawn consistently, while the Zang Roo and Zory will spawn spread out. This will continue until 25% of the base’s max health is gone, then zuukan will spawn. (with a boss wave of course) Relic doges and zrocos will spawn consistently. 10 seconds after the boss wave, A Zir Zeal will spawn every 30 seconds, 5 are in the level in total. Brollows will know spawn in waves of 5. (similar to learned to love) every…

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Urrune Urrune 7 days ago

New enemy: Zuukan

Traits: Floating/Zombie

Description: An old bird that’s been rotting away for years. A group of excavators tried to dig him up once, now he really hates people. 40% chance to cause Surges.


HP: 500k

AP: 21000(7k DPS)

TBA: 2 seconds

Atk Animation: 1 second

Range: 240

Surge spawn: 150-400

Level 4 Surge

KB: 3

1 Burrow, will burrow if within range

Speed: 8

Single Target

Revive with 50% HP once

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Urrune Urrune 7 days ago

Superdash (fanmade level)




Rain. D(300%)

Assassin bear(300%)

Gardeneel bros(2500%)

Sir rel (100%)


Rush level. after a few seconds, 3 brollows and a zrollow will appear. shortly after, 3. D’s will appear followed by a gardeneel bros. 6 more Rain D’s will appear spread out. Occasional Sir rels , zrollow and brollows will continually keep appearing, with some SBKs spawning for some extra money. a few seconds after cat cannon is done recharging, 2 assassin bears will appear. if you take too long to beat the level, then a neverending swarm of assassin bears will come and murder you.

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Urrune Urrune 7 days ago

Enter new opponent: Snapper!

not a variant, original enemy*

Appearance: a red floating fish with black lines that resembles scales, relatively small aswell. shoots red balls as attacks.


A fish once caught in a fire that couldn’t make it out in time, now they’re red. Everyone thinks its just a tan, though.

Traits: Red

AP: 15K (10K DPS)

HP: 35K

TBA: .5

Atk Animation: 1

Speed: 14

KB: 2



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FlamyBoi1001 FlamyBoi1001 8 days ago

Trends Die So Fast

Like the binary trend where we had to translate them. And like how the classification trend where every single human being had that little classification thing on our profile pages but now I just see it on Crazed Cow Cat and my profile pages. Am I missing some trends? I have no idea.

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IFloppa IFloppa 9 days ago

the battle cats community is toxic

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Birdisnottheword Birdisnottheword 12 days ago


I shat myself while fighting doremi

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Dudesoperfect2 Dudesoperfect2 13 days ago

define it please

what is "cc" means in evolved form?

what is "proc" mean?

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JTH Studio JTH Studio 17 days ago

Wiki Celebrities in order

This is mostly a self note and a joke, but enjoy if you want I suppose


The Celebrities when I began: Dreamy Cat, 2D Bahamut, SnowyCeleste, Kopikris/Magicsponge123

The next gen: Ariel Ontiveros, Marcsalv1821, Dreamy Cat, Despey!, JTH Studio SnowyCeleste Kopikris/Magicsponge123

The next next gen: Ariel Ontiveros, Marcsalv1821, JTH Studio, SnowyCeleste, PufferEX, Classikal3

The next next next gen: Marcsalv1821, SnowyCeleste, PufferEX, Classikal3, NotNoob1, Blackiel Morningstar, Chalkosis

OK, time to stop lol: SnowyCeleste, PufferEX, BlueCellOfficial/RealArgoFox, NotNoob1, Blackiel Morningstar, Chalkosis

Newish dudes: SnowyCeleste, Realargofox, NotNoob1, Blackiel Morningstar, Deetusy3letus, Chalkosis

Current Celebs: SnowyCeleste, Blackiel…

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Crayxiel Crayxiel 17 days ago

A short and historic blog about Ramiel's shenanigans

@Paolabona345 /Ramiel is a troll with a long ass history:

He was a normal person at the beginning, but then he get mad at Ka$aJ1zo and Dreamy Cat for calling his waifu (Mina) underaged and started harrasing them by spamming their message walls/vandalizing profiles. He was the banned by Celeste. He then back with 2 alts to vandalize their profiles again but they got banned. Hes also spammed this Mina related stuff on reddit. He then made another alt, @Thosemen355 and started posting nsfw art on Mina's page. He then back as @MantisMan40 and at the start was normal person but then get mad at 2D.Bahamut for disagreement on one thing. He then became a piss poor troll who stalked users like Dreamy Cat, Black sun x, 2D.Bahamut, lied about them by …

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Yyyyyyyyyyy520 Yyyyyyyyyyy520 17 days ago

Hello everyone!!!

Hello everyone


W Ȇ̶̢̤̯̭̤͎̭̭̻̐̔̀̄͆͒͂̓̆̀̊̀́̎̂́͠ͅͅ LL COm E TO Ḫ̶̡̡̧̡̢̡̧̨̡̭̲͙̼͈͉͖̳̰̰̟͕̗̯͇̦̮͚͕̯̝̪̞̳͉͚̞̜̞̠͉̠͍͚͇̦̮̩̜̰͎̝̞̗̼̘͑̋̆̑̿͋͆̀̍̈́͒̔̅̓̄̌̚͝͠ͅͅȆ̶̢̤̯̭̤͎̭̭̻̐̔̀̄͆͒͂̓̆̀̊̀́̎̂́͠ͅͅ L l


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GreySquared GreySquared 17 days ago

i love Moneko

[[Moneko (Special Cat)|

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Somehumanbeing9000 Somehumanbeing9000 17 days ago



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Somehumanbeing9000 Somehumanbeing9000 19 days ago

How is mitama thick

I dont understand how! Like what part?! I just dont see it. Tbh I guess its a good thing. Atleast I dont have people saying the FBI is coming to my house lmao

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GreySquared GreySquared 20 days ago



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Somehumanbeing9000 Somehumanbeing9000 20 days ago


Kinda glad im not as popular as someone like greysquared (Who is very cool)

Having people hating on me every corner would be very annoying.

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Brollow Brollow 25 December 2020

Please help me

get this video to 1K views https://youtu.be/mDxs6_D8t8E

And no it's not mine

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Merpington666 Merpington666 20 December 2020

Marco Po Road is pure hell. Change my mind

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Majesticjoer Majesticjoer 14 December 2020

personal editpage/trying to make a decent profile experimentation blog

  • Hannya / Realm of Carnage completed with Express Cat acquired.
  • Daboo of the Dead / Parade of the Dead completed with Curling Cat acquired.
  • Cruel Angel Clionel / No Plan A completed with Catway acquired.
  • Puffsley's Comet / Puffer Planet completed with Mightycat acquired.

- Merciless Advents=

  1. Doremi / Baby Fake completed with Bakery Cat acquired.

- Heavenly Tower=

  1. rst time; completed up until Floor 20
  2. nd time; completed up until Floor 40

- Legend Quest= N/A - Baron Event(s)= N/A - Battle Cats Officer Club Stats=

  • User Rank: 4500
  • Meow Medals: 58
  • Play Time: 678 Hours
  • Cat Guide: 167
  • Enemy Guide: 175

}}|-|My Cats=- Special Cats=

  • Flying Ninja Cat (26)
  • Riceball Cat (33)
  • Pastry Cat (26)
  • Skelecat (25)
  • Heavy Assault C.A.T. (26)
  • Gato Amigo (40) (Don't ask me why he's level…

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Okbattlecat Okbattlecat 13 December 2020

Bun Bun

I DID IT! finally beat bun bun with gameron and a friend's help. actually it was all my friend, parents keep deleting my battle cats account one way or another. its sad. but still now i have beaten bun bun yass

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Assassin Bears Assassin Bears 11 December 2020

The Battle Cats

Cat (Normal)

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Watthehutt Watthehutt 11 December 2020


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Rover Cat MK II Rover Cat MK II 11 December 2020

What is the need for this

Wai iz dis real

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Dwefrg Dwefrg 11 December 2020

Relic Bun-Bun was so ez

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Watthehutt Watthehutt 10 December 2020

community central message

MisterWoodhouse | November 4, 2020 | User blog:MisterWoodhouse



Hey gang,

Today, we have a big announcement. After nearly two years of working together to bring Fandom and Gamepedia wikis onto one platform, we will be starting to migrate all Gamepedia wikis to a Fandom.com domain in early 2021. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the primary ones is to ensure that Gamepedia wikis and the hard work editors put into them continue to rank well in search results.

I know this is a big change, but that search result visibility makes it a necessary one. Over these two years, changes to Google’s algorithms—meaning, the secret sauce Google uses to determine how pages show up and rank in their search results—have nega…

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Dwefrg Dwefrg 9 December 2020

enemy idea

Advent boss? elder bun bun [Attribute White or Relic]

[hp: 1,500,000]

[att power:27,000][9k dps?]

[340 Attack Range] [Area Attack][Time between attacks 0f][90f attack frequency]

[Movement Speed 4][Knockback 4 times]

[Attack Animation 30f][60f backswing]

[Special Ability Immune to Weaken,Attack power increases by 100% at 10% hp,Survives a lethal strike 100%]

tired of seeing his grandchildren get beaten up by those darn cats. he may be too old to fly but he's not too old to fight.

Attacks with his mighty cane

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Watthehutt Watthehutt 7 December 2020


.portable-infobox .pi-section-label {  height: 30px;  color: #3A3A3A; } .pi-section-navigation .pi-section-tab:hover .pi-section-label {  color: #0077CC; } .pi-section-tab.pi-section-active {  box-shadow: inset 0 -2px 0 0 #FFA500; } .pi-section-tab:hover.pi-section-active {  box-shadow: inset 0 -2px 0 0 #FFA500; } .pi-section-tab:only-of-type {

display: none;


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The battle cuts The battle cuts 5 December 2020

asiluga, i just got him

i just got him, shoul i get him(first time) or sell him, i really don't feel like getting him and farming xp for him(i wanted togelan tho)

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MasterEmbalmer1 MasterEmbalmer1 5 December 2020


My brother wants to know if he should do

  • Into the future chapter 2 moon
  • Ururun Wolf first.
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Majesticjoer Majesticjoer 1 December 2020

In Progress- Lore pt2

this post is mostly about SoL/UL. If anything ties together with my first one, then I'll mention it.

When I made my first lore collection, I primarily focused on the Battle Cats from the beginning. That covered everything that really wasn't important- the overlooked lore from Uber and Legend character texts, the implied slaughter of the -onel races, and so on.

guess i'll work on this. jeez, i hope i remember what connects to what....

Anyways, I never really got into the advent bosses in part one of my lore. They actually do have plot relevance; ignoring Pappu and Daboo.

Queen Mother V. is the monarch, or perhaps more accurately, the autocratic ruler of Relic society. However, the argument for an autocratic Relic society is almost automatically d…

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Grandre Grandre 26 November 2020


Hi, I need a good general lineup where I don't need a general gimmick(like red, black, angel, etc.) Barrier breaker and zkiller are preferred. I have most Ubers and all super rare and rare (excluding events)

If you could provide good lineups for traits as well, that would be cool. Thanks :)

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 26 November 2020

Legend rare catfruit evolution example idea

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Chainrocker Chainrocker 26 November 2020

what is are the nintendo switch serial codes

what are the serial codes to unlock the switch exclusive units?

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 26 November 2020


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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 25 November 2020





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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 23 November 2020

Kasa jizo but evolve is worth it

Kasa Jizo is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls event. True Form added in 7.4 gains increased health, range, attack rate and multi-hit attacks.

  • 1 Cat
    • 1.1 Pros
      • 1.1.1 Normal Form
      • 1.1.2 Evolved/True Form
    • 1.2 Cons
      • 1.2.1 Normal Form
      • 1.2.2 Evolved/True Form
  • 2 Strategy/Usage
  • 3 Description
  • 4 Stats

Evolves into Jizo's Moving Castle at level 10.

Evolves into Jizo's Mega-Castle at level 30 using Catfruit.

  • Deals massive damage to Black and Angel Enemies.

  • Cheap and spammable.
  • High DPS for his range and recharge.
  • Quite high movement speed.

  • High health especially in True Form.
  • Very high attack power.
  • Long range.

  • None

  • Slow Movement speed
  • High cost
  • Long recharge time.
  • Few knockbacks for a ranged attacker.
  • Long time between …

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Dwefrg Dwefrg 23 November 2020


what is the best Legend Rare

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NerdyBoy5 NerdyBoy5 21 November 2020


Sheesh. HE ISN'T MY ALT! If you are reading this NerdyBoy6, go away, and please stop this.

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Tyg84 Tyg84 20 November 2020

No Legend Rare

I saved 594 golden tickets, roll on ultra souls, no legend rare.

Also, do abilities stack on multi-traited enemies, such as Johnnyleon is red/zombie and mighty drednot is massive against red and zombie

If they do, is it multiplied or added? Then drednot will be op against johnnyleon.

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 18 November 2020


|- |

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Li'l bird cat Li'l bird cat 15 November 2020

meow medals

making money 1

making money 2

the closest I am to getting is autumn=sports day


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Filibuster cat Y Filibuster cat Y 14 November 2020


I'm already joining the li'l cats

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Riceslayer Riceslayer 14 November 2020

My Legend Rares

So basically, I did a lot of draws on Tales of the Nekoluga. I didn’t have any of them, and so I figured, why not? I ended up getting every single one, except Balaluga. And yes, every single one. I got Legeluga, and got pretty hyped.

Just earlier today, I did about 7500 cf worth of elemental pixies draws. I figured it wouldn’t get me a whole lot, but I got every Uber, plus Lumina.

And now, I tracked my seed. In 43 draws, I get another legend rare. I am considering saving it for Kyosaka Nanaho in a few days, but I think that some other opinions might be helpful. Any thoughts?

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AAfrags AAfrags 14 November 2020

I have no idea what this is

how do blogs work, or specifically whats the point

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Somehumanbeing9000 Somehumanbeing9000 13 November 2020


I like moneko

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