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Le'Fort (要塞パカル)


Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack Animation
1,600,000 30,000
(4,812 DPS)
(Area Attack)
(187f attack frequency)
4 1 time 6f
(10f backswing)
Special Ability Attribute
- Good at Castle Destruction (Deals 4x damage to the Cat Base)
- Curses Cat Units for 450f (100%)
- Creates a Surge Attack that lasts for 40f within a range of 350 - 500 (100%)


As it's name says, this enemy is truly an insane fortress to fight against. Boasting inmense health and damage like it's black counterpart, but now with a new trick up it's sleeve that makes other Le'boins pale in comparison: The ability to produce surge attacks at a distance, plummeting units such as Ururun Wolf and Bahamut Cat to the ground, and greatly disrupting the meatshielding flow, which can easily set the tide of the battle against you. To add insult to the injury, this one-man battalion also deals 4x damage to your base, meaning 2 hits is all he needs to completely termitate your base. On the plus side, due to this beast's gargantuan strength, it's usually paired with fairly weak enemies, most of the time...


First lord of the Le'Dynastie and ancestor of the elephantkind, worshipped as an earth deity by primeval tribes due to his earthshaking surge attacks. Will crush anyone who gets too close to his "sacred" stash.


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