• At Your Own Expense

    Title says it all. I won't go into all the details of the dream because the majority of it was pretty standard for me and irrelevant to the Battle Cats, so this'll be short.

    I recall being surprised upon opening the Battle Cats to discover that a new update had been downloaded, despite the lack of forewarning because JP didn't get it weeks in advance. I don't remember if any stages or interface tweaks were made, just that the big deal about this update with the inclusion of '13' rarity units.

    These so called 13 Rare units were similar to Legend Rares in that one was added to every Gacha, except all(?) 13 Rare units were added to the game simultaneously, and I'm unsure if they were more rare than Ubers. Some of them were just altered versions…

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  • Super C a t mo n

    h e l l o !

    September 1, 2019 by Super C a t mo n

    (sorandomik) This is a random b l o g ! just saying h e l o !

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  • MMid

    Why am i dumb?

    August 29, 2019 by MMid

    If you think i am dumb

    type in the comments below

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  • JTH Studio

    Enemies I hate the most

    August 27, 2019 by JTH Studio

    Note that list goes from 10 to 1

    Shadow Boxer K was a very difficult pusher to deal with (before I got loads of anti black units,) and almost always come in swarms, despite this a good Paris stack should be enough to take care of him.

    Camelle has abominable range and is not exactly a flimsy fellow either, fortunatly he has low-ish damage but this guy can make you change your loadout to range instead of damage.

    JK Bun Bun outranges iCat and makes a mess of all of your ubers. He often comes out as a timed boss and the support he comes with is abominable

    Tackey cuts out your consistant line of meatshields which can cause real problems because blacks are really fast pushers and he comes with black support. He has insane DPS for an LD unit and whil…

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  • Kopikris


    August 25, 2019 by Kopikris

    Ramiel is such a horrible person. In fact, Ramiel backwards is Leimar, which is pronounced Lame Are. It’s like a question. How Lame Are you, Ramiel? I will refer to Ramiel as Leimar from now on in this blog. If Leimar replies to this, here’s something for you: You cannot run from Judgement. In fact you cannot run from Doge or even from Firework Guys. And that’s only scratching the surface on how lame Leimar is. One last thing:
    Oh, and this blog will be updated more in the future.

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  • 2D.Bahamut

    Without Ramiel

    August 24, 2019 by 2D.Bahamut

    Disclaimer: The following is a parody of the song, "Without Me," by Eminem. All references to users here are made for entertainment purposes only. 

    "Hello, this is 911, what's your emergency?"

    "WAAAAAAG! He's here again!"

    "Who? Who's back on the wiki?"

    "Ra-Ramiel's back at it again!"

    "Aw shit, not again!"

    Guess who's back, back for more,
    Ramiel's back, but what for?
    Guess who's back, guess who's back?
    Guess who's back, guess who's back?
    Guess who's back, guess who's back?
    Guess who's back...?

    They've created a monster, 'cause nobody wants to see Boby no more,
    They want Ramiel, yeah he's gonna deliver,
    Well if you want Ramiel, then this is what he'll show you,
    A little bit of eggs mixed with some hard piss, 
    Some words that will end my life quicker,
    Then a …

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Not to be confused with the EVA angel

    Ramiel968 (Also known as Pissy Egg) is some turd who's been disrupting the peace of various members on this community with his constant, annoying ramblings, which are nothing but a repetitive self-defensive act done in several accounts used for ban evasion. He's known as Ramiel cause of his original r/battlecats account being called like that. Anyways, for anyone who doesn't knows anything about him, here's a slight log of his more memorable actions, and the accounts linked to them:

    - Original Wiki Account, vandalized user profiles cause of one minor disagreement, didn't want to follow warnings because according to him "they deserved to have their profiles vandalized", which lead him to getting blocked. He …

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  • Awesomepossum1211

    Evolution of Yukimura (Deadly) is the only stage of The Fallen Angel. Beating this stage, players have a 30% chance to get Yukimura Cat

    • At the beginning of the battle, one Relic Doge spawns, 20 seconds later, another one spawns. After 50 seconds, another Relic Doge spawns, accompanied by Trolly Blogger. After that, one trolly blogger respawns infinitely every 30~50 seconds.
    • When the base is hit, Impassibilis Yukimura will spawn along with Kurosawah. 5 seconds after that, 3 ginger snache will spawn. After 10 seconds, 1 Brollow will appear and will respawn infinitely every 50 seconds.
    • If you take more than 30 minutes, 15 Gabriel will appear and will respawn every 40 seconds.

    • You need anti angel/Relic for this stage, because of the Impassibilis Y…

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  • Awesomepossum1211

    This is not a official enemy

    Impassibilis Yukimura is a enemy that appears in Evolution of Yukimura (Deadly)

    • Impassibilis Yukimura stays pretty safe against units. He can one shot a hypermaxed manic Eraser with one shot. Fortunately, he has 200 Knockbacks and 20s between attacks, so short ranged tanky units like Ramen cat enter his blind spot and destroy him (warning: his blind spot is very small)
    • Remember that this is a angel enemy, so forget about units like Shaman Cat as they will do no good. Instead, use Rodeo Cat (with talent) or other units like Ultra Delinquent Cat. Anti angel units like Acrobat Cats will also work. Just remeber, he has a small blind spot!

    Yukimura has somehow been killed by a bun bun black, so his soul came back down t…

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  • Twcpu

    Not so busy

    July 7, 2019 by Twcpu

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  • D0gemasteronScratch

    For you Slime Rancher fans out there, what do you think it would be like if there was a Slime Rancher crossed over with Battle Cats event? (I have created a nearly idintical post on the Slime Rancher Wiki.) This will be about the gameplay of Battle Cats, not Slime Rancher. Here's my example:

    I has to do this so the iamge would show -------->

    All Slime Rancher units have the same stats as thier enemy versions, and cost their maximun enemy money drop. (ex.: Pink Slime Unit cost is 200 because the maximun money drop for the Pink Slime enemy is 200 $) Beating a event stage will unlock every slime in that stage that wasn't unlocked upon playing.

    All slimes introduced in any stage before the Moss Blanket - Traitless

    Moss Blanket - Red

    Indgo Quarry - …

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  • Awesomepossum1211

    Hey there! These are enemies that I HATE the most.

    You’re probably wondering “why is he on this list” or “why is he THIS low”. Well, he has a TOTALLY underwhelming range of 451 (slightly higher than #3). This means he can reach your attackers easily. His attack and health isn’t THAT bad, but when he’s buffed, frick... Despite this, I usually use Oni Hayabusa against him, even though Master A’s range is 451 and Hayabusa’s range is 365. If Hayabusa dies, i’m fricked

    You’re probably thinking “This isn’t hard, dumbhead, use common sense!”

    Then, why do noobs still have to do this when they see one?


    Now, I’m not gonna l…

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  • Black Sun x

    Dioramos is the best being to exist in BC. He's the superior uber. The top tier. The indestructible Dioramos. The one mighty enough to take a 400% Director Kurosawah blow as if it was a gentle breeze. The ultimate Dragon Emperor, his name is, Dioramos.

    The Great Dioramos lives among the rest of the dragon emperors, and despite having the greatest power amongst all, he doesn't takes pride in his almighty strength. Dioramos' name is feared by all beings, and his power, so high, noone can't understand how it works, except for a few. Able to take down a horde of Razorbacks with a single blow, able to take forces of power massive enough to tear stars into particles, Dioramos stands, high and mighty, against everything in existance.

    Dioramos' powe…

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  • Boss hunter45

    I like it because it has everything you can create!

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  • Hiff The Temmie

    Bean Cats now I know, I was wrong I messed up and now you're gone. Bean Cats I'm sorry I neglected you Oh I never expected you to run away And leave me feeling this empty, Your meow right now would sound like music to me, Please come home cause I miss you, Bean Cats (Bean Cats come home) Bean Cats come home (Bean Cats come home) Bean Cats can't you see, that I was blind? I'll do anything to change your mind. More than a pet, you're my best friend Too cool to forget, come back cause we are family And forgive me for making you wanna roam. And now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome. Somewhere I hope you're reading, my latest three-word poem Bean Cats come home. (Bean Cats come home) Bean Cats come home (Bean Cats come home) Bean C…

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  • Awesomepossum1211

    ZHE ZLOTH doesn’t exist yet, and this is subject to change

    ZHE ZLOTH (zuh-zloth) is a enemy that only appears in Uncanny legends

    Health: 500,000 Attack: 127,050 Knockbacks: 10 Time between attacks: 5.22 Type: Zombie Special abilities: Knockback, slow

    ZHE ZLOTH is a very tanky variant of THE SLOTH, as it is able to obliterate various anti zombie units. Luckily, it has a very long time between attacks, plus it can’t burrow or revive, so use PROTECTED anti zombie units like Eva Unit-01 (Uber Rare Cat)]

    Lineup: Jameria Cat, Metal Cat, zombie killer units such as Gardener Cat, and Eva Unit 01

    Spam Metal cat until you get a knockback out of ZHE ZLOTH. After that, use your anti zombies and Jameria Cat, plus Eva Unit 01. But whatever you do, KEEP ZHE ZL…

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  • Mushroomsalad

    So, it was a normal day in Battle Cats land. The cats and enemies were just fighting.

    Cat: I'm getting tired of this.

    Tank Cat: What d'you mean?

    Castaway Cat: He means just fighting. It's the same formula again and again.

    Doge: Hey! We're here you know!

    Mistress Celeboodle: I am a very busy woman! Hurry up!

    Marinmizu: Shut up stupid alien mortal.

    Mistress Celeboodle: 'gulp'

    Dark hippoe: HURRY UP!!!!!!!!

    Kasa Jizo: Ooooh, a new black enemy!

    Maglev Cat: Ok (runs full-speed into enemy base and wins)

    Le'Boin: Darn.

    Dark Emperor Nyandam: We'll get em' next time.

    The next day in the cat base

    Cat: Nobody listens to me.

    Stupid Cat: Lol XD rekt

    Cat: Wait... you're not even a cat! Get him boys!

    Singer Cat: I'm A GIRL!!!!!!!!

    Cat: Fine..... Girls and Boys.

    They beat up…

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  • Ninjayay

    Unit Maker

    March 18, 2019 by Ninjayay

    You can make your own new cat units. They can be True forms(ex: Megaphrodite -> Glorious Aphrodite), alternates(ex: Crazed Nekoluga), or brand new(ex: Bore cat).

    There must be stats, a description for both their appearance(what they look like) and their attack animation(what their attack looks like), and their cost and recharge time. No picture required. THEY MUST BE BALANCED!

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  • HiveBagelStorm

    Elder strats

    March 7, 2019 by HiveBagelStorm

    Hey everyone. I was wondering, what's everyone's anti-uber strat for an elder secret? please leave a comment for all 8 stages.

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  • Tazelly

    Jizo Takeover

    February 16, 2019 by Tazelly

    Everyone, change your profile pictures to Jizo!

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  • Tazelly


    February 14, 2019 by Tazelly

    Join chat guys

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  • Electroblast

    The only xp stages i can beat are the easy normal and hard ones. How can i collect lots of xp at my point in the game??

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  • Meme gamer 25

    Ver. 8.2

    January 31, 2019 by Meme gamer 25

    WhEn wilL VeRsIoN 8.2 ApPeAr iN BCEN!?!?

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  • TrickeryoftheJester

    Hello there! Trickie here! I was wondering when and where I could get those Madoka Magica themed stuff and if it was in the English or Japanese release of the app! I am new to the Wiki I hope this is the right place to ask! I am more use to BC Pop! Because that was the game I had gotten every single cat unit rare and special. and their evolution in. That is not relivent information but whatever. Lol. I am proud of that! Uh yeah! Back on topic!

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  • A Battle Cat Lover

    Im a weird cat

    December 15, 2018 by A Battle Cat Lover

    Hi! I'm Chip the weird cat IDK what im doing here but hi!

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  • ARandomMarshmallowCat08

    Me right now

    December 14, 2018 by ARandomMarshmallowCat08

    Hi, MarshmallowCat here! You will mostly find me on this wiki. What I like doing is being a cute Rare Cat. Friends of mine are Nerd Cat, Apple Cat, and Ka$a J1zo.(sorry but that’s an actual account) I don’t like Crazed Cats too much. So, yeah! Visit when you want!

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  • Hiff The Temmie

    I just wanted to say that i am making the battle cats story wiki and i recommend it to the people on battle cats wiki.

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  • T0234807H

    NEW Original Cat Class

    December 4, 2018 by T0234807H

    I had an idea of trying to create a new class of the original 9 cats, whose power could even surpass that of the Crazed Cats. This time, I focused on Literary and Mythopoetic references for a change.


    Agent Cat (Level 1 - 9)

    Smith Cat (Level 10 - 29)

    Neo Cat (Level 30+)


    - As fast as Crazed Cat (Manic Mohawk Cat in TF).

    - Deals 2x damage than Crazed Cat (Manic Mohawk Cat in TF).

    - Now has the ability to slow Non-Metal enemies for 1s with 10% chance (turned to freeze in TF).

    - Also has the new ability to knockback Non-Metal enemies for 10% chance.

    - Immune to Curse in True Form.

    - Now gains Area Attack.

    Tank Cat:

    Temple Cat (Level 1 - 9)

    Castle Cat (Level 10 - 29)

    Mausoleum Cat (Level 30+)


    - As fast and with high HP as Crazed Tank Cat (Manic …

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  • BlueRavenXD

    Relic Doge spawns every 10 seconds

    M. Ost spawns when base is hit two times

    Relic Bun Bun and Crazed Tank Cat spawns when M. Ost dies

    Manic Eraser Cat with three Crazed Tank Cats will spawn when Relic Bun Bun is killed

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  • BlueRavenXD


    November 29, 2018 by BlueRavenXD
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  • BlueRavenXD

    The Dark Side (Fan-made)

    November 28, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    Gory black and Shadow boxer K will start spawning when 10 seconds  have past.

    Crazed cat will spawn when ons enemie is killed.

    When base reaches 999000 the boss will spawn

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  • BlueRavenXD

    The manic adventure

    November 28, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    Fan - made

    Contains these main stages:

    The dark side

    Uncanny Barrier

    Red pollution

    In the Skies

    Quick as metal

    Deadly dragons

    Manic forces

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  • Edsonpotato

    Who is the best uber

    November 27, 2018 by Edsonpotato
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  • BlueRavenXD

    Ice Pack(Fan made)

    November 21, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    Ice variant of Sir Seal.

    "Sir have you got any sugar???" Asks Sir Seal

    "Yeah you want one or two blocks???" Sir Icy says "The blocks melt" Both:Oh

    Ice variant of [roo].

    He prefers being at home also he likes ice so he grabbed to ice blocks and put them in his hands.

    • Ice variant of calamary
    • He looks for the perfect job smashing things with his head
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  • BlueRavenXD

    Helmet Cryob

    November 20, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    Fan-made Variant of Helmut Krabbe

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  • BlueRavenXD

    Those cooler (Fan-made)

    November 20, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    This appears some stages randomly



    Move speed:10

    Attack range:200

    Times between atk:12


    attack animation:10f


    Special:reduce 90% attack damage forever (100%)


    They needed and got a PUSHER!!!/A fan

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  • BlueRavenXD

    Baa Blizzard

    November 20, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    This enemy appears in Winter Time this is a fan made

    his stats are:



    Atk range:150 (Single)

    Move speed:8

    Atk animation:14f

    Atk speed:20f


    Special:100% chance to knockback cats

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  • BlueRavenXD

    First will appear Those guys every 2 seconds

    Then when you hit the base Snowgys and Winter Stingers will start spawning every 5 seconds

    When base is at 1% Ice hippo will spawn.

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  • BlueRavenXD

    Ice hippo

    November 17, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    This is a enemy that appears in Winter time

    his stats are:



    Atk range:200(Area attack)

    Times between attacks:20f

    Move speed:4

    attack animation:8f



    Special:Can not receive damage if she is under an effect, when reaches 50% health it gains 600% damage boost.

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  • BlueRavenXD

    Fan-made (Winter Stinger)

    November 16, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    This enemy appears in Winter time

    His stats are:



    Atk range:110 (Single)

    Time between atk:30f

    Move speed:10



    Special:Enemies only recieve damage when this is destroyed.

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  • BlueRavenXD

    Fan made (Snowgy)

    November 16, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    This enemy appears in Winter time 

    his stats are:



    Attack range:110(Single target)

    Time between attacks:30f




    Special:on death does 500% damage (Area attack)

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  • BlueRavenXD

    Ice enemies

    November 16, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    This is A fanmade

    Ice enemies will look like geometrical shapes (Not all of them).

    They will have a 100% chance of freezing for 10 seconds and slowing for 20 seconds.

    Also they have the ability to shatter when dead doing 500% of damage to enemies.Area attack +others

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  • Link9058


    November 16, 2018 by Link9058

    so the blog page exists. thats nice i guess. 

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  • NotCarbonwind

    Fun Fact- This entire run was me seeing if I could do it with no items. 

    I started by spamming macho and wall as soon as I got in the stage, and spawned sexy legs when possible. My base took around 5k damage, but once the Kang Roo and Sir Seal were dead Sword Masters got sent out. 15 Stack of Wall Cats and 8 Sword Master Cats later... a Megidora went out onto the field. Then the money poured in, I bought Dragons first then Valkyries, Titans, Anything that hurt the base in a good amount

    Then BAM. 

    Teacher Bun Bun was here.

    I wasn't ready for him, I panicked and used a Cat God heal to heal my Megidoras (They wouldn't let me damage it that much that fast.) Megidoras on deck slowed him exponental amount of times, with a few knockback from Megidora…

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  • BlueRavenXD

    Im gonna make something

    November 14, 2018 by BlueRavenXD

    Yeah I did not think i would came so long.

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  • GovenorRed

    "Cancerous Cats"

    October 21, 2018 by GovenorRed

    What are these "cancerous cats?" I mean, some of these cats could be "useful" in ways. Here are some cats I know that could be really crappy. (Not sure and incomplete) They could somehow be "useful" in ways, if you use it in a good way.

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  • Isi744

    Whats this?

    September 25, 2018 by Isi744


    -isi744 2018

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  • ChCr97

    My Current Cats and Stuff

    September 9, 2018 by ChCr97

    User Rank = 2750

    Mohawk Cat ———> 20+25

    Eraser Cat ———> 20+27

    Dark Cat ———> 20+19

    Macho Leg Cat ———> 20+22

    Lion Cat ———> 20+19

    The Flying Cat ———> 20+17

    Island Cat ———> 20+23

    King Dragon Cat ———> 20+26

    Jamiera Cat ———> 20+25

    Cat Cannon Attack ———> 20+10

    Cat Cannon Range ———> 10

    Cat Cannon Charge ———> 20+10

    Worker Cat Rate ———> 20+10

    Worker Cat Wallet ———> 20+10

    Base Defense ———> 20+10

    Research ———> 20+10

    Accountant ———> 20+10

    Study ———> 20+10

    Cat Energy ———> 20+10

    The Cat God

    Flying Ninja Cat ———> 30

    Madame Sumo ———> 30

    Pastry Cat ———> 30

    Skelecat ———> 29

    Cat Gang ———> 27

    Gato Amigo ———> 30

    Unicycle Cat ———> 27

    Loincloth Cat ———> 26

    Lollycat ———> 26

    Super Mr. ———> 25

    Miss MONEKO ———> 24

    Brah Cats ———> 18

    Bombercat ———> 30

    Muscleman Cat ———> 26

    Value Meal Cat ———> 27

    Harvest C…

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  • ChCr97

    My Current Cats

    September 8, 2018 by ChCr97

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  • Doktor Dyper
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