Blue Illusion (Hard) is the first stage in Growing Blue.


Shibaliens are sent as minions and after a few seconds, 2 Hyppohs are sent out. Once the base takes some damage, 2 Imperator Saels and a Maawth come out and attack.


  • Strategy 1: After Chapter 3 Moon

Deck: Macho Cat, Samba Cat, Wall Cat, Dragon Cat, True Valkyrie Cat and Bahamut Cat.

. Start the game by upgrading your worker to level 3-4 then spam your three meat shields (Macho, Samba, Wall) and Dragon Cats. After the three Shibaliens have been killed you will notice a few Hyppohs approaching save up for a True Valkyrie Cat while still spamming the three meat shields. Once they are both defeated get a Bahamut Cat and continue spamming the meat shields and Dragon Cats. Wait until the Bahamut kills the Maawth and then win.

. Strategy 2: Farming

Deck: Mohawk Cat, Crazed Macho Cat, Eraser Cat, Awakened Bahamut.

. Start by getting worker cat to level 3-4 then spam your three meat shields and save up for Bahamut and he should demolish the whole rest of the level. Easy win!

Strategy 3 (by Fice613): NO CRAZED BUT TRUE FORM OF PARIS NEEDED (ft. Catman and R.E.I.)

My line up (works without true forms): Mohawk cat, Value meal (catburger), Eraser cat, Ninja frog cat, dark cat, Cyborg cat (Paris cat), Castaway cat, Vaulter cat, Unit Strike R.E.I, and Catman (first form).

Save up money, and by the time the Shibaliens have reached your base, you should have 4-5K money. Send out castaway to kill Shibaliens, and upgrade cat wallet once. Send out Catman, then Paris and vaulter (also send castaway if recharged). Save up for R.E.I, and then send out every thing on bottom row. Send Value meals and castaways when you can, but send meatshields in this order: Eraser, Mohawk, Dark, Ninja. The Maawth will die from the massive damage of R.E.I. and Catman, and the castaways should freeze the Imperator Saels so Catman should kill them. Wait about 15 seconds, and the level should be over. Enjoy the catfruit (seed)!

Strategy 4:

Loadout: Wall cat, King dragon cat

Start by upgrading your worker cat to lv. 5. Then, when a Hyppoh spawns, start spamming Wall cats. Once you can afford KDC start stacking it.


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