• Hollow Spectre


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  • Random Guy on the internet just chilling

    Uhhhhh test2 thing most of my blogs are tests.

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  • Random Guy on the internet just chilling

    This is a test thing if you see just idk

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  • Kaisen123

    Help to beat some stages

    September 20, 2020 by Kaisen123

    Guys i know this will sound weird, i need help to be able to beat Manic King Dragon, Manic erase cat, Manic Mohawk and Manic Jamiera Cat, this is easy on phone but i also have the Nintendo Switch version and it's terrible (Less cat, less true forms, no catseyes, no complete stories of legends, no uncanny legends, no epicfest, uberfest only features Gao, no gamatoto, no full uber sets like Iron legion, elemental Pixies, Monster girls, no catcombos no talents etc etc etc) So i don't have many options to beat those stages, you guys have any suggestions to help me? xdd

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  • Papyrus BOI

    What to TF?

    September 19, 2020 by Papyrus BOI

    So, I rlly wanna start true forming stuff, but idk what to true form.

    So far, I have these true forms:

    Rare: Jiangshi, Paris, Catasaur, Sanzo, Ramen, Cameraman, Pyscho

    Super Rare:

    Can Can, Cyberpunk, Octo, (also close to true forming Seafarer)

    What else should I true form? 

    Also, what talents should I get? I have Cyberpunk Slow to LVL 9, Can Can Double Bounty, and Pyschocat Zombie,

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  • Not Really a Battle Cats Noob

    I really want Curry Cat, but the Professor A is too hard for me. Can I use Mr. Sign Stacking to cheese that stage ?

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  • RealArgoFox

    What gacha to roll

    September 13, 2020 by RealArgoFox

    Dynamites - Not recommended but if your really wanting to go for rng and try to get Balrog, or Cradle, then that's up to you, otherwise, more of an rng luck set.

    Nekolugas - Shouldn't roll this one. Only good ones are Tecoluga and Togelan, the others aren't that good

    Dragon Emperors - Never roll this set, none of them are even that good, except maybe Ganglion

    Dark Heroes - Definitely roll this set, most of the ubers here are good so you can count on them.

    Almighties - Definitely roll this set, they don't have a true form, so you can instantly use them later.

    Elemental Pixies - Only roll this set if you are stuck on Cats of the Cosmos because all of the ubers here are alien based.

    Wargods - Really good set. Most of the ubers here are top tier cat…

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  • MisterMister7


    September 11, 2020 by MisterMister7

    i hate shockwaves like most other people playing the game. i cant find a good way to deal with them.

    shockwave enimes i hate:

    elizabeth the lvith because im on moon ch2 itf and im fighting liz the lvith and corrupted valkyrie at once. its excrutiating, believe me.

    kory. i think you know why.

    (i dont have ANY resist wave or wave blocker.)

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  • Theducktruck27

    event data leak

    September 11, 2020 by Theducktruck27

    Version: English, Korean, and Taiwan Period: 14~25 September 2020  

    14 September~... : 30/750 Discount Reset (EN version only)

    - 14~20 September: Catfruit Gatya

    - 20~25 September: Catseyes Gatya

    - 14~28 September: Lucky Gatya

    - 16 September~1 October: Lucky Gatya G

    (*) Guaranteed uber draw for EN version only 

    - 14~16 September: Monster Gals (*)

    - 16~18 September: Iron Legions (*)

    - 18~21 September: EPICFEST

    - 21~23 September: Galaxy Gals (*)

    - 23~25 September: Dark heroes (*)

    Stage/Event: - 14~28 September: Silver Week

    - 14~25 September: All-Star Stages

    - 14~25 September: Treasure Festival

    - 14~20 September: XP Harvest

    - 20~25 September: Catseyes Cave

    - 14~28 September: Mega Menace!

    - 16~28 September: Mega Menace!!

    - 18~28 September: Mega Menace!!!

    - 19~20 S…

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  • MisterMister7

    itf sucks

    September 9, 2020 by MisterMister7

    nimoy bore has higher hp than cli-one. Y THO.

    cyberhorn is trash rhinos are bad, floating continent sucks.

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  • MisterMister7

    hi myself because nobody will see this i will die alone i am okay with that. this is going to be stuff.

    • you cant make catfruit into catfruit seeds
    • random diff spikes out of nowhere (i.e itf norway.)
    • SoL gets way too hard in sub chapter 15.
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  • Ziggy Ziegler

    wait what does this do?

    September 3, 2020 by Ziggy Ziegler

    If you see this forgive me, I'm just testing.

    Is this something so I don't have to put updates of my game on my wall?

    If so hooray

    If not shit

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  • Dwefrg

    change my profile

    September 2, 2020 by Dwefrg
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  • CruelAngelClionel69


    August 31, 2020 by CruelAngelClionel69

    Someone categorized mega cat's stage in legend story levels can someone pls remove it from there?

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  • CruelAngelClionel69

    Just some ideas for some possible TF's for the Shakurel units.


    Shakurel Lion Cat CC

    Shakurel Tiger Cat CC

    Shakurel Panda Cat CC

    Shakurel Mohawk Cat 

    Shakurel Lion, Tiger and Panda Cat CC

    • All 3 earn a 50% boost to HP and AP with the exception of Panda who earns a 100% boost to AP.
    • All 3 would get lvl.3 waves.
    • Lion gets 25% chance to crit.
    • Tiger gets a 100% chance to break barriers.

    Shakurel Mohawk Cat

    • Gets a 900% boost to HP and AP (to make up for speed and recharge).

    Their true forms would be available from the stage "Shakurel Awakens!"

    Said stage would have 4 levels:

    Mane of Kings (Veteran) - for Lion's TF

    Fangs of Kings (Expert) - for Tiger's TF

    Stripes of Kings (Insane) - for Panda's TF

    Chin of Kings (Deadly) - for Shakurel Cat's TF

    Stage Details:


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  • Not Really a Battle Cats Noob
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  • BuboGum

    So....I may have made a huge mistake. I needed some more energy to do the final level of sushi island in SOL. I watched an ad to get energy back and it bugged my game. All I heard was constant punching sounds when I had the game open, even when I restarted my phone and closed the app. I didn’t save my data before deleting the game, but I still have my code. While doing research, I saw a bunch of people saying that PONOS can only recover your most recent game data saves. So what I’m wondering is if I still have a chance at getting everything back.

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  • Dwefrg

    ALL of My Time scores was reset don't know if this is good or bad.

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  • Dwefrg

    what the heck is happening

    August 27, 2020 by Dwefrg

    I don't know if my game is bugged or what but everything is new now everything has been reset that includes my XP catfood catfruit and cateyes can anyone tell me what happened

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  • CowardousShiner

    curious because I’m tracking for my free plats.

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  • Papyrus BOI

    Why is Kasa Jizo good?

    August 25, 2020 by Papyrus BOI

    So, my seed tracking says that I'll get a Jizo with the 11 draw. So, I wanted to know why it's good. Yes, I know people say it's good, but like why? And, I have a hyper maxed cameraman, and I was wondering if Jizo replaces that. 

    Also, is Cyberpunk (Nerd Cat TF) good? (Just a side question) Cuz, he has 100% slow, but idk the uptime, so idk if it's good.

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  • JTH Studio

    This is mostly a self note and a joke, but enjoy if you want I suppose


    The Celebrities when I began: Dreamy Cat, 2D Bahamut, DarkenedXavier, Kopikris/Magicsponge123

    The next gen: Ariel Ontiveros, Marcsalv1821, Dreamy Cat, Despey!, JTH Studio DarkenedXavier Kopikris/Magicsponge123

    The next next gen: Ariel Ontiveros, Marcsalv1821, JTH Studio, DarkenedXavier, PufferEX, Classikal3

    The next next next gen: Marcsalv1821, DarkenedXavier, PufferEX, Classikal3, NotNoob1, Blackiel Morningstar, Chalkosis

    OK, time to stop lol: DarkenedXavier, PufferEX, BlueCellOfficial/RealArgoFox, NotNoob1, Blackiel Morningstar, Chalkosis

    Newish dudes: DarkenedXavier, Realargofox, NotNoob1, Blackiel Morningstar, Deetusy3letus, Chalkosis

    Current Celebs: Darkened…

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  • Hollow Spectre

    10.shibalien it’s annoying to deal with

    9.sir seal it’s annoying to deal with horn high hp and dps

    7.Kang Roo annoying

    6.teacher bear mizli can’t really land a hit on it cuz it’s range or how fast it attacks

    5.hyppoh. A really annoying enemy. Luckily marinmizu is its nightmare but marinmizu cost and recharge time

    4. Doge dark. 

    3.zoge. It is a problem on the zombie outbreaks

    2. The face. It’s hp is insanely annoying and it’s dmg is annoying

    And my number one enemy I hate is...

    1. St. Pigge the 2nd. Hp is not really a problem but it’s dps is SUPER INSANELY ANNOYING

    0. Assassin bear

    -1. Shy boi.  6.5. Le'boin. Mizli barely hits it

    upcoming enemies that I know that I will hate

    upcoming new most hated enemy. 

    sbk. Such a problem with dps but yo tengo …

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  • The battle cuts

    i've been seed tracking and seen how i have the option of getting megidora,hayabusa or ice cat, but also if i do the guaranteed draw i will go to 17 b and the B path has almost no ubers and the A path has two in a row and a third one very close to them, i have the chance to get back to the a path but only a chance, should i do the guaranteed draw?, and if i should, wich uber should i get?(also if i don't do it i will get kalisa and weightlifter cat)

    i have until 2020-08-21 to decide

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  • The battle cuts

    usage question

    August 7, 2020 by The battle cuts

    ok, so i just used a guaranteed draw on tales of nekoluga and got papaluga, should i use it?, and if i should in wich levels is he usefull

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  • 7GameMaster

    2020 edits check!

    July 31, 2020 by 7GameMaster

    So in just less than 5 months, I not only break my own expectations and reach 2k edits, I didn't even notice that I went over it!

    Well, at least celebrating 2020 edits is much less generic than 2k edits.

    Anyway, gather around, children! IT IS STORY TIME!

    When I was at a young age (maybe 7 or 8? I don't remember), I stumbled upon my elder brother playing the game (He played as Assassin if I recall?), I was so hooked in by the gameplay that I immediately decided to immerse myself into the Maple World. And immerse deeply it is, I created an account, I chose Aran (because brother said Aran can drain health from enemies) and god knew how many hours a day, how many days a week, how many weeks a year I spent sitting in front of the computer screen, let…

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  • ButterBlaziken230

    Basically it’s a new bunch of Legend Chapters that you can only access after completing CotC 3. We can all work together on the new chapters!

    • BB230 (Owner)

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  • Riceslayer

    Epicc Question

    July 26, 2020 by Riceslayer

    So I started over in BC, and right off the bat after Japan, pulled Warlock & Pierre. Was just wondering what everyone's ratings were of him and what stages he would be very good on.

    My thoughts are that he will be used for cheesing, but also as a big hitter in stages like Beached Mammals, Marco Po Road, and Crunchy Pillars/Any remake of it. Also wondering if he's worth bring to level 15 or so before SoL.

    Final question, are there any combo that he is used in, and if so, which ones? I'm too lazy too actually look.

    Thank you!

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  • RealArgoFox

    Early game you should spend catfood on getting the special cats that you can buy for catfood.

    Later on, you should save the catfood for use on guaranteed uber draws because you know that you will get at least one uber. Never spend catfood on fests because the uber up chance is a lie. Only spend tickets there, unless you're early game, spend your tickets on anything because those rare cats and super rare cats will become useful later on. Don't spend catfood on using continues unless the boss is at 1% HP. You should also get more deck slots because you will need them to save decks. 

    Never spend catfood to buy powerups, XP, or catamins because you shouldn't have trouble getting those. Get the gold pass because you can get it for free first time …

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  • Dwefrg


    July 24, 2020 by Dwefrg


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  • Legendrarecolossalbenkei


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  • NotNoob1

    Ponos sponsor lol

    July 5, 2020 by NotNoob1

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  • Jack Frodk

    you probably already know this.

    edit: why did I make this post?

    also I need some help I'm finding it hard to progress in this game

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  • Cec0512

    Avatar Change.

    June 16, 2020 by Cec0512

    I'm so sorry, I just replaced my avatar for temporarily...

    But I will change it in a few days.

    Here it is:

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  • Deetusy3letus

    v9.6 will be released after AC collabs end. All event prior date 20 June 2020 will require v9.6 installed


    Start End Pool Rate (R/SR/UR/LR) Guaranteed Step-Up Note
    2020/6/15 11:00 2020/6/22 00:00 Catseyes Gacha - - - -
    2020/6/16 11:00 2020/7/2 00:00 Lucky Gacha G - - - -
    2020/6/22 11:00 2020/6/29 00:00 Catfruit Gacha - - - -
    2020/6/15 11:00 2020/6/17 11:00 Galaxy Gals 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G
    2020/6/17 11:00 2020/6/19 11:00 Dark Heroes 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G
    2020/6/19 11:00 2020/6/22 11:00 EPICFEST 65/26/9/0 No No No Dark Kasli
    2020/6/22 11:00 2020/6/24 11:00 The Dynamites 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G
    2020/6/24 11:00 2020/6/26 11:00 Dragon Emperors 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G
    2020/6/26 11:00 2020/6/29 11:00 The Almighty 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G


    1. On t…

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  • Suicidal Speed Demon
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  • Jhonsmith3485

    Lv. 16 cat guild heroes Lv. 13 Wargod Nobunaga  Lv. 18 Windy, type a Lv. 26 holy dragon megidora Lv. 40 kasa jizo Lv. 16 oni Hayabusa  Lv. 18 inspector Gabriel  Lv. 26 Chronos the infinite

    Lv. 25 B.c.s Lionheart 

    Lv. 40 Orbital annihilator ragnarok

    Lv. 35 voli

    Lv. 16 living legend

    Lv. 17 souma and cat

    Lv. 18 Chun li

    Lv. 30 Shishilan passalan

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  • Rubytubyrubtub


    June 6, 2020 by Rubytubyrubtub

    I just got salon cat! Isn't it in like every strategy? I'm very happy. I evolved it to Paris instantly.  I can't wait to test this kitty out in Higher Score!

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  • Cec0512

    Bean Cats Clothes

    June 6, 2020 by Cec0512

    Normal Clothes

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  • Swamp Monster King

    Hello, everyone! As the title implies, I'm creating a Fan made Battle Cats Comic. I haven't done much so I won't  post any pictures yet. However,I will leak the characters of the comic. (Some of the characters are taken from the manga Nyanko Daisensou ~ Nihon shinryaku hiroku)

    Cats(Confirmed): Nora,Tank-kun, Hat Bird, Cats in the Box, Awakened Ururun, Awakened Mina, Masked Yulala,                                           Nekomander, Dragon Emperors, Lugas, Hayabusa

    Collab Characters(Confirmed): Benovolent Souma, Mystery Girl Yuki, Takuya(Human), Kano(Human), Lovely Yuki Cat,

    Cats(Unconfirmed): Valkyrie Cat, A Bahamut

    Collab Characters (Unconfirmed): Messier, Souma Cat, Crazed Yuki, Lost World Yuki, Geek(Human)

    Enemies(Unconfirmed):Dober P.D.,D…

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  • 0w0shush
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  • 0w0shush

    Lucky day

    June 1, 2020 by 0w0shush

    In the ultra souls gacha i rolled a 11 draw and gotted 3 archer cats,  a legend rare, princess kayays whatever and a whole bunch of other rares

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  • Deetusy3letus


    Start End Pool Rate (R/SR/UR/LR) Guaranteed Step-Up Note
    2020/6/1 11:00 2020/6/16 00:00 Lucky Gacha - - - -
    2020/6/1 11:00 2020/6/12 11:00 AC Collabs Gacha 70/25/5/0 No No -
    2020/6/12 11:00 2020/6/15 11:00 AC Collabs Gacha 70/25/5/0 Yes No -
    2020/6/1 11:00 2020/6/3 11:00 Ultra Souls 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G
    2020/6/3 11:00 2020/6/5 11:00 Lugas Family 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G
    2020/6/5 11:00 2020/6/7 11:00 Elemental Pixies 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G
    2020/6/7 11:00 2020/6/9 11:00 Monster Gals 70/25/5/0 No No G
    2020/6/9 11:00 2020/6/12 11:00 Vajiras Wargod 69.7/25/5/0.3 No No G
    2020/6/12 11:00 2020/6/15 11:00 Iorn Legions 69.7/25/5/0.3 Yes No G


    1. On the Note section. N means Neneko & Friends unit available. R means Reinforcement unit available. G mean…

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  • Yami of Yimi

    So one day i made a discussion called 1 buff and 1 nerf to any cat, and now i'm confused just what happened to that discussion.

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  • Suicidal Speed Demon

    At first it was absolute CANCER with moneko waving me waaaay to much, after I got some advice (nn1) it got much easier. I only needed ONE meatshield, ramen for in new York and the start of in the moon (also brought octo but I didn't use him lol) honestly it's just an endurance test "can you survive four waves of bores cyberhorns and sir seals?". Well, I could and after that it just becomes easy town....

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  • 0w0shush

    Vandeling zone

    May 21, 2020 by 0w0shush
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  • Chalkosis


    May 21, 2020 by Chalkosis
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  • Suicidal Speed Demon

    The title says it all. Is he good?

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  • W7q837cvq87

    new chapters?

    May 19, 2020 by W7q837cvq87
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  • 0w0shush
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