Done with the first three chapters, almost done with chapter 1 of Into the Future, and I've been doing SoL when I can.  Still have some difficulty with some of the SoL, like anything Hard++ basically and some of the Crazed and Awakening events.  I wasn't quite good enough to attempt all of the recent Crazed/Awakening when they were just out, so waiting for the next go-around.

One thing I definitely feel I'm lacking right now is anti-black.  Usually when I die, it's to a massive wave of black enemies.  I actually maxed out Flower Cat and Keiji just to help me out with some of the black hordes, and it surprisingly did help a little, and the only one of those Dark Descent's I didn't finish was the infinity one; got Assassin Bear down, but not before he managed to kill most of my forces, leaving me wide open to the rest.

The only thing other than black enemies that has been a real issue was the angel buzzsaw enemy in a recent SoL event, but I'm guessing I'm just too far underleveled or missing the cats for that right now, since I barely even scratched it.

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