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Sharkey192 Sharkey192 2 hours ago

UL 46-2

UL 46-2 is the second stage in UL 46.

|boss = |base2 = |enemies2 = |boss2 = |base3 = |enemies3 = |boss3 = |base4 = |enemies4 = |boss4 = |treasure = - Rich Cat +1 (1%, unlimited) |XP = 8,308 XP |width = 5,000 |max enemies = 15 |jpname = Imploding Rings |script = 内破リング |romaji = Naiha Ringu |twname = |twscript = |twromaji = |krname = |krscript = |krromaji = |star = 1 |event = |event-chapter = |sub-chapter = UL 46 |max clears = |difficulty = ★11 |prev stage = UL 46-1 |next stage = UL 46-3 |require = }}

  • 15 Mooths spawn after 0 seconds0f, delay 0.67 seconds20f
  • Infinite Mooths spawn after 66.67 seconds2000f, delay 33.33 seconds1000f.
  • 1 THE SLOTH spawns as the boss after 10 seconds300f.
  • 1 Professor A. spawns after 10 seconds300f.
  • 1 Golem Sunfish spawns…

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Huwdte Huwdte 15 hours ago

Kappy Jr. is not a duck

I would like to say that Kappy Jr. is not a duck

I showed Kappy Jr. to my sister and she said he was a duck

Together we can fix this

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Pastry Cat Pastry Cat 3 days ago

Brainwashed Cats TF Concept: Corrupted Cats!

Corrupted Cats are the True Forms of Brainwashed Cats like Brainwashed Cat, Brainwashed Tank Cat, etc. They are obtained in largely the same way as players get Crazed Cats, however, the stage in question will appear throughout the entire month, as well as the stage only being available ONCE you get the Brainwashed Cat in question of the Seasonal banner. In addition, they also require Catfruit to evolve into their True Form.

Obtained Corrupted Cats usually have multiple aspects of them improved, as well as gaining one or a few Special Abilities ranging from either abilities the normal, Crazed and Manic or Li'l variant being used to entirely new abilities! Here are the list of the perks given to Corrupted Cats: (Note: I literally don't know wh…

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Sharkey192 Sharkey192 4 days ago

UL 46-1

UL 46-1 is the first stage in UL 46.

|boss = |base2 = |enemies2 = |boss2 = |base3 = |enemies3 = |boss3 = |base4 = |enemies4 = |boss4 = |treasure = - Sniper the Cat +1 (1%, unlimited) |XP = 8,010 XP |width = 4,100 |max enemies = 50 |jpname = Glass Cage |script = ガラスケージ |romaji = Garasukēji |twname = |twscript = |twromaji = |krname = |krscript = |krromaji = |star = 1 |event = |event-chapter = |sub-chapter = UL 46 |max clears = |difficulty = ★11 |prev stage = N/A |next stage = UL 46-2 |require = }}

  • 2 Two Cans spawn after 0 seconds0f, delay 50~75 seconds1500f~2250f
  • Infinite B.B.Bunnies spawn after 0 seconds0f, delay 3.33~6.67 seconds100f~200f.
  • Infinite Zrocos spawn after 0 seconds0f, delay 6.67~10 seconds200f~300f.
  • 4 Zollows spawn after 3.33~10 sec…

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Legelan Pasalan32 Legelan Pasalan32 7 days ago

Check out my youtube channel!

It's called Mikakanalen and soon will The Dragonland - History be releasd!

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Legelan Pasalan32 Legelan Pasalan32 17 days ago

The Platinum Isles: Secrets Shrouded in Silver

Spark in The Distance (遠い火花, Far sparks) is the second of the 8 stages in The Platinum Isles. REMEMBER: It, and the whole chapter is custom, and not official.

|boss=|XP=16802|width=6500|max enemies=8|jpname=遠い火花|difficulty=?|prev stage=Shining Centerpiece|next stage=Secrets Shrouded in Silver}}

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Legelan Pasalan32 Legelan Pasalan32 20 days ago

The Platinum Isles

Platinum Isles (プラチナアイルズ, Platinum Isles), is a fan-made subchapter made by Legelan Pasalan32, with some help of Sharkey192, Daslisimp, NotAPlayer123 and others.

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Legelan Pasalan32 Legelan Pasalan32 23 days ago

The Platinum Isles: Spark in The Distance

Spark in The Distance (遠い火花, Far sparks) is the second of the 8 stages in The Platinum Isles. REMEMBER: It, and the whole chapter is custom, and not official.

|boss=|XP=16802|width=6500|max enemies=8|jpname=遠い火花|difficulty=?|prev stage=Shining Centerpiece|next stage=Secrets Shrouded in Silver}}

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Legelan Pasalan32 Legelan Pasalan32 25 May

The Platinum Isles: Shining Centerpiece

Shining Centerpiece (輝く真ん中, Shining middle) is the first of the 8 stages in The Platinum Isles. REMEMBER: It, and the whole chapter is custom, and not official. |boss=|XP=23799|width=4500|max enemies=8|jpname=輝く真ん中|difficulty=?|prev stage=-|next stage=Spark In The Distance}}

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RollyRollin RollyRollin 20 May

I will not grind for pointless rewards

I will not grind 4* SoL, it seems like a big waste of time for me. The only reason to grind starred SoL is for 2 plat capsules and Idi, but I already have tons of ubers, so plat capsules aren't really helpful to me and Idi seems worse than Yuki and Baha. I think I might do NRF 3* and PPsouls 3* for the challenge though. In Battle Cats I want my army to be the strongest it can, not to 100% the entire game. Thank you for listening to my TedTalk.

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Calixgame38 Calixgame38 20 May

Fandom Users Wrath (Merciless+) in Article Form!

And Calixgame38

Fandom Users Wrath (Merciless+) is the 1st stage in My User Page, Beating the Stage Will Unlock Calixgame38 Cat.

|boss = Calixgame38 100% |treasure = - Calixgame38 Cat 100% 1 time |max enemies = 16 |restriction = No Ubers or Normals |stage type = none |score reward = none |XP = 69420 XP |width = 4,000 |jpname = SUS |script = SY |romaji = IMPOSTER |star = 4 |event-chapter = My User Page |difficulty = 15★ |prev stage = N/A |next stage = N/A |occurrence = the 22nd, 6th, 9th, and 4th of any month |require = Complete SoL }}

  • 1 Restrictions
    • 1.1 Battleground
  • 2 Strategy
  • 3 Trivia

No Ubers, Super Rare or Normals

  • Infinite Ginger Snache's Spawn After 6.9 Seconds with a delay of 7 seconds
  • 15 Pterowl Hazuku's Spawn After 14 Seconds with a delay of 1 mi…

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Calixgame38 Calixgame38 20 May

Calixgame38 Cat In Article Form!

Calixgame38 Cat is a Super Rare Cat unlocked by completing the stage Fandom Users Wrath (Merciless+), True Form Increases Health and Dmg With a Lvl 10 Surge

  • 1 Evolution
  • 2 Performance
    • 2.1 Pros
    • 2.2 Cons
  • 3 Strategy/Usage
    • 3.1 Normal and Evolved Form
    • 3.2 True Form
  • 4 Description
  • 5 Stats
  • 6 Appearance
  • 7 Existence Elsewhere
  • 8 Gallery

Evolves into Calixgame69 Cat at level 10.

Evolves into Calixgame??? Cat when obtained from the Stage Fandom Users Revenge (Impossible) and is level 20 or above

+100% chance for lvl 2 Surge Attack (Lvl 10 in True)
+ Strong Against Relic enemies (Aku in true form)
+100% chance to Curse Relic and Aku enemies
+ Immune to Everything
-Area Atk

  • Great Health
  • Great Damage and Range
  • Decent Recharge Time
  • Fast Movement Speed
  • Fast Atk Animation

  • None

Basically a Super Rare Ve…

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SupaDupaLumina SupaDupaLumina 19 May

How can those giants cats fit out the tiny door of the cat base? (Iron Legions,Lugas,etc

Like how does it even work.

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SakuraDiamond SakuraDiamond 12 May

I feel corrupted

I could never be the same again.

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Smiley face69420 Smiley face69420 11 May


i like to play game

i maek website

im no cool

u cool

hef a niec deay

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SakuraDiamond SakuraDiamond 11 May

recent mood

I mean, I am sad right at this moment, and possibly tomorrow. I feel like I am a nuisance, mostly to myself and those who is close to me, already unable to do anything great yet not trying to improve in the slightest. I don't feel any hope or motivation. It's my problem and I am not solving it. All I want to is to be able to see something bright beyond, but I can't. Everything means nothing, I don't have the slightest desire outside of myself, and it's not even big. It's just that I hope I can live, the only thing that keeps this body moving. Once I heard people telling me to find somebody I trust and talk to them, I realized I don't have such person in my life, first time feeling the so called lonely, wasn't much pleasant that I thought …

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Huwdte Huwdte 9 May

did you know

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Cat CPU - What does it REALLY do? Experiment & Review; May 2022

So I've been always curious for a while what does the Battle Item), it pretty much plays out what every BC player's dream alike.

Ah...what perfection. Row after row of synchronised units slowly but surely advancing towards great and inevitable victory! All within one stroke of your fragile pen (finger) touch.

The lesson gained from my experiment is:

  • Cat CPU isn't truly brainless. It doesn't just follow one regular code programming like how some would say.
  • of course you can't use Cat CPU in every stage! It needs the optimal set-up for it to function flawlessly. Stages with poor income, rusher units and little or no supporting units i.e solo Boss stages are absolutely no-go.
  • remember early on when I mentioned about the "guaranteed" drop rewards? S…

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Shattre Shattre 2 May

I talk JoJo's.


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Froz7cat Froz7cat 26 April

Update on me

hi! i haven't posted anything in a while so i thought id say a few things

1 Im a omnisexual agender femboy

2 Im going to commit suicide soon probably

3 I quit battle cats

4 And im tired as hell

So bye!

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LiterallyJustN LiterallyJustN 25 April

What makes you keep playing BC?

Well, as the title says. There is a lot of content for you to do, play levels, experiment, collect the cool cats. They are so much more reasons! So, why do you keep playing.

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Do you punctuate the abilities in the stats table?

I've seen it done both ways, and I don't really know which one is right.

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RollyRollin RollyRollin 17 April

Enemies bdays

(This is a work in progress, done up to 10.10

This is a collection of enemies birthdays (not including (most) collabs), so I can celebrate them with art.

I took this idea from anya's uber birthday list -> User blog:Anya37284/fest + fav ubers' bdays

Kappy Jr. : jan 8 (9.2)

Urs & Fenrir (Relic) : jan 8 (9.2)

Croconator (Metal) : jan 8 (9.2)

Jollytone Jukebox : jan 13 (10.2)

Evil Emperor Cat (Relic) : jan 13 (10.2)

Hackey (Red) : jan 14 (6.8)

Coffin Zoge (Zombie) : jan 18 (5.8)

Zamelle (Zombie) : jan 18 (5.8)

Gobble (Floating) : feb 4 (9.3)

Baron Seal (Red) (Colossal) : feb 4 (9.3)

Raynard (Red) : feb 9 (10.3)

UltraBaaBaa (Alien) : feb 14 (6.9)

Trolly Blogger : feb 16 (3.4)

Metal Doge (Metal) : feb 16 (3.4)

Cruel Angel Clionel (Angel) : feb 17 (4.7)

Mr. Mole …

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GreySquared GreySquared 13 April



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Cetadel Cetadel 12 April

D'artanyan or D'arktanyan?

So I have D'art.

And I love him. He is precious, I will defend him with my life.

D'art is Wave Immune, Anti-Traited, LD, and fast.

But people prefer D'arktanyan.

D'ark is Wave Immune, Strengthen, Anti-traitless, and fast.

Give my boi D'artanyan strengthen.

And survive.


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HappyFacerPlayz HappyFacerPlayz 12 April

Custom Units PART 2!

  • 1 Fishy Egg
    • 1.1 Evolution
    • 1.2 Performance
      • 1.2.1 Pros
      • 1.2.2 Cons
    • 1.3 Description
    • 1.4 Cost
    • 1.5 Stats
    • 1.6 Appearance

Evolves into Axolotl Cat at level 10.

+ Resistant to Alien and Aku enemies [Evolved]
+ Immune to Surges & Waves[Evolved]

  • Decent DPS [Evolved]
  • Short Animation
  • Short recharge time [Evolved]

  • Useless stats [Normal]
  • Mediocre health [Evolved]

  • Chapter 1: 560¢
  • Chapter 2: 850¢
  • Chapter 3: 1130¢

  • Normal Form: An axolotl egg with a little dot with pink ears tucked up inside.
  • Evolved Form: A basic cat but with a tail and pink ears!
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HappyFacerPlayz HappyFacerPlayz 11 April

Avoid the Dots Custom Collab!

This blog post shows all the things from my own custom collab with The Battle Cats and my own game, Avoid the Dots!

  • 1 Cats
    • 1.1 Errored Cat
      • 1.1.1 Evolution
      • 1.1.2 Performance
      • 1.1.3 Cost
      • 1.1.4 Stats
      • 1.1.5 Appearance

Evolves into Glitched Cat at level 10.

+ 20% chance to Warp Traited enemies back 350 range for 1.5 seconds. [Normal]
+ 100% chance to teleport back by 450 range at 1% HP (Once). [Evolved]


  • Area Attack
  • Decent Range [Evolved]
  • Extremely short animation


  • Low Damage
  • Low Health
  • Mediocre TBA
  • Slow recharge time

Normal Form

  • Chapter 1: 800¢
  • Chapter 2: 1200¢
  • Chapter 3: 1600¢

Evolved Form

  • Chapter 1: 1400¢
  • Chapter 2: 2100¢
  • Chapter 3: 2800¢

  • Normal Form: Looks like normal Basic Cat but shadowed and with black eyes and a sinister black grin. Has a sighting in its eye.
    Attacks by t…

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Anya37284 Anya37284 2 April

fest + fav ubers' bdays

list of most if not all non-collbas ubers' bdays for bday art!! there are also some collab and rare, super rare, and specials, as well as all legend units. if i missed any non-collabs / fairly well known collab units please lmk in comments thanks

collabs added include juvens, all the eva units, mola king, saber, kyubey cat, and healer, probably more I missed. if a collab unit you want to find is not listed, most collab units are released in the same version with all of their fellow collab units (merc storia excluded[?]) this blog was up to date since 11.5

to find an uber, do ctrl + f and type in the uber name,, idk about mobile users

Anubis the Protector (Uber Rare Cat) : jan 1 (4.6)

Radiant Aphrodite (Uber Rare Cat) : jan 1 (4.6)

Thunder God Z…

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Flying Comet Flying Comet 27 March


So, I'm not suicidal anymore! Yay!!! Yeah that's it, if you weren't in that post I made, then don't comment on this, it's for the people that knew what was happening!

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Hvhbhvg Hvhbhvg 20 March

was grinding Green cat fruit and i think i got a bit lucky

If you cant see photo copy link and paste into google


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Mushroomsalad Mushroomsalad 17 March

enemy test things

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Can you make detailed stats sections for cats with two forms?

I want to make some for the Heartbeat Catcademy cats because you can't upgrade them with xp, so each and every plus level matters for them.

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SakuraDiamond SakuraDiamond 10 March

mood crushed once again

I will say this as straight-forward as possible, if you got offended, I am so sorry

Get away from Wiki?

How is running away from a problem solves a problem? Might as well leaves everything, that would be way better.

You are taking this too seriously

... Yes I know, I am born with this, if you can change it then change it.

Saltiness against Dkasli

I am salty against her. To one specific person, I want to say, dkasli have much higher HP, higher range, 3 fucking more thousand DPS, won't KB and miss surges, surge immunity (do you know how many times kasli got hit by surge base, its not even funny), better ability

Literally one of the best thing I can do is this game. And ofc luck makes me real mad. I put every self-esteem into this game. In rhythm ga…

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AdriGrel2817 AdriGrel2817 8 March

Look what if 🧀🧀🧀 was in the game

Stats: 10M hp

damage 10M damage

DPS 1 billion

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Ultracat player Ultracat player 28 February

How to Bully Corrupted Valkyrie to shit

  1. You need Reika lv 25 or 30 to crush the alien meatshields and units like Catman or Akira to Freeze and Dmg Valkyrie and use Castaway if Catman and Akira are ded but Reika has good standing range to kill C Valkyrie and get the darn True form( Mid GAmers)
  2. U need Proffessor Abyss and Reika Lv 25 or 30 to kill the alien meatshields and Valkyrie herself coz they have good range and powerful enough to kill Valkyrie and win(100% chance of winning 1st try! (I tried the level 1st try and beat it 1 shot without even 100% treasures on ITF and 200% Eoc treasures.
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AdriGrel2817 AdriGrel2817 24 February

How to bully cli-one

So is is only on moon. So you need at least a bit of ch 2 treasures. U need butterfly cat seafear. Those she are your 2 main needed cat which these 2 you might a 3000 score maybe idk. I’m just a new player….. also with my ubers plus other things i got a score of 6000+

its fine if you have no Uber

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Basic Chuchu Basic Chuchu 22 February

Idea Vault: Calamary Variant

Calamary Variant + Corresponding Stage + New Ability

Like always, this debuts in an advent, then in UL.


Mary Sueshi (Black / Floating)

HP: 300,000

DMG: 2,500 / 5,000 / 7,500 / 10,000 / 12,250 (Multi-Hit)

KB: 15

Range: 666

Speed: 5

Foreswing: 15f

Backswing: 15f

TBA: None

Target: Single


  • Penetrate
  • Strengthen by 75% at 90% HP
  • 100% chance to KB on the last hit.
  • Multi-hit: Timing; 1f, 2f, 3f, 4f, 5f (Attack Duration = 15f, or half a second.)
  • 100% to create a Lv. 66 wave attack on the last hit.
  • Immune to Freeze. ('Cause y'know, Bombercat.) And Weaken. (Octo)


A squid who is a high-ranking assassin. Her style is to slap her bounties until they die. Her eyes aren't red, she is just bloodshot from bingewatching horror movies between hunts. Hig…

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Gaaaaaoooooo Gaaaaaoooooo 21 February

Failed a goal

I beat saint red fox

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AdriGrel2817 AdriGrel2817 21 February


I’m only an early player plz no hate I’m trying to have a life plz

who hates doge dark a lot I hate them… also star ocean exist I’m mean these guys can get up to 60K hp

is there a peon that is that brutal on hp and damage is worse at 24K which peon dose that I hate so much

lets compare other doge peon firstly zoge 15K hp is nothing there too slow yes area but there a joke

not annoying just exist how about a other one like Gabriel or Angel doge yeah 13K hp with lots of knock backs and

it’s faster but the damage is lower yeah 2K damage is a joke but normally doge darks appear more in groups

now here’s “tips” that will help you against them

  1. pairs or cyborg. good range easily will keep them at bay but for me in stages like shrimp fonteir it’s long …
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PHOWOb PHOWOb 17 February


update, wiki not ded anymore and posts are cool now. some post are getting a lot of likes and comments(kinda like the ones a a few years ago)

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George Li0130 George Li0130 16 February


Base Health: 871,760

Difficulty Merciless+++



Le'boin (5000%)

Kang roo (2000%)

Kory (300%)

Ginger Snache (500%)

Shy Boy (1000%)

Bore (300%)

Assassin bear (800%)

Tackey (200%)

Mr. Angel (100%)

Angelic Gory (200%)

Alpacky (300%)

Cyberhorn (400%)

Spacefish Jones (200%)

Star Peng (250%)

Fallen Bear (150%)

Condemned Peng (300%)


Dark Priest Mamon (100%) (7)

Project A (200%) (Boss Shockwave) (5)

Elder Sloth (200%) (4)

Cala maria (100%) (6)

Camelle (400%) (1)

Razorback (100%) (3)

J.K Bun Bun (400%) (2)

OLDHORN (200%) (8)

Enemy limit 50

Treasure:2 rare ticket (One time)


At 2s 9 kang roos spawn.Kang roos now spawn infinitely delay 30s.At 5s 9 Le'bions spawn.Le'boins now spawn infinitely delay 60s.At 45s 3 Korys spawn delay 15s.Korys now spawn infini…

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TheRedIsSus TheRedIsSus 16 February

Infernal Tower (Floor 31-40 fan made)

  • 1 Floor 31
  • 2 Floor 32
  • 3 Floor 33
  • 4 Floor 34
  • 5 Floor 35
  • 6 Floor 36
  • 7 Floor 37
  • 8 Floor 38
  • 9 Floor 39
  • 10 Floor 40

1 Manic Mohawk Cat spawns after 4 seconds

Infinite Manic Lion Cats spawn after 10 seconds

1 Manic Eraser Cat spawns as the boss after 0 seconds

1 Manic Eraser Cat spawns after 5 seconds

Infinite Squire Rels spawn after 20 seconds

6 Rain Ds spawn after 70 seconds

1 Manic Flying Cat spawns as the boss after 0 seconds

1 Manic Dark Cat spawns after 3 seconds

Infinite Manic Macho Legs Cats spawn after 10 seconds

Infinite Cerberus Kids spawn after 0 seconds

Infinite Trolly Bloggers spawn after 10 seconds

1 Urs & Fenrir spawns after 15 seconds

1 Super Cosmic Cyclone spawns after 18 seconds

20 Cerberus Kids spawn after 0 seconds

10 Dolphinas spawn after 10 seconds


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ExoticDestroyer8530 ExoticDestroyer8530 7 February

questions about the cat cannon damage increase treasure

does the treasure that increase cat cannon's damage, but also have the side effect of increasing the cooldown time like the cat cannon damage upgrade?

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Basic Chuchu Basic Chuchu 1 February

Idea Vault: Camelle Variant + Corresponding Stage w/ Cat Unit Reward

Idea Vault Blog Posts are ideas for various things that I don't want to lose in the nonstop updating of what is the discussions page. So I copy + paste everything from that here.

New Enemy: Amelle

Trait: Angel


HP: 7,500,000

DMG: 75,000

Range: 250

Speed: 20

KB: 16

Target: Area


  • Omni-strike: (0-600)
  • Multi-hit: 0.33, 0.67, 1; DMG Portion: 25,000, 25,000, 25,000; Use SKILL: Yes; No, Yes; No, Yes; Yes.
  • 50% to inflict 'Weaken Armor' for 4.0 seconds.
  • 100% to spawn a level 1 surge at 600 range away. AoE: 600 - 900
  • Base Destroyer

TBA: 6.9 seconds

Foreswing: 0.9 seconds

Backswing: 6.0 seconds


A Camelle that wanted to remove the C from his name, little did he know, that would kill him. Loves to not give others personal space. Omni-striking …

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PHOWOb PHOWOb 21 January


ngl, wiki kinda dead now

a lot of cool people have left or have become less active, plus most of the post recently have mostly been new players showing off their ubers and legends

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XKachi XKachi 20 January



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Legelan Pasalan32 Legelan Pasalan32 18 January

Ultra gautnlent (Fan made)

This gauntlent includes many gauntlent bosses, but it is surprisingly easy.

But dont take these stages too easy, beacuse the can rush REALLY hard in the beginning

Level 1-6:

  • 1 Aku gory spawn after 0f
  • infinitie Cererus kids spawn after 0f, delay 200f
  • 3 Le'boins spawn after 200f, delay 400f
  • 1 Tackey spawn after 300f
  • 5 Li'l bun buns spawn after 500f, delay 100
  • 1 Baron seal spawn after 600f
  • 1 Mega-mooth spawn after 1500f
  • 1 Bore spawn as the boss when you hit the base, along with:
    • 1 Super hyppoh
    • 1 Le'grim

Level 7-12:

  • 1 Baron seal spawn after 0f
  • 1 Metal hippoe spawn after 0f
  • 2 Brollows spawn after 50f, delay 200f
  • 1 Zomboe spawn after 700f
  • 1 Big peng Z spawn when you hit the base, along with:
    • Le'grim
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TheRedIsSus TheRedIsSus 17 January

Heavenly Tower (Floor 51-60) fan made

  • 1 Floor 51
  • 2 Floor 52
  • 3 Floor 53
  • 4 Floor 54
  • 5 Floor 55
  • 6 Floor 56
  • 7 Floor 57
  • 8 Floor 58
  • 9 Floor 59
  • 10 Floor 60 (fanmade final boss)

After 0 seconds, infinite Sinner Snaches and Deathkories spawn

After 10 seconds, Teacher Bun Bun spawns

After 20 seconds, JK Bun Bun spawns

After 30 seconds, Bun Bun Black spawns

After 40 seconds, Bun Bun Symbiote spawns

When Enemy Base is 99% HP

1 Relic Bun Bun spawns after 0 seconds

1 Mecha-Bun spawns after 5 seconds

1 Idi:Re spawns as the boss after 7 seconds

After 0 seconds, infinite Zollows spawn

After 10 seconds, Big Peng Z spawn as the boss

After 12 seconds, infinite Miz Devils spawn

After 30 seconds, Divine Archangel spawn as the boss

After 32 seconds, 60 Youcans spawn

After 10 seconds, Urs and Fenrir spawns as the boss

After 30 seconds…

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Shattre Shattre 2 January

Caliban's Keeper 3*

Here's a strategy for 3* Caliban's Keeper. This stage is, of course, a nightmare, but with this strategy it can be made decently easy. Use a Rich Cat ONLY if you are not confident you can build a max Wallet before hitting the base. Important levels: MKD is 30, MML is 40, all Normals are around +70, Manic Eraser is 50. My Awakened Ururun is 40, but as long as it can do damage it doesn't matter. You can also replace Ururun with a similar Uber that outranges R. Ost. Awakened Bahamut isn't actually necessary, but makes the cleanup phase a LOT quicker. Your Normals and Manics don't have to be the same level as mine, they just have to be able to permanently stall the R. Ost on this stage.

Upon entering the stage, save for money by deploying a few…

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George Li0130 George Li0130 25 December 2021

Cursed Defence


Enemy Base's Health:500,000 HP


-Aku Gory (200%)

-Condemmed Peng (300%)

-Sinner Snache(400%)

Enemy Boss:

-Wicked Crazed Tank (100%) (custom)


-Wicked Crazed Tank (100%, 1 time) (custom)

Infinite Sinner Snaches spawn after 0 seconds0f, delay 5~20 seconds.Infinite Aku Gories spawn after 33.33 seconds, delay 100 seconds.

Infinite Aku Gories spawn after 34 seconds, delay 80 seconds.

Infinite Aku Gories spawn after 34.50 seconds, delay 80 seconds.

Infinite Aku Gories spawn after 35 seconds, delay 80 seconds.

Infinite Condemmed Peng spawn after 60 seconds, delay 60 seconds.

Infinite Condemmed Peng spawn after 60 seconds, delay 60 seconds.

Infinite Condemmed Peng spawn after 60 seconds, delay 60 seconds.

Infinite Condemmed Peng spawn…

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